PROFESSOR: Having sex with trees will help save the environment


There are several things the postmodern left are certain of:

White men are always the problem;

Government is always the solution;

Reality is what you wish if you just believe it hard enough;

Wimminz can do everything and always deserve better;

Non-whites are nice people who are basically better versions of white people;

And they are most definitely smarter than RWNJ hillbilly bigots like us.

What the left thinks you look like

None of those things are true. Not even remotely. Particularly the last one.

Leftists aren’t smart. In fact, in the current year, they’re functionally retarded.

The left have controlled academia for over 50 years now and have created all of the conditions for the rolling crises that are tearing our society apart. The left tell themselves that society is a vast right-wing patriarchal conspiracy against equality and tolerance. It’s insane, of course. They control everything. That’s why everything is getting worse.

Left-wing scientists have been the most aggressive pushing the magic gas theory of global warming, which has led to a shortage of electricity in Australia which threatens not only our standard of living, but our national security as global cooling accelerates.

Left-wing economists, following the socialist homosexual John Maynard Keynes, have created the elaborate justifications for infinite spending on welfare through government debt that has created a global underclass of subhuman proles unable to sustain themselves and a debt supernova which is imploding globally as you read this.

Left-wing feminists told Boomer women that they were miserable because they weren’t working and then convinced Gen-X females that daycare was great for their 3-month-old because it’ll teach zhe ‘social skills’. Not only has this destroyed the family, it has disrupted the mechanism by which culture and civilisation itself is transmitted to the young, leaving a generation of youngsters lost, bewildered and adrift.

Left-wing intellectuals convinced the postwar generations that Western art, music, fashion, literature and every other cultural form created over the centuries by our ancestors was reactionary, oppressive and responsible for the Holocaust. This gave us twerking.

And left-wing professors are now teaching kids things like the way to save the environment is to have sex with trees.

Wisdom in the current year

Here’s a quote:

“What do ecosexual encounters with nonhuman nature offer current discussions of environmental ethics?” she asks. “Can ecosexuality’s posthumanist tendencies queer our speciesist modes of belonging and foster an environmentalism that is not foundationally anthropocentric nor steeped in ‘reproductive futurism’?”

You can read the rest of it at the link above. It’s as absurd as you’d expect. Check out the site Campus Reform too. They do good work.

Now you might be inclined to think that I’m just cherry-picking an extreme example here to fire up the XYZ readership to donate more 20c pieces to Hiscox over there at Patreon. Au contraire. What this crazy kook prof is teaching her students is entirely representative of what academia has become in the postmodern era.

This garbage is entirely normal in universities now. It’s beyond insane.

I can remember, 20 years ago now when I did my Bachelor of Arts, this stuff was already creeping in. I did Latin and Ancient History at first because, even then, I was a reactionary bigot-in-the-making. I had to do another major, however, in order to do my education degree, and I chose English Literature.

Now, I did still have some excellent lecturers. There was a remnant of the old guard who still taught a proper, grounded approach to literature and literary analysis. There were other subjects I had to do, however, which involved some application of ‘queer theory’ (making everything about fetististic sexual urges) or ‘postcolonialism’ (anti-white, anti-male propaganda) which were signs of where not only the Faculty of Arts, but all the academic disciplines including even STEM, would be headed.

The old guard is gone now on campus. The loonies have taken over, and we’ve got people publishing peer-reviewed articles about doing oral with trees.

And getting paid. Professors in the US earn, on average, $100K a year. That’s in a country where the average salary is one-third of that. That’s $2K a week to write dodgy articles about having sex with trees. In a country where the cost of living in dollar terms is much lower than here.

And these people call us privileged.

The left love to teach our kids that before the modern era, when atheist intellectuals took control of our academies and our culture, that medieval Christian society was backward, superstitious and ignorant. I remember being told stories by sophisticated and effete tutors and lecturers about stupid medieval theologians arguing over how many angels could fit on the head of a pin. How pre-modern doctors taught humoral theory and believed disease travelled through vapours in the air. Everyone laughed.

But the joke was on them. We have become far more foolish than any of our ancestors. We believed that we could reject any metaphysical basis for thought without consequences. We were wrong. God is not mocked.

All of this makes me wonder. Can a tree consent?

And if not… isn’t that rape?

I’m sure someone will write an article on it.

A fucking tree