Quote of the Day: Anglophobia


White history is undergoing a racelift, with the blackwashing of our history now extended beyond the usual hijacking of the Robin Hood and Troy legends, so now not even Joan of Arc is sacred.

Our Anglocuckery has allowed rise of Anglophobia, neatly summarised by Make Australia Grouse Again:

Courtesy of Make Australia Grouse Again 2

Vertigo Politix also puts it well:

“Colourblind casting stopped being progressive some time around the turn of the century, and in its place colour-conscious policies became the norm, prefaced of course by Marxian platitudes about the need to be inclusive, and represent the changing face of Britain. In reality, colour-conscious casting is a vindictive act of domination and humiliation. This is how the establishment trolls; in the real world and right in your face.”

It’s your XYZ.

  • Jonathan

    I admit that as an Anglo, I bear some responsibility for the crimes that my forefathers committed:
    * Taking the wrong side in the Crimean War
    * Formenting the Anglo-Boer Wars
    * Taking the wrong side in the Great War, and the War to make Europe safe for Communism
    * Attacking properly governed Rhodesia and South Africa

    Every day I strive to make myself a better white person, more ethnocentric, more committed to our common people, as part of paying the debt for those crimes of my forebears.

    • Jonathan

      Sadly I have to reflect that the British Empire was primarily a mercantile one, hence the fratricidal atrocities you have mentioned. I see the same tragedy unfolding today with the looming war between USA and Russia as per 1914, two countries/empires that should otherwise be natural allies against the darkness of the world. Its just that the USA today, like the Britain of yesterday is controlled by that nasty little tribe of Wormtounges.

  • Panadechi Santiago

    The self-chosen elite does not really hate whites, it needs them to survive for the moment, imagine a tick, it does not hate its host victim, but if it is scratched the tick gets angry. For the power elite everything refers to only three words, Power, Money and Control. Multiculturalism is only one of its most effective weapons. His best weapons are the mass media, Hollywood, art, education, Holocaust. Without the mastery of these multiculturalism does not work.

  • Jai_Normosone

    I absolutely refuse to bear responsibility for the actions of others in history.
    I also refute this complete horse-shit about “African Americans” who’ve never been to Africa and claim some sort of slave status from the white people when it was Islam that originally stole them from their tribes to sell into slavery in the first place.