Quote of the Day: Fraser Anning on Australian nationalism and white interests


I have always loved the Pickering Post and its namesake, Larry Pickering, whose passing late last year was a great loss to Australia. Pickering’s cartoons of a naked, saggy-breasted Julia Gillard with a strap-on dildo illustrated, in a way that will impress one’s mind forever, Australia’s political and moral decay.

Pickering’s work was a strong inspiration for myself and several others to form The XYZ, and like this site, it has become an important forum for online grassroots Conservative discussion. Senator Fraser Anning has taken the opportunity on the Pickering Post to make some vital points about the demographic displacement of Real Australians in our own nation:

“This is a puzzle discussed by Professor Eric Kaufmann, in The  Spectator. Kaufmann thinks it is a myth that white people have no ethnicity and that only migrants from non-Western nations have identities that matter. He thinks this is dangerous nonsense, because it supports political correctness.

“In particular, Kaufmann argues that white people are like everyone else. The Boers in South Africa have ethnic interests just as much as the Blacks do.

“He says that it is completely normal for white people to want to remain the majority in their own countries, such as in Europe and Australia. No one would expect the Chinese to want to become an ethnic minority in China. Why should we want to be a minority here?

“Labor and Liberal Governments have been forcing sky-high, indiscriminate immigration on Australia for decades. Consequently, whites will soon become a minority here. Not that Labor or Liberals have admitted to the date. Why not? Perhaps they realise that no one wants to become a minority in a nation they built.

“I was asked in a recent interview, “shouldn’t we be celebrating diversity?” “Diversity” means fewer white people and the loss of majority status.

“Why should I celebrate that? Whites are the heart of the Australian nation. In a democracy, the loss of majority status means the transfer of power to other ethnic groups.”

It is spectacular fortune for us that we have someone elected in the heart of Australian political power who is stating these facts.

White people do have an ethnicity. Indeed white people have many different ethnicities.

It is completely normal for us to want to remain a majority in our own country, and we do want to remain a majority in our own country.

The Liberal and Labor Parties are two sides of the same globalist coin and have betrayed us. They use the term “diversity” to gaslight us, to make us celebrate our own replacement.

These are the points we have been making on The XYZ for three and a half years. The fact that Anning quotes Kaufmann’s article from the Spectator shows just how far the Overton Window has shifted in that time.

Here is the winning blow:

“Whites are the only ethnic group who are afraid to advocate for their own interests. Perhaps that is why all other politician’s side with ethnic minority groups against the interests of traditional Australians.

“All of our politicians and media outlets have been absolutely determined to shut down any discussion of this subject.

“I believe it is well past time to be open about the facts. Our politicians have no right to override the will of the people on this issue. Australians have a right to a calm and reasoned discussion of the subject.”

It is time for white people to openly advocate for our own interests. Nobody can stop us. Our numbers are growing, our power is growing, and sooner or later, the globalists will have to listen.

We about to enter a new era.

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We will be publishing an Op-Ed by Senator Fraser Anning tomorrow morning (31/01/2019) at 7:00 AM.

  • The Unburdened

    How bizarre to say that whites have no ethnicity! The only way this makes sense is if “ethnic” has been used as an unflattering synonym for “foreign”. Or to put it another way, the idea that whites have no ethnicity is ironically the product of a genuine white supremacist society, ie one where being white is the norm. In that case, we need to make ethnic ethnic again.

    • Jamie Blank

      Leftism == racism.

    • Of course we have ethnicity. The challenge is recognising it when we are really hamburger meat. English, Irish and Scottish and Welsh is at the end of the day still White, even if very different in outlook and expression.

      • The Unburdened

        Everyone has ethnicity of course, but the dominant ethnicity is not seen as an ethnicity, rather it is just seen as normal.

  • Jai_Normosone

    OK, so humility may have you dictate otherwise but it does say things in a way that many, including myself, feel about the topic.

    As for:
    “All of our politicians and media outlets have been absolutely determined to shut down any discussion of this subject.

    The greatest insult that you can inflict on someone is to deny their existence. So… how do you regard people who feel that they are a part of everything; have control over everything; & want to dictate terms over everything?
    You remove them from the equation.

    The fact that XYZ exists and allows common-minded people to have a say is a great start.

  • Love it! Can you feel that Overton window shifting?

    Keep pushing, keep pushing, racial consciousness might be buried in most but it’s not dead.

    This is the rulers worst fear.

    • Jamie Blank

      As long as we’re not virtue signalling in our own echo chamber… we can shift it.

  • Panadechi Santiago
  • Look, I liked the Senator’s speech as much as anyone else descended from the first few Anglicans* married in the Colony of New South Wales.

    But there is no solution at the ballot box. Worst still, we are disarmed and have not even a quarter of the rights of our American cousins.

    *presumably, could be Catholic, mother’s side and all, I will have to clarify with her at Easter

  • Brendan Ritson

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  • Brendan Ritson

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