Quote of the Day: Australian National Imams Council spreads bigotry toward Homosexuals


The following disgusting quotation is from the Australian National Imams Council:

“The Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) affirms that Islam sanctifies marriage as only being between a man and a woman. This has been the view held by all major faiths including the traditional Judaeo-Christian beliefs and other traditions throughout human history. The Quranic revelations and Prophetic teachings with regard to the institution of marriage make this clear. Islam places the family unit at the heart of a healthy society, and in this context, the right of children to be cared for and raised by both a mother and father is one that must be protected. Islam also explicitly and unambiguously states that marital relationship is only permissible between a man and woman; any other marital relationships are islamicly impermissible. ANIC strongly believes that all members of our pluralistic society should be able to express their views on marriage, in a respectful manner and without fear of reprisal or unwarranted criticism which fails to respond to the issues at hand. We therefore call for respectful and responsible dialogue.”

There is no reasonable grounds for opposing the progress of society and the marriage between people of the same sex.  Love is love, and it is the current year.  We here at The XYZ can understand how people can have differing opinions on certain things, but on this question, there is no logical explanation for the opposition to people being happy other than pure hate

The XYZ condemns the Australian National Imams Council in the strongest possible terms, and we hope that the rest of the Australian media can show the same strength in the face of intolerance that we do.

It’s your XYZ.

  • athousandmonkeys

    Opposition to left-wing hypocrisy is “reasonable grounds for opposing the (spuriously alleged) progress of society and the marriage between people of the same sex”.

    The homosexual lobby is constantly bleating on about being ‘offended’ and ‘disrespected’, yet they have no problem whatsoever offensively disrespecting the religious minority who considers traditional ‘marriage’ of man and woman to be sacrosanct.

  • Konrad Steinmuller

    Actually I think religion is probably the best argument for being opposed to same sex marriage. If you believe in a God that has stated in their holy book that homosexuality is wrong, then it makes perfect sense that you would believe that as well. In Australia’s secular society, you typically have no right to impose your religious views on other people, however if you are being asked your opinion in a non-binding postal vote, then I would fully expect people to vote according to their deeply held beliefs…

    • Deplorable Steve

      You don’t see what Mr Hiscox did here? He trapped the leftards using there own logic against them. Mr Hiscox, like many of us on this site have no love for Islam or faggotry. What he has done is with such an article is make leftard heads explode because of their own hypocritical yet incompatible views.

    • Cameron52

      I believe the author was being sarcastic and using Leftist Islamophiles arguments and abuse of Christians holding these same views against them. Their love of Islam, while throwing hate at Christianity for holding the exact same views on this issue, must be causing them serious mind bending problems. If you look at the victim value hierarchy Muslims are higher than homosexuals so it will be interesting to see how they spin this.

      I am surprise that the Muslims took this stand. I would have thought that they would use the approval of homosexual marriage as an stepping stone for polygamy. They would take the view that they will eventually run Australia under Sharia law and they can deal with the homosexuals later.

      • Konrad Steinmuller

        Sorry, you’re right… Totally missed the point. I might have to cut down on my late night facebook rants and wait until I’ve had a good nights sleep.

      • computer hacker

        My money is on the media distancing themselves from the ANIC and saying that they don’t represent majority of muslims. Just like they did when they said its ok to beat wives. The left has already created “LGBT muslims” to dodge the contradiction

  • Earl Conner

    The heads of several libtards just exploded…

  • Razorback


  • Sir Cumference

    Articles such as this are only inflaming the situation much as ‘The Don’ [ peace be with him] has done in the US.
    My fear is there could be mass casualties on both sides if the peace loving muslims were to clash with the rainbow warriors. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e490a391047250227828e85a7924aad7624aa1e75c3d3447f0376ef869a9248b.gif

  • Al L

    Muslim activists take gays to rooftops and toss them off.

  • David, nice piss-take.

  • I wonder why they bothered, guess that they didn’t want to be left out of the spotlight.

    Once the muzzies on the street understand that they will be sued by Adam + Steve for refusing to provide venue, catering, flowers, or chauffeur services to their gay wedding multicultural extravaganza, the attitudes may harden.

    Obviously a “yes” vote would then be used to push for lowered marriage ages and polygamy, but as with FGM they get around that already though the deliberate refusals to apply the law by state and federal governments (of every hue). For Muslims, polygamy is already here and has been for quite some time.

  • Tamaveirene

    Of course the imams are going to condemn same-sex “marriage”! It is naïve to think they would do otherwise! Stupid article! Waste of my time reading it!

    • Lighten up !
      Here’s a joke for ya:

      Two policemen are walking the beat when one says, ‘When I get home, I’m going straight upstairs and tearing off the wife’s underwear.’ ‘Feelling randy?’ asks the other. ‘No,’ says the first. ‘The elastic is killing me.’

  • Bikinis not Burkas
  • Bill Kelly

    Vote no, if the yes vote gets up the next step is commercial surrogacy, bondage for woman and buying and selling children, they are already arguing for this and if they get that the next step will be tax payer funded surrogacy, after all if they can get married and they have a right to children why should they have to pay.