Quote of the Day: Malcolm Turnbull killed the Liberal Party

Malcolm Turnbull, “the most venal, most shallow and most ineffectual prime minister in the history of the Liberal Party”.

Events in the past week reinforced the fact that Malcolm Turnbull is a thoroughly dispicable person who only cared about himself and becoming Prime Minister.

Carolyn Overington in the Australian has summarised the political manoeuvres applied by Turnbull last week, in which he goaded Dutton into a challenge, ensured that if he couldn’t be Prime Minister, neither could Dutton, then gloated at being proud of his “progressive government” in his final news conference.

On this note, Piers Ackerman has summed it up best:

To the bitter end, you have been without doubt the most venal, most shallow and most ineffectual prime minister in the history of the Liberal Party. Single-handedly (though you might like to pay your usual florid tribute to the contribution your wife Lucy has made to your political decisions), you have destroyed the party’s base, you have perverted its principles, and in NSW you have thwarted attempts to introduce democratic reforms into the local division.”

Malcolm Turnbull has killed the Liberal Party. As David Hilton has pointed out though, it may be for the best. Australia doesn’t need a Dutton. We need a Blair.

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  • Ralphy

    I inadvertently “watched” the Drum this morning. Not really, just used subtitles whilst I actually listened to Alan Jones. On came Margot Kingston, revered journo/lawyer/author apparently, elite Australian and ABC talking head.
    Her bile/hatred/spleen for Abbott was the worst I’ve ever come across outside of a ranting protest march. She actually used the term “monster” when describing Abbott! Of course Malcolm was deified.
    I checked Wikipedia expecting to see numerous green loony attributions but holy hell, she described herself as a small L liberal!
    I’m with Piers, God save us.

  • What would you call a man who bragged in a book about bullying an Anglican priest into marrying him and his (also) non-Anglican wife?

    What would you call a man who ungraciously spat the dummy on live television when the nation decided against his pet project as it was not what they wanted?

    What would you call a man who published a column in The Bulletin mocking a QC for inviting the NSW C of A to wish him happy birthday, without realising the significance of the silk’s age?

    Australia had warnings about Turnbull for DECADES.

    • Ralphy

      And still not heeded. Convinced there is something in their Kool-aid. Benedict Arnold could learn from him.

  • John Sheppard

    And yet many in the mainstream media are focused on Abbott being the cause of all of this. Poor innocent Malcolm, doing the best he could but couldn’t keep the right happy. They miss the part that what Malcolm stood for, many of the Liberal supporters did not.

    Go to a Liberal event, and mention Turnbull’s name and you get silence. Mention Abbott’s name and you get cheers. Says it all right there.

    • ShirlinOz

      Very true John.

      At the event to welcome PM Netayahu to Australia, when Turncoat, oops, was announced he received a feeble greeting.

      When Abbott was announced I thought the roof was going to fly off the building. The applause continued for quite an extended time.

  • Tamaveirene

    It beggars belief that the “worthies” in the Liberal Party had such poor discernment when faced with Turnbull’s knifing of a sitting Prime Minister. To allow him to get away with it was unspeakable cowardice on their part. Had they, as one, risen up and said, “We will not serve under you” – this whole sorry mess might have been avoided.
    By the bye, I mailed Tony Abbott on several occasions prior to his demise, warning him (in no uncertain terms) of the traitorous intent of his then Communications Minister, but to no avail. No point in crying over spilt milk. However, all this dewy eyed honeymoon sentiment over Morrison and Frydenberg and the Fresh Start they represent nauseates me. They are both wussy cowards who participated in and fully endorsed the coup against Tony Abbott. They only had to lick Turnbull’s boots for a couple of years to gain their ill-gotten reward. A pox on them and all their slimy colleagues.
    They deserve to see Bill Shorten elevated to Prime Minister and for them to suffer the ignominy of being in Opposition once again!
    Sadly, though, the Australian people don’t deserve it. Neither do we deserve the utterly wicked national broadcaster, misnamed as “Australian”! Nothing less patriotric than the ABC would be hard to find!

    • Ralphy


  • James

    The Liberal party killed itself with Turnbull.
    In truth it’s been self harming since flak jacket became prime minister in ’96.

  • John Sheppard

    And now Malcolm Turnbull’s son, Alex, comes out and has a whinge.


    Fund manager in Singapore, former Goldman Sachs. Everyone would be best to do the opposite of what he says, cause everything he says is to help himself and his globalist buddies.

  • Shosshannah

    I liked Malcolm, he was a nice man.

    • ShirlinOz

      Oh no he wasn’t.
      Did you have any personal dealings with the man?
      I did on a number of occasions.
      I had an issue with antisemitism. Won’t go into the whole story, but he told me that he wasn’t interested in that.

      He knifed all he could along the way to get what he wanted.

      Brendan Nelson… knifed.
      Peter King … knifed.
      Tony Abbott… knifed.
      Peter Dutton … knifed.