Quote of the Day: Whites are now Satan


Monday night is FAQ Livestream night at The XYZ. This coming Monday, February 26, at 9:30 pm ADST, David Hiscox and Matty’s Modern Life will be discussing the news and politics of the week, including the alleged bashing of two female police officers in Melbourne’s north by two African youths, and the wish-fulfillment-for-blacks movie Black Panther.

On that note, Quote of the Day comes courtesy of Vertigo Politix:

“In reality, Wakanda itself, like almost everything else in the modern world, was a creation of white men. But myth is often more important than reality, and in the mythic sense, if Wakanda is the African Garden of Eden, whites have now become a stand in for Satan, triggering Africans’ fall from superiority into subjugation.”

  • “alleged bashing of two female police officers in Melbourne’s north by two African youths”

    Is it the case that in the end, progressive politics deals with itself?

  • Noachideous

    What ever SATAN …. 19 1 20 1 14 …. 55 … is……. it is from SATAN that are derived the dimensions of the Australian 100 Dollar Bill.

    Take the number 55 and reduce it sequentially to a series of senary numbers until a number greater that 5 is derived. This defines the end of the sequence. So …. 55 35 23 15 11 7 …

    Recall that it is by the numbers 42 and 58 are derived by x+ the date 1948 .

    Select two numbers amounting to 58, thus pointing to 42 for those who know.

    35 and 23 sum to 58. x+ of 35 amounts to 15 and 8 for 158 …. x+ of 23 amounts to 6 and 5 for 65 …. Hence the dimensions of the 100 AUD Bill at 158 x 65.