Quote of the Day: Jordan Peterson on Postmodernism


Joe Rogan has produced a second epic interview with Professor Jordan Peterson. Peterson rose to fame when he refused to use third-person pronouns at the university of Toronto, raising the ire of Twitters SJW’s but, as they quickly discovered, and as Rogan bluntly puts it, “they f—ed with the wrong dude”.

One highlight of the interview is Peterson’s delving into mythology to explain Pepe and the Cult of KEK. Listening to him discuss human archetypes and mythology can be quite hypnotising. Over at pushingrubberdownhill, Adam Piggott appreciates the way Peterson steered the conversation back on track before Rogan got too carried away criticising Donald Trump.

I found the discussion of postmodernism very telling. Peterson explains how postmodernism emerged in the 1960’s and 70’s when Marxist academics had to find a way to rebrand after Marxism kept creating genocidal regimes, and thus identity politics was born. The relentless focus here at The XYZ in tearing down the arguments and assumptions of identity politics stems from our understanding of this link.

In this imperfect transcript, Jordan Peterson gets to the heart of postmodernism’s purpose:

“Postmodernism is a complete assault on two things: One, it’s an assault on the metaphysical substrate of our culture, and I would say that the metaphysical substrate looks something like a religious substrate, so it’s a direct assault on that; and the second thing it’s an assault on is everything that’s been established since the enlightenment; rationality, empiricism, science.. everything; clarity of mind, dialogue, the idea of the individual, all of that. You see, it’s not that it’s just up for grabs, that’s not the thing: It’s to be destroyed. It’s the goal, just like the communists wanted the revolution to destroy the capitalist system.”

You can follow the links in this article through to shorter snippets. The full three hours is below. I have listened to it over the course of several long drives. Enjoy.

  • Ray Johnston

    I watched this new #958 a few days ago after watching his first interview #788 (Dec2016) with Rogan just 2 weeks ago. If anyone wants to give it a go I reckon start with 788 first but maybe in 1hr bites if a 3hr session is too much. Rogan lets him talk without many interruptions (in both interviews) so it’s not that Dr.Peterson’s language is too difficult but a bit difficult for me to fully concentrate with so many of his topics/images/symbols ‘triggering’ me !! It certainly was intense esp.#958. I don’t know, I may never recover……..but that’s because I followed it up with the 31min video he did with Pageau ” The Metaphysics of Pepe with Jonathan Pageau”………and Pepe always triggers !!

    • David Hiscox

      I find I need a small segment and then think about the subject matter for a bit before I am ready for another dose.

    • Sir Cumference

      By using made up words like ‘triggered’ you are as the as the professor says ” seeding the linguistic territory to post modern radicals”

  • Old Fart

    Watched the entire three hours late last night.
    Amazing. Even a dumb shit like me who left school at 15 could understand what
    he was saying. Thats how well he explains things and manages to hold your interest throughout.

    • David Hiscox

      He is quite mesmerising. And what you have described is an indication of his intelligence. A lot of “intellectuals” aren’t that smart, they just use big words and talk about stuff. This is not intelligence. Intelligence is to be able to ignore the fluff and get to the heart of a matter as efficiently as possible. That is what Peterson does.

  • mike smith

    Postmodernism emerged in the 60s and 70s? That’s hilarious when Denis Diderot was writing postmodern stories in the 18th century and Kierkegaard was talking about it in the early 19th.