Queensland Communists to hold show trials of opponents of gay marriage


Dictators love elections and free speech. It does the secret police’s job for them when political dissidents, thinking they are protected by such arcane concepts such as fairness, openly put a target on their back.

From Cauldron Pool and the Brisbane Times:

“Comments made during last year’s contentious same sex marriage campaign have landed 25 people in legal trouble after they were posted online and plastered around university campuses on posters during last year’s Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey.

“The LGBTI Legal Service will put the culprits (sic) before the Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland after receiving funding from the state government to monitor and identify those engaging in unlawful hate speech during the postal survey period.”

“Some of the posts that have attracted the action include: “Burn all faggots #voteno”; “Hitler had the right idea about homosexuals – burn them”; “Send the poofters to their own island”; and “You are all getting rooftopped”.

Of course they wheel out the national socialist comments.

Courtesy of Make Australia Grouse Again 2.

But hey, remember this chick?

“LGBTI Legal Service president Matilda Alexander said more than 220 examples of hate speech had been documented during the survey and legal action was being taken against the worst offenders.

“We have selected these 25 based on the level of hate in the comments or publications,” she said.

“The postal survey saw a resurgence in the amount of homophobia and transphobia in the community.

“It was OK to say no, but it was not OK to say Hitler had the right idea of killing gays.

“The majority of the hate speech was online, people assume they could not be held accountable for their actions by using a different name on their profile, but in law, you’re liable for the hate speech you publicise.”

XYZ readers will remember Matilda Alexander from reports by Adam Piggott and Lucas Rosas last year. From Rosas:

“In the SBS report Adam linked to Ms Alexander was quoted saying:

“There seems to be a misconception that freedom of speech allows you to say whatever you want… We wanted to make sure firstly, that people know that kind of speech is unlawful and secondly, to have the tool available to be able to make a complaint… you need to screen grab it and send it into us and we will take the appropriate actions to make sure the law is enforced.”

Matilda Alexander, Communist. From LGBTI Legal Service.

Rosas’ article details Matilda Alexnder’s deep communist roots. He summarises:

“[T]he Queensland government just gave a $7000 dollar taxpayer-funded top up to a group they only months ago gave over $400,000 dollars to, on the understanding that the smaller grant be used to monitor speech the government dislikes and prepare legal cases against dissidents.

“The woman gifted with this mandate for internet thought-policing, and put in charge of all this taxpayer money, is a Marxist activist with a long history of associating with the most violent political extremists in this country. A woman who in her own words believes that Feminism, anti-capitalism, queer rights and environmentalism need to be enforced via a violent revolution.”

The latest chapter of this story is thus; that the Queensland government has given hundreds of thousand of dollars to a communist who is deliberately slurring opponents of same-sex marriage as being akin to national socialists, and preparing legal cases against those opposed to it with the said stolen money, all the while openly advancing an ideology which killed the equivalent of 20 holocausts.

The conclusion to the Brisbane Times article is chilling:

“The LGBTI Legal Service and the 25 respondents would meet with the ADCQ, where those accused of the hate speech would be asked to explain themselves, remove the material and offer an apology.

“Ms Alexander said if they were not satisfied with the response, the case would go to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

“The postal survey opened the door to homophobia and vilification being expressed under the guise of legitimate debate. This case will close that door,” Ms Alexander said.”

Don’t you just love big sister.

The left are desperate to put as many conservatives in gulags before Donald Trump laserbeams internet censorship with his eyes:

Once he does that, the real show trials will start.

  • Jamie Blank

    Once they were married to Christ…. sigh…

  • The fact that our system allows this level of corruption to happen proves its broken.

    • Jai_Normosone

      “…corrupt ALP…”?
      Kinda redundant, isn’t it? :/

  • Daniel Watts

    Don’t respond to them, they have no authority.

  • Ralphy

    Two things.
    1. How did they get the personal details of those posting? Only under the most extreme circumstances and only by judicial warrant should private details be made available. There are very many instances where it’s completely warranted, but not for this rubbish.
    2. The person or persons approving these grants should be made known and subject to complaint. They are public officials.

    This sort of money tree stuff freely doled out to “community groups” from the rest of us, makes me puke. Give it to meals on wheels or the Salvos where it actually does some good.

  • James

    Anti discrimination laws. No licence required..

  • Harry Stottle

    How can we stand for a system where a grubby little trollop has the means to prosecute for saying something she doesn’t like? Does it ever cross their minds that we find many things about them which are disgusting?

  • Repeal fake marriage

    Where did the other Yassmin post go? It has been taken down?

    • Jamie Blank

      Sad. That was a great article. Try the Google cache

  • Darren Taylor

    Matilda says ” “There seems to be a misconception that freedom of speech allows you to say whatever you want…” . ” Freedom of speech ” means I can say what ever the eff I want you lefty , hypocrite , snowflake mole .

  • Repeal fake marriage

    Yet normal society can’t prosecute these sodomite/catamites/disgusting perverts for promoting a filthy diseased lifestyle.

    • Jamie Blank

      That’s a little offbeat. They are human and deserve a little dignity. Those in need of prosecution are the ones who have manipulated and abused individuals with non-traditional sexual orientations. What you are advocating is a case of shooting the messenger or playing the man instead of the ball.

      Your opinions (including your name) (and I support your right to express yourself openly and freely) are playing directly into the hands of the leftists and strengthening their cause. You should direct your energy towards those on the left who are absorbing, controlling and manipulating individuals with non-traditional sexual orientations. If you want to remove weeds, you go for the roots first, then the seeds will slow in their propagation… do the same here, find and attack the hetrosexual leftists who are driving the policy.

      Failing to change tact will only out you as a Cultural Marxist.

  • Essentially this is a tax payer funded attempt to limit the constitutional right to free speech on political matters.

    It is absolutely disgusting.

  • entropy

    “The postal survey opened the door to homophobia and vilification being expressed under the guise of legitimate debate.”

    They keep saying this yet never provide examples. Noone thinks death threats are legitimate debate.

    This was simply a veiled threat that anyone who argues against homosexual entitlement will be accused of homophobia and vilification.