Quote of the Day: The one place Dtarneen won’t want to burn down

Courtesy of Meme Australia Great Again.

A certain Ms. Dtarneen Onus-Williams, who earned herself the sometimes coveted, sometimes not-so-coveted XYZ Quote of the Day yesterday, has been the subject of soem scrutiny, courtesy of said Quote of the Day:

“An Aboriginal activist who called for Australia to be burnt to the ground during an incendiary ­address to an “invasion day” rally has been described as a hypocritical hater and faces calls to be dumped from her leadership role with a government-funded body.

“Former Victorian premier Jeff Kennett said the Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance (WAR) ­organiser Dtarneen Onus-Williams should step down as an executive member of Victoria’s Koorie Youth Council for a series of angry, divisive comments.

“At a rally outside Victoria’s Parliament House on Friday, Ms Onus-Williams, 24, told the crowd: “We have not organised this to change the date. We have organised this to abolish Australia Day because f..k Australia. F..k Australia, I hope it f..king burns to the ground.’’ She later stood by the comments, saying that although they were intended metaphorically rather than literally, she wanted “everything, all the governments to fall apart”.

“Mr Kennett said that while the young activist was entitled to speak her mind and to say what she wanted, it was inappropriate for her to continue with the state government-funded Koorie Youth Council and to sit on any government-funded body.”

Any government-funded body indeed.

Which brings us to today’s Quote of the Day, courtesy of one of the good readers of The XYZ:

“Does the cry for “I hope it burns to the ground “ include Centrelink?”

It’s your XYZ.

  • Bikinis not Burkas

    Is she Aboriginal or Muslim or a combination of both?

    • Equinsu

      She’s a fucking commie pretending to be an Aboriginal despite her obvious European heritage.

  • Razorback

    shes fat enough to be both..not sure

  • Equinsu

    I read some more about this on news.com.au (ABC and Fairfax don’t seem to have covered it, oddly enough) and apparently a substantial portion of the Australia Day protestors want to abolish the date while the rest ‘just’ want to change it. There is an opportunity to sow division among the Left here, and maybe even redpill some of the Change-the-Daters.

  • Maureen Horrigan-Tully

    The ‘onus’ is on her to prove otherwise…

  • sadsak

    How much intelligence does it take to destroy something? To build requires thought and positive action. It says a lot about this headline. seeker. Poor thing she can’t sit down with a nice cup of tea. That would acknowledge one of the benefits of WHITE culture, they showed us how to boil water.

  • Addelad

    If Onus-hyphen is a government funded body, then the government has too much money

    • Equinsu

      God ain’t that the truth! I’d really like to see XYZ do more articles about how to avoid paying tax in order to starve the beast .

  • Damien Smith

    With all that angry shouting, hopefully she managed to burn some calories.

  • Tamaveirene

    Well, that’s Hate Speech if I ever heard it! Maybe the Australian Federal Government should lodge a complaint with the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal (or whatever body now deal with unhinged lunatics)!

  • JB

    Come on Tim Southpossum..deal with this hate speech. Oh, I forgot, she doesn’t claim to be white.