Quote of the Day: To replace excellence with crap

Excellence. Photo by bslax28

Here is something to keep in mind with regard to Richard B Riddick’s analysis of the Age of Delusion, with its focus on Amy Schumer, and also with regard to two upcoming reviews we have planned for the movie Black Panther. It comes from Aaron Clarey’s book Enjoy the Decline, which you can purchase by clicking on the banner on the right hand side of The XYZ homepage:

“(D)riving this unappreciation for American culture and classics is a smear campaign by the left. Though not consciously overt, there is a drive or a desire, largely driven by cultural leftists, to replace what is considered “good” or “quality” with anything that is “new” or “different.” To replace what is considered “traditional American culture” with “post-modernism.” Or to put it more bluntly, to replace excellence with crap. The reason for this is laziness. Since leftists can never achieve the accomplishments and successes of their predecessors (or better put, they choose not to) they attempt to redefine what is “quality” and what is “excellence.” And thus you get cultural decay.”

And don’t even get me started on modern classical music.

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  • Repeal fake marriage

    David, could you post an example of modern classical music so that I can recoil in horror?

    • David Hiscox

      Sure. Here is a piece of 12-tone music, also known as serialism. It is deliberately designed to avoid consonance, and to avoid what the human ear recognises as patterns, thus giving shape and order to music.


      For notes to make sense, some notes have to be more important than others, and each note has a role, which complements the others, within a system of rules. Serialism does away with patterns, and makes each note just as important as the next. The result is mush.

      It is a Marxist concept, designed by Marxists. The enjoyment of music, for the sake of the music alone, was dismissed by the Marxists who developed serialism withh the idea that music should not be enjoyed but should lead to a revolutionary transformation of society.

      ie, it is designed not to be enjoyed. Ironic when university types complain that their music does not have mass appeal.

      • Repeal fake marriage

        That was… different. The pianist was undoubtedly very skilled in their craft but the piece of music was bizarre. Is this what ‘atonal’ means?

        • David Hiscox

          Atonal means with out tone, without a tonal centre. It is university-speak for “without melody or harmony”.

      • LadyMoonlight

        Sounds like a cat walking over the keyboard!

      • belt fed 7.62mm

        That is just weird.
        There is a lot of chromatic accidentals in guitar work, particularly in metal where dissonance is used to add tension and then released when they go back to scale. But this is just randomness, you can’t draw any stimulation from this. I expect serialism will form the basis of all top 40 hits but due to the lack of musical skill and laziness of marxists they will use a dumbed down version of it that can be repeated by software. Current mainstream pop almost always repeats the same four chords.

        If you’ve ever heard the sound of some radars or digital data transmitted over a modem, that is the sound of serialism right there.

        • David Hiscox

          I am a big metal head and I love the use of dissonance in metal. The reason it works is, as you point out, it resolves. As does late Romantic Music (late 1800’s) and Impressionist music (ruen of the 20th century). Dissonance can be brilliant, as long as patterns and the listeners’ ears are respected. Without tonal rules, dissonance just becomes guff which over-educated twats listen to to make themselves feel smart.

          • belt fed 7.62mm

            Exactly. Real music which takes years or practice not just some retard bashing a keyboard.

            Speaking of metal and classical, music do you listen to children of bodom or fleshgod apocalypse?

  • Jael

    That was my gut feeling concerning that music … It avoids the necessity for skill. I hope you never have to experience the horror that is a concert of new music by revolutionary uni music students. I walked out of one item, not even in protest so much as to spare my ears from the horror, the horror. The composition lecturer was very impressed, though

    • David Hiscox

      Unfortunately for my youth I tried very hard to like that rubbish. I had been informed of its Marxist origins by my Marxist professors, but it wasn’t until a decade or so later that the reason why atonal music is awful finally clicked.

      One of my favourite memories was of a very serious composition lecturer telling us that if we didn’t support “new music” it would die. As I said in the QOTD, if serialism was designed specifically not to be enjoyed, you can be sure it is always going to be a struggle.

      • Jael

        What did your Marxist lecturers say? Is it something about removing the difference / inequality between notes/ people, or is it more broadly about undermining society by subverting our bourgeois notions of beauty and value?

        • David Hiscox

          The former. Apparently, the music was more “democratic”. To a Marxist, democracy equals equality.

          • Jael

            And it’s not equality if they’re not interchangeable, right?

  • Equinsu

    The second painting looks like someone took a copy of the first one and left it out on a busy footpath in the pissing-down rain.

  • Noachideous

    Governments in European racial nations only exist now to oversee the Fingering and Filthefication of Innocence.

    And you all kNose who appears overrepresented as functionaries, filthifiers and kapos in that cause.


  • whorton

    This is the third article of yours that I have read David. I am impressed. Your writing is of the same excellent caliber as https://www.americanthinker.com/

    Carry On. You have a new reader!