Quote of the Day: To replace excellence with crap

Excellence. Photo by bslax28

Here is something to keep in mind with regard to Richard B Riddick’s analysis of the Age of Delusion, with its focus on Amy Schumer, and also with regard to two upcoming reviews we have planned for the movie Black Panther. It comes from Aaron Clarey’s book Enjoy the Decline, which you can purchase by clicking on the banner on the right hand side of The XYZ homepage:

“(D)riving this unappreciation for American culture and classics is a smear campaign by the left. Though not consciously overt, there is a drive or a desire, largely driven by cultural leftists, to replace what is considered “good” or “quality” with anything that is “new” or “different.” To replace what is considered “traditional American culture” with “post-modernism.” Or to put it more bluntly, to replace excellence with crap. The reason for this is laziness. Since leftists can never achieve the accomplishments and successes of their predecessors (or better put, they choose not to) they attempt to redefine what is “quality” and what is “excellence.” And thus you get cultural decay.”

And don’t even get me started on modern classical music.

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