Propertarianism SIMPLY Explained


Propertarianism is an idea developed out of Libertarianism that puts the truth above all things and examines everything through the scientific method.

YouTuber John Mark has grown very quickly by explaining the ideas clearly and concisely but it is still a complex philosophy.

This video is an attempt to explain Propertarianism as simply as possible so that anyone can understand the basics.

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  • Bucky Redux

    Propertarianism: try saying that after a few beers.
    Fascinating subject, Matty, I’d never heard of that ism before.

    From the Thin Red Line…
    First Sgt. Edward Welsh:
    “Property. The whole fucking thing’s about property.”

    It’s human nature that individuals are strongly driven by self-interest and this often includes lying.
    But perhaps Western people are better at promoting the welfare of their people as a group and overall, tend to leverage the betterment of the group, rather than always the individual.

    You can see the opposite in Chinese society, where their cultural belief is that betterment of the individual or family is paramount.
    You can lie your Chinese arse off as long as it betters your family or yourself or as Matty said, to “keep face”.
    Perhaps the newly introduced social credit score for Chinese citizens is a way to socially engineer some sense of morality, community spirit and kinship into their citizens.

    It would be an interesting study to examine whether Leftists lie more than Conservatives.
    I’d place my last dollar on a bet of the Lefties lying through their teeth, every time.

  • Panadechi Santiago

    Why does XYZ not interact with other nationalist groups of the same cause? The union is power ..

    • I’d love to work with other Nationalists but whenever I ask I get no response.

      The only time I haven’t was JFG and I went on his how.

      Need more fans I guess.

  • Taipan

    Libertarianism and Marxism: The Twin Offspring of Liberalism:

    • Bucky Redux

      Can’t reach the site….DS is probably holocausted again.

  • Ryan

    Christopher Cantwell recently did an interview with Curt Doolittle:

    and another interview with John Mark:

    Recommend XYZers give these episodes of Radical Agenda a listen.

  • James

    Good stuff Matty. Think I must be a propertarian. Certainly believe if we get the state back to basics protecting liberty and property rights most of the rest’ll fall into place.
    Always wince a bit when I hear someone say “the first purpose of the state is to protect it’s people”. Of course it is but the argument’s how. At the moment it’s used as an excuse to steal liberty and property in the name of safety which has created an expasionary rent seeking state that doesn’t know where to stop.

  • Jai_Normosone

    I had to stop at around the 08:30 mark to write this otherwise I would have forgotten…
    I don’t know where the video is going but to say that Propertarianism would prevent the most blatant of lies being told would see the end of the major political parties. The truth of their untruths is that the truth is unobtainable, so it would appear that untruths from unprincipled liars has to be accepted as truth – provided that the bullshit meters of everyone listening are set to ‘off’.

    Think about what happens in a Court of Law should you lie and be caught out…. Perjury charges or Contempt of Court as a minimum.
    What about if you tell someone an untruth in order to obtain favour or property… That’s Fraud.
    What if you intentionally make life unbearable for someone such that they will do what you want just to make it stop… That’s Extortion.

    Bill Shorten tells the nation that all of the ALP MPs have been checked under Section 44 of the Constitution and everyone has no allegiances to anything or anyone but Australia – except for a couple of Brits, Scots and don’t anybody say anything about those who are required to hold the Sharia as the highest law of the land.

    Assets bought and paid for by taxpayer dollars are sold off in order to pay off a debt resulting from utter fiscal ineptitude – right before another asset is built using public funds, which is then turned over to a private entity for operation and profit while the public is banned from using it except as passers-by at monumental cost.

    Then comes the daring-to-speak-if-you’re-not-of-the-left problem. People thinking that it’s more than OK to use intimidation and harassment techniques on you if you disagree with them – and they somehow manage to make themselves to be the victim when they are the ones doing the bullying.

    I see Propertarianism being made to be “…a product of the ultra-right-wing fascists….” and something that “…. reasonable people should avoid at all costs!”.