Quote of the Day: The left never cared about free speech


Quote of the Day goes to me, yours truly, The XYZ Editor.

Because I can.

Today on the horrendously dark corner of the internet known as Facebook, regarding the latest act of speech suppression by the left, this time against Blair Cottrell, I made the following observation:

“The left never cared about free speech, they just used it to undermine Western Civilisation, then jettisoned it once they gained power.”

There are one or two articles in the works from XYZ which plan to expand on this idea and its implications for free speech. For now, I would simply like to thank the various entitites behind Make Australia Grouse Again for this beautiful meme.

From Make Australia Grouse Again 2.

It’s your XYZ.

  • Daniel Watts

    Info Wars (not my cup of tea but) just non platformed by FB, Google/YouTube, Apple and Spotify.

    • Ralphy

      That’s just plain scary. Four legs good..two legs bad.

  • entropy

    “The left doesn’t care about free speech,” he says, stealth banning another ‘Nazi’.

    It’s your XYZ… until it’s not.

  • Donna Maria Morello

    The ABC interviews muslim so called spokesman all the time .So whats wrong with interviewing Blair Cotterill

    • Jai_Normosone

      Has anyone else noticed that the ABC is now running a media campaign using Russel Morris’ “The Real Thing” in trying to convey themselves as something other than “Fake News”.
      Great song but the message has failed. Too little – too late.

  • 9x19parabellum

    I really do enjoy your site and I’ve learnt a lot, but tooting your own horn on a free speech meme you made is a tad bit shallow, especially given a few other quotes you made:
    “I am not going to insult anybody’s intelligence by making a promise that
    it will never happen again, or to reaffirm The’s XYZ’s commitment to
    free speech.” and “Many of the comments I deleted on Friday had nothing to do with this
    rule. As stated, they were deleted for the sole reason that they could
    be deleted.”

    So how about Ryan Fletcher comes back given that free speech has returned to XYZ.

    • Jai_Normosone

      I looked at this and like the meme and just put it down to DH (I just realised the unfortunate combination of initials….) making a comment…. as editor.
      If you can’t blown your own horn (keep it clean! 🙂 ) then nobody else is going to do it for you.
      I’ve not been reading XYZ as long as others here and there seems to be an issue, from my reading, that was booted for having an opinion that differed to that of someone else.

      I am all for senior types of a media outlet having their opinion provided that they understand that their job is not to restrict the opinions of others simply because they contradict their own. I don’t know if this is what happened here or if it was just a conflict of personalities and I don’t care – just so long as the speech remains free and the seniors involved have the maturity to comprehend that not everyone will see things the same way (and guide those that don’t have that maturity into understanding this concept).