Protesting Facebook with Fraser Anning and Avi Yemini – Vlog


On Saturday, October 8, Katter’s Australia Party senator Fraser Anning and Australian Liberty Alliance leader Avi Yemini were outside Facebook’s Melbourne office to protest censorship and rally for free speech.

The speeches were interesting and the vibe was good.  We even got our own protester who may look familiar to some!

This is my vlog of the event, including short interviews with both Fraser Anning and Avi Yemini, as well as my own commentary.

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  • Minging

    Fake patriot ‘ego-Avi’ high-jacking more ’causes’ for his own end.

    • thegentlemantroll

      A lot of establishment republicans said the same thing about Trump.

      • Minging

        Corey Bernardi is the articulate Australian Trump 2.0… Yemeni is a hybrid Clive Palmer/Xenophon clone… no bandwagon is too low to highjack.

  • Bikinis not Burkas

    Good to see the Police there supporting free speech?