Quote of the Day – Trump triggers tantrums from cucks and commies

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

After today’s Democrat leak to the Clinton News Network (CNN) regarding Donald Trump’s comments from over a decade ago, feminists have taken to Twitter and Facebook (posting photos of themselves holding panties with “outraged” messages written on them).

Also prominent establishment cuckolds, beta-bitches and all round perpetually offended douchebags have been getting their knickers in a knot (pun intended).

Of course this has enabled some inconvenient facts about Crooked Hillary to come into frame (notably her use of government departments, like the DOJ and IRS, to target victims of her sex predator husband Bill Clinton while serving as the First Lady).

However the Democrats have a long history of sexual impropriety.

To quote Scott Ivens, who specializes in redpilling cuckservatives and libtards with extreme prejudice:

“Ted Kennedy intentionally drowned a pregnant woman at Chappaquiddick, Bill Clinton paid $850,000 to settle a rape case and got a gobby only to lie about it to the whole world later being proved a liar by said gobby’s spit wad stain, Bobby Kennedy and JFK almost certainly had Marilyn Monroe killed after they screwed her, FDR died while with his mistress at Warm Springs, GA, Andrew Jackson married an already married woman, Gary Hart was the Dem of the Day until he monkeyed around on the “Monkey Business”, and Tipper left the “inventor of the internet” Al Gore for screwing around. All of a sudden, the left is shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, that a man would use such language about a female.”