Quote of the Day: Imagine there’s no commies

Lenin giving the nazi salute.

Last night I pointed out the irony that the song Imagine was sung at the opening ceremony to the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea – a song which espouses communist ideals which have killed over a million people, but sung with the implication that if those ideals are embraced, the South could have peace with its communist northern neighbour.

The XYZ’s resident poet was active in the comments section, and happily pointed out the obvious: if there was no communism, we would indeed have peace:

Imagine there’s no commies
It’s easy if you try
No greens to blight our day
Especially no one called SHY.

Imagine all the people
Living without victim groups…

We’ll let the readers do the rest.

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Photo by Antonio Bonanno

  • George Rockwell

    Fashister’s version is better…

  • QTan7745

    Ha !
    Imagine there’s no commies.
    Imagine, there’s no comments, more likely……

    • Addelad

      Just a little odd given that you have commented – perhaps you are a Closet Commie?

      • QTan7745

        Perhaps you are a closet homosexual ?
        Odds are, I’m right.

  • George Rockwell

    “Imagine all the people
    Living without victim groups…”

    This from the publication tarring everyone with a bone to pick with a certain group of people (who we are not allowed to put triple parentheses around, because XYZ deems punctuation racist now) as being a Marxist…


  • John Sheppard

    As I mentioned in another post, I am reading a book on the Vietnam war and the attack on Hue during the Tet offensive. It was interesting to note the propaganda used by the north to try and build support for their cause. The equality, sharing of resources, etc all matched the communist/marxist tune. Those who didn’t follow the party line went to “re-education camps”. Sounds great!!

    Once the communists took control of the country, it dived into poverty for around 10-15 years before in 1986 they allowed private ownership (including private companies) to be legalised. Since then things have been improving a lot for the general population.

    Basically the lesson I have seen (and this is repeated so many times in history elsewhere) is that communism sounds great, is implemented, fails miserably, and then they begin to implement capitalistic concepts to try and get out of their crappy situation. Of course, you could just implement a free market and small government and surprisingly everything would work out just fine!

    On another note, there is no country on earth being governed by black people successfully. Why is that? (If you say South Africa then you belong in an institution).