Quote of the Day: Infinite predictive machines for suffering


According to Rationalwiki, “Jean-François Gariépy is a French Canadian YouTube talker who promotes race realism, ethnostates, and other reactionary views.”

Below is an excellent video spotted for us by Ryan Fletcher in which he explains why demography matters. Artwork is done by Matthew Drake, whom we have featured before. He gets Quote of the Day for getting to the heart of why taking migrants from unstable countries is a recipe for disaster:

“Countries with high birth rates are infinite predictive machines for suffering. No matter how manny immigrants you take, it’s going to be the same thing in ten years and the same thing in twenty years, because these migrants which you take because you are afraid of the conditions in which they live, they will be replaced in their countries by further babies who will grow into adults, who will make their own babies. You will not stop the cycle of suffering by welcoming people into your nation.”

  • Drop immigration to a trickle from non-Western nations, halt ALL Islamic immigration, cut all welfare to non-citizens down to nothing, make citizenship available only after at LEAST 20 years in the nation, denounce or even ban the Qu’ran for inciting violence (it does this, banning the Qu’ran in its current form is NOT against free speech) and end all foreign aid.

    We are ruled by Marxists who hate White people, hate White culture and hate the Western systems of capitalism and liberty White people have created.

    JF makes some compelling points, I’m not totally sold on the idea that an ethnostate is the best way to do this because East-Asians are also high-intelligence and are often Christian conservatives but his argument is still a strong one.

    I don’t think it’s an either/or proposition either, you can easily have a culture dominated by Western values of liberty and self-determination that has plenty of people from East-Asian nations, just as you could have one that’s only White.

    The number one thing to do is to turn off the welfare tap to any migrant and make it clear that, in no uncertain terms, if you want to become an Australian citizen you are going all in.

    None of this “I want to live in my home country AND Australia” bullshit, you’re either Australian or your not, you can’t be both.

    • belt fed 7.62mm

      Well said. Also repeal gay marriage, fire 95% of the public sector and cut funding to the media and academia. That should halt the Marxist spread while we rebuild our country.

  • Panadechi Santiago

    Pelosi is related to the largest Jewish family in Argentina. Her husband, Paul Pelosi, is a Jewish real estate mogul. If Pelosi is so honest, why is not this information made public?