Quote of the Day: Menzies vs rent-a-mob communists


Tonight’s Quote of the Day is a follow up to yesterday’s. We have footage of Robert Menzies’ speech against communism. It wasn’t without opposition, but Menzies gave it back to the scum without missing a beat:

[Rent-a-mob chanting a countdown in order to disrupt/stop Menzies from giving the speech] “…I must say you if you were in your native country of Russia you wouldn’t count Joe Stalin out. it’s only people of the lowest order who fear to hear the truth…”

[Later the rent-a-mob starts chanting, “we want peace”] “We want peace? that’s what the Chinese Communists call out as they shoot down Australian soldiers in Korea, did you ever hear such humbug…”

It’s your XYZ.

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  • W. Hunter

    The “Rent a Mob” of Menzies’ time have now coalesced…..as the Australian Greens.
    Militant arm is ANTIFA.
    Fourth Estate pushing their communist agendas.

    The Red Tryptych……..