Quote of the Day: The Salvation of Europe


The Iconoclast has been providing excellent summaries and analysis of events in Europe for the last couple of years, and as Europe becomes more and more of a good news story, a narrative which he has emphasised, his ratings have increased accordingly.

Much of what he says is in line with what gets written by Vox Day, and he is even pro-white enough to get linked to by the Daily Stormer while ignoring their shenanigans.

Simply put, the people of Europe are taking their countries back. Nationalists governments are taking strong actions to secure their borders and the existence of their people, pro-globalist coalitions are collapsing, and in countries where the globalists are still very much entrenched, coalitions are forming which could challenge the globalist system.

This excellent summarises several of the latest events:

Main points (see YouTube for links) include:

Italy resurgent

Italy has closed all its ports to globalist NGO ships for the summer, and Matteo Salvini is talking the tough talk to back up the tough walk.

Merkel’s doom

Angela Merkel, the worst leader Germany has ever had, is fast running out of options. Eastern European countries are, in addition to Italy, refusing to accept her agenda of spreading all over Europe the barbarian invaders she invited in, and with her coalition partners kicking up a fuss, it looks like the witch could soon be dead.

The Iconoclast prefaces this segment with footage from a few years ago of Merkel publicly stating that the limit of barbarian invaders has been reached and that multiculturalism has failed. A better example of a globalist puppet is hard to find.

Hungarian politician BTFO’s BBC THOT

BBC journalists are getting refreshingly used to having strong independent men refuse to accept their frames of reference and disagree directly with their statements. The body language in this interview is beautiful. While Jordan Peterson quibbled over definitions of pre-collapse European civilisation with Cathy Newman, this Hungarian boldly states that it is ok to be white, or to be more specific, that it is perfectly legitimate for a nationalist government to base the identity of its country on its people and enact policies to ensure this.

Quote of the Day goes to the Iconoclast himself, who has some stirring words for us at the end:

“As you can all see, the tide is turning. There’s still a lot of work to be done, sure, especially in Western Europe, but rest assured, work is being done. We have to stop thinking of ourselves as the underdog, because we aren’t: We have the people on our side, and our numbers are only getting bigger. No matter what the EU dictates and what the BBC will proclaim, normal, good, everyday European people will support these anti-establishment movements, and will fight tooth and nail to keep Europe Europe.

“There was a time when I thought we were done for, that we’d never gain the foothold to mount the resistence. But now we have that foothold and the momentum is in our favour. We can’t be complacent though, absolutely not. We still need to support these movements and countries as much as possible, and countries like Britain are lagging behind massively on this progress. But with our combined effort, with us using the internet and other outlets to get this information in front of as many people as possible, we will only see success.”

XYZ Quote of the Day.

  • “Angela Merkel, the worst leader Germany has ever had”- are you saying she is literally Hitler? 😀

  • 9x19parabellum

    We know straya is behind by about 10 years. But could this mean that soon we will see a reduction in all the political correct, pro-fag, “environmental” rubbish spewed out by labor and the greens?

  • thegentlemantroll

    Great. So only Australia will languish in the dark ages then. Lucky country indeed.

  • Jai_Normosone

    Where the idea of taking-back-the-nation will come unstuck is where people will go, “OK, you managed to stop the problem… that’s enough…” and fearing the whole boy-cry-wolf scenario of people being labelled “Hitler”, the nationalists will stop and not finish the job.
    This links to something I see that is very prevalent in Australia… the people who slag off at Donald Trump for being a prick to the rest of the world (they also say that he is supremely stupid while Obama was a great statesman which also proves the point that they wouldn’t know their own arsehole from their elbow).
    The question to be asked is: What else should Donald Trump be if not the “Supreme American”? Do you not want someone who is steadfastly proud of your country to be your leader?
    Do you not want someone who will stand up for your countrymen before any other nation on earth?
    To want anything else is someone who thinks that the UN isn’t corrupt and not a WOFTAM.
    This is why I support David Lleyonhjelm… His focus may not be supremely nationalistic for Australians but he is bridging the gap where we need to be rid of the utterly useless deadshits (population!) that form the majority of all parties and (seem to suck the right dick to) make it back into office, time after time, while consistently regarding the rest of us as stupid and needing more laws to keep us in line.

    • Ariane

      “…the people who slag off at Donald Trump for being a prick to the rest of the world (they also say that he is supremely stupid while Obama was a great statesman…”

      People who deride Trump are plain old stupid, one dimensional shills.

      For example: Trump is mocked by the unconscious sheep , for misspellings and grammar in his Tweets.
      Those same “mistakes” are deliberate: to be decoded later by the Anons, or as a coded message to the Deep State.
      Trump is playing 4D chess, no doubt of that.

      As for that Muslim Brotherhood Kenyan born traitor, Bath House Barry Obama, his cell in Gitmo is already reserved.
      Even some of the most deluded Lefties are waking up to the vast damage he did to the US & the world in general.


  • Ariane

    Why do you wear your “undergarment” on the outside ?

    • Repeal fake marriage

      Presentation is everything. One thing an extreme poet must have is a powerful crotch thrust, accentuated by tightly worn undies on the outside of their regular apparel.

      • Ariane

        I get the thrust of your proposition…..


        • Repeal fake marriage

          Now imagine being in possession of that awesome thrusting power, coupled with the ability to dispense intercontinental ballistic poetry. Marxists everywhere shall fear the Poet!