Poll Result: Could there be a Royal Commission into Safe Schools?


A recent XYZ Viewer Poll revealed strong support for the punishment of people responsible for the perversion and abuse that is the Safe Schools Program. And by strong support, we mean 100% support.

Should the parents of innocent children exposed to the perversions of Safe Schools be able to publicly hang those responsible?

  • Can we bring our own rope? (41%, 236 Votes)
  • Yes (30%, 175 Votes)
  • Absolutely (17%, 99 Votes)
  • As long as there's a Royal Commission too, that's a yes from me. (12%, 69 Votes)

Total Voters: 579

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Although many readers were naturally keen to exact retribution for the deliberate exposure of our children to degeneracy, it is encouraging to see that a strong minority support the idea of a Royal Commission to determine just how such an abomination could occur.

It is here we turn the question over to XYZ readers for qualitative feedback:

Would you support the establishment of a Royal Commission to examine how the Safe Schools Program, devised by people who openly argued in favour of the acceptance of pedophilia, was allowed to occur?

What should be the powers and scope of said Royal Commission?

Can you suggest issues which other Royal Commissions could address, such as the organised crime outfit which is the Australian Labor Party?

It’s your XYZ.

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  • Banksters & Finance industries definitely need a RC.
    How about another RC into the entire wishy washy socialist Australian Judiciary ?

    A RC to investigate the HRC under Timmy Hotchipsandsoup.
    Another RC into fake news as promulgated by Fairfax and Murdoch media.

    Definitely a RC into the corrupt Coalition and Labor parties.
    Shanghai Sam Dastyaryi was the tip of the iceberg.

    RC into the NBN fraudband rollout.

    Too numerous to mention, so many things need to be investigated.
    Royal Commissions should be held in chambers adjacent to a courtyard with gallows and guillotine.

    • belt fed 7.62mm

      Well said

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    The Royal Commission must answer the following questions:

    1. why / how the education system has been hijacked by extreme Marxists?
    2. how was safe schools approved without the consultation of paediatric psychologists?
    3. how has the system allowed the tax payer funded broadcaster (ABC) to cover up the child abuse caused by safe schools under the guise of “anti-bullying”?
    4. why does everyone involved with the safe schools programme each have 30+ years association with extreme communist groups such as Socialist Alternative.
    5. How did safe schools fly under the radar and get implemented by stealth and how do we prevent this happening again?
    6. Why is the paedophile/gay/trans lobby involved in schools?
    7. Why has the government chosen to prioritise gay role plays over numeracy/literacy in the curriculum?
    8. Why has no religious / rights of parents been considered?
    9. How deep are the Labor party’s ties with the far left and how were these ties allowed to get extremists into tax payer funded positions of authority?
    10. How the hell is encouraging all children to mutilate their genitals, engage in sodomy and perform gay role plays supposed to stop bullying?
    11. Why is it illegal to opt out of this programme?
    12. How does Islam get away with child abuse yet the Catholic Church doesn’t?
    13. Since when did gender studies become such an important degree that it now forms the basis of all government decisions?

    I doubt an RC can answer any of these questions because they are filled by the same marxist rot.

    • Awesome list !

      • belt fed 7.62mm

        cheers mate!

  • Micaiah

    Universities. Royal Commission the crap out of them. Then defund them and deregulate all higher education.

    Or better still, defund first, then do the RC.

    • Micaiah

      Then do centerlink.

  • Craig

    Meh, not to be negative as usual. My one problem…

    Royal comissions only make recommendations, which may never by put into effect.

    Tonight I was flicking through the tele, the two SBS channels, my god, you think we need a royal commission.

    When really it’s more like an inquisition.

    • I don’t think you are negative at all, I think you are a realist.
      SBS needs to be defunded and scrapped.

  • Karen Dwyer

    “Safe Schools” (ha!) and its re-badging in other states to “Shine” (ha ha!) and “True” (ha ha ha!) is just one component. It has branched out like a hydra-headed monster into other projects and facets (“family violence”; health and personal development and physical education; child protection – that latter particularly makes me “larf” in a wry manner).

    Mark Latham – self-declared atheist – likens it to weeds in the garden. I would like it to a serpent in the garden. Here’s his take:

    • Thanks, Karen, for the link to the Telegraph article.

      Here is another program for NSW High School students.

      The blurb indicates it is a mandatory class for all senior students, but later on, hidden in the section for teachers it admits that parents can actually withdraw permission for their kids attendance, as it falls within the “controversial issues” area.

      Safe Schools is indeed a Hydra, it needs to be sliced, diced and immolated.

  • Karen Dwyer

    Royal Commission should investigate ALL social engineering projects (education, health, legal) and legislation with the words “safety and well-being” inserted in them. Particularly in regard to children, families, culture, and kinship (I.e. fathers are getting blocked out of being kin).

    Additionally, overseas money (Planned Parenthood, Kinsey Institute, UN) and influence/ideology should be investigated.

    Additionally, the cross-linking between Socialist/Human Secularist organisations and individuals, and “advocacy groups” (e.g. Mermaids – advocating for extreme medical intervention but not psychological assistance; Freedom of Religion in Schools – deleting pro-family ideology to make space for anti-family ideology. Both groups are generally full of non-parents who lobby non-stop and bully parents and schools into relinquishing parental rights).

    Additionally, looking at the vexatious litigation, court proceedings, physical bullying, heckling strategies etc used to intimidate and silence lawful meetings. Additionally, attempts to raise awareness of and advocate for parental, family, and kinship rights (and not only Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture as recognised as having kinship rights) being silenced by threats (physical – including rape, kidnap, murder, Cyber, legislative force).

    David, I rather suspect you are advocating the use of capital punishment/ force because it is quicker, easier, and cheaper. I can’t condone mob violence, though. And reading this list, I need to keep reminding myself of that: vengeance is not mine.

    • But, can’t we have a teeny tiny bit of vengeance ? Just a bit ?

      • JB

        No vengeance, just consequences for the perpetrators.

        • Q: Which Russian communists didn’t go on to shoot, behead, disembowel and starve millions of Christians in the Soviet Union?

          A: The ones crucified by the White army.

  • This news just came in about Safe Schools…

  • belt fed 7.62mm
  • Shabbos Shekels
  • You left out the coalition? Is that one red pill too many, or will it take a Prime Minister Frydenberg before you swallow that one?