Poll reveals 100% of people believe ABC is biased!


An exclusive XYZ Viewer Poll has revealed that 100% of people believe that the ABC is biased, but there is a wide range of views as to how the issue of bias can be resolved. In its most comprehensive poll to date, The XYZ received over 500 responses to the question:

“What is your preferred solution to the bias of the ABC?”

The strongest response (41%) was to “Sack ABC staff en masse, from the CEO to the cleaners, and start the public broadcaster afresh.” This reveals the frustration the Australian people feel toward the ABC’s relentless left-wing bias, and pig-headed refusal to acknowledge or do anything about it. But it also reveals the depth of affection the Australian public feels toward the ABC – it still wants to keep the ABC in public hands, and perhaps, in what amounts to a last chance in an abusive relationship, is prepared to give it one last go if the ABC can truly affect systemic and permanent reform.

imageA further 39% voted for some kind of ‘user pays’ option, with 9% in favour of a subscription-based service, and 30% in favour of full privatisation. We think these statistics reveal the fundamental decency of ordinary Australians: we are quite prepared for crazy extremist lefties to not only voice their opinion, but to also have a powerful and popular platform from which to promote them; we only insist that we are not forced to pay for something we disagree with and will not use, and for said crazy extremist lefties to provide the means to do so themselves.

Finally, The XYZ is delighted that a strong proportion (20%) of people agreed with the following unique and ground-breaking proposal – “Appropriate half of the ABC’s current budget ($500 million) to be given to a parallel public broadcaster, such as the XYZ, which can be as biased to the right as the ABC is to the left.”

The XYZ looks forward vigorously to its opportunity to represent the majority of Australians, and to a constructive dialogue with the ABC and the Australian government over the best means by which to transfer the $500 million.

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It’s your XYZ.