Quote of the Day: Evolution Europe


Originally published June 10, 2017. It has been getting quite a lot of attention. Still cutting.

This National Geographic cover is fake. But it is cutting. I really have nothing else to say.

It’s your XYZ.

  • Addelad

    What appears to be happening, or is about to happen to the blond provides the perfect metaphor for what is happening to Europe.

  • Warty2

    Indeed what sort of future are these immigrants breeding? I can imagine the interest they’ll show about Western architectural history, our art history, the development of our democratic institutions, their understanding of tradition, the rule of law, even what it feels like to be British, French, Dutch or Spanish.
    How can they feel any of these things when they have taken the slow boat from South Sudan, having raped a few, murdered a few more and cleaned their assegais on the once clean sand of a dry African river bed.
    Or the Syrian Isis fighters, seeing the writing on the wall, join the jostling lines of immigrants, crossing over to Greece from Turkey, up through Albania, side stepping the now closed Hungarian borders, all the way pushing, shoving, intimidating, demanding, but with little notion of give and take, just take; having repeated ‘inshallah’ after each provocation, each outrage knowing that Allah wills all.

    • Well said, Warty.

    • SamSammy

      Q: “What sort of future are these immigrants breeding?”

      A: Orwell’s 1984 meets neo-Ottoman Caliphate, populated by hordes of devolved inbred slum-dwelling shitskins.

  • Ryan Fletcher

    The Jewish dialectic has thrown manure on our civilisation and our culture, by trying to turn our people away from their own blood and own heritage, while they themselves have been the biggest racists on earth. I wish (((them))) no good will!

    • The Latin Mass

      The Indo-Europeans were rapefugees originating in Southeast Asia having mongoloid features. Yes, the jews are behind the chaos in the world and pushing for the victims of the chaos in the world to migrate to Europe. But these new migrants are behaving much better than the Indo-Europeans, who killed off most of the blonde-haired blue eyed men and took their women.

      The Europeans now want Europe to be ruled by the jew on both sides of the migration debate, from the anti-migrant Poles who enshrined the holohoax as the mandated state religion to the pro-migrant leftists who want to turn every conservative Muslim into some SJW for the jew. I doubt the jew will ruin their playground of Europe too much. I guess this is to get the Europeans to hate the muzzies as much as the jew does, so Israhell can genocide more Palestinians and other Arabs with European apporval. The jewish “special state” of Switzerland is already trying to do their best to keep Switzerland the land where the jew gets to shaft the goyim, apart from Jew York and Israhell. Switzerland may allow some blacks into the country, but not too many muzzies, the muzzies may mess up Jewish dominance of Europe, especially “sacred” Switzerland. The fact that some European nations have nuclear weapons is another indicator that the jew will not hand muzzies nukes by making Europe, Muslim majority. Just enough migration to get Europeans to hate the muzzies in a jewish divide and conquer.

  • Denis Oliveira


  • The Latin Mass

    At least this invasion by Africans and Asians is relatively peaceful. The Indo-European invasion of Europe was outright genocide.

  • SamSammy

    Like I said, it’s an interracial cuckold-rape fantasy being acted out on a continental scale. And on top of that, all those millions of unemployed young male “refugees” are going to form the backbone of the EU’s army.

  • The vile people behind degenerate pornography are the same ones who control our politics,media and finance.



  • Panadechi Santiago

    Al mezclarse blanca rubia y negro ese tipo de mujer ya no existirá más en descendencia..

    • Por lo tanto, lo que es peor?
      Negro follando a nuestras mujeres rubias blanco, o refugiados musulmanes violar a nuestras esposas e hijas bastardos?
      Mis mejores deseos para usted, mi amigo.

    • Muy cierto.
      Putas tendrá muchos niños y niñas con hombres negros.
      Está muy mal.