Quote of the Day: Clementine Ford and the F-wit Fairy


This was a great interview Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm did on ABC Weekend Breakfast in March:

The ABC’s Andrew Geoghegan made us suspect that he was a bit of a communist when he referred to the South African government’s plans to steal the land of white farmers as “land reform”. Leyonhjelm’s response cut right to the chase:

“The reason white farmers are being killed and driven off their land is because they’re white.”

Geoghegan then left us in no doubt that he is a communist, asking Leyonhjelm how he could “justify” the fact that most South African land is held by the minority white population. Leyonhjelm simply pointed out that you don’t kill white farmers to do it, the land was never stolen, and if it is stolen from the whites then South Africa will go the way of Rhodesia.

I am a little wary of Leyonhjelm’s boast that he argued for the Liberal government to take in more refugees – I would prefer none – but the ABC hosts’ skepticism toward the idea that migrants and refugees should be based on their likelihood to integrate, rather than on need, brings to mind Samuel Medici’s comments on The XYZ this morning:

“The reason that leftists favour cultures that are most alien and hostile to the West for mass immigration is because they can be easily aggrieved, recruited and mobilised. This is and has been a war for the left for some time now, and they will continuously stoop to innovative new lows in order to tear down the sturdy and righteous foundations of civilization as prescribed to them by their dogmatic, Utopian vision. The mere fact that the West is the most pluralistic, egalitarian, prosperous, safest, freest place to live in human history immediately renders it evil and undeserving of any kind of glorious status.”

The body language of Andrew Geoghegan is also a classic. The way he backed away from the Senator, you would think he was worried that if he got too close he might catch the nazi bug.

But the Quote of the Day came with Leyonhjelm’s response, just the other day, to The XYZ’s favourite tub of butter, Clementine Ford:

We would like to thank Clementine Ford and their ABC for making it clear that they favour the extermination of White South Africans. Because, you know..

XYZ Quote of the Day.

  • Mattys Modern Life

    One upon a time there was a fuckwit fairy, it was soooo lonely.

    So it searched and searched for mate but nobody would talk to it because nobody wants to talk to a fuckwit.

    After almost losing hope it found a farm and on this farm were lots of animals.

    The fuckwit fairy didn’t want to mate with an animal but it seemed it had no choice.

    Soon it found a huge pig, the pig was also very lonely because there were no other pigs on the farm.

    They talked and talked until one day they fell in love because pigs actually really like fuckwits.

    A short while later the pig gave birth to a baby and they called it Ford after the rusty old car next to the pig sty.

    Many years later Ford had a child and called it Clementine.

    And they all lived miserably ever after.

    • 9x19parabellum


    • Repeal fake marriage

      Bildungsroman right there Matty. A tale for the ages that we should examine through the lens of sjw laden critical theory on live stream tonight.

      • Mattys Modern Life

        That’s a good idea, I might just have to tell it. Clementine Ford’s origin story.

  • 9x19parabellum

    Given how mentally sick and unstable Clementine is, the response was rather tame. I was expecting a big rant about wanking in a room or killing all (white) men. Could this have been a secret realization that, shit, she’s just as white as the South Africans? I’d like to hope so but wouldn’t bet on it. The ultimate answer will be her reaction to being raped/attacked by a sudanese man.

    • Jai_Normosone

      While I would never wish rape on a woman, sometimes you have to wonder if it will be the only thing that will knock some sense into some of them.

      • Mattys Modern Life

        I wouldn’t even rape her.

        • Jai_Normosone

          What if you used Bill Shorten’s dick?
          Oh right… too small… 😀

          • 9x19parabellum

            Too Small and spends too much time scraping faeces.

        • Jamie Blank

          It wouldn’t be possible. The sight of her naked would give any man an instant soft-on.

      • 9x19parabellum

        Clem Ford is not a woman. Not even from earth. Remember feminism says woman = man and mothers are redundant. No real women genuinely believes that

  • Jai_Normosone

    I’ve always had the feeling that this woman was bordering on being media-stupid (that’s normal stupid to a multiplying factor).
    I wouldn’t mind betting that she is the type who claims know-it-all status because she is a “mother” (while only getting to that state because she let the team put her ankles behind her head while they stirred the porridge) and firmly believes that she now possesses the wisdom of the ages.

    • 9x19parabellum

      That and a six figure paycheck from fairfax

  • Micaiah

    There’s a typo in the title, the ‘and’ doesn’t need to be there.