Quote of the Day: Not Real Communism


Jordan on the Not Real Communism Fallacy (beginning at 02:40):

“And then when the Marxists say, “well that wasn’t real Marxism,” what it really means, and I’ve thought about this for a long time, it’s the most arrogant possible statement anyone could ever make, it means:

“If I would have been in Stalin’s position I would have ushered in the damn utopia instead of the genocidal massacres, because I understand the doctrine of Marxism and everything about me is good.”

“..Well think again sunshine, you don’t understand it. You don’t understand it, and you’re not that good, and if the power was in your hands, assuming you had the competence, which you don’t, you wouldn’t have done any better, and even if you had there would have been someone else right behind you to shoot you the first time you tried to do anything good.”

It’s your XYZ.

  • Panadechi Santiago

    Comunism is jew agend..

    • Addelad

      Amazing effort – in only 4 words you manage to be incoherent, inarticulate, prejudiced and ignorant. Must be some sort of record.

      • Karen Dwyer

        Nice to see you back. I would have said that earlier, but you were offering up medical remedies (re “viscosity”) and I thought I’d leave it be. 🙂

        • Addelad

          I never went, but just hid in the shadows contemplating whether the various anti-Semites here precluded ongoing involvement. There are great contributors here and what has caused me most conflict has been Moses A/David H and his typically well-reasoned explanation for his world view of some kind of Jewish conspiracy. It’s ironic isn’t it – in Moses and David, you’d be hard-pressed to find more iconic Jewish names.
          You, the oh-so attractive Steve and some others are almost like cyber friends. Ryan Fletcher and Justin Variousnyms are extremely gifted but have added in their different ways to my underlying concerns.
          Without indulging in prolix, let’s just say it’s a personal difficulty to accommodate the anti-Semitic grit within the marvellous variety of opinion on this site. It was churlish of me to chicken out – to engage is the better option.

          • Addelad, up until a few years ago, I was blissfully unconscious,drifting happily in the Normie Universe…….I pretty much believed the daily Kabuki theatre presented for mainstream sheeple consumption.
            Following the recent US elections closely and the riveting shenanigans and treachery therein with Hillary, Trump and others, was a real eye opener.
            I woke up.

            Once you venture down that first dark rabbit hole, there is no turning back, with winding cross tunnels branching in every curious direction.

            The internet can be a blessing and a curse.
            We are very fortunate to have sites like XYZ to sidestep the propagandist blather of MSM.
            The corruption in our world goes deep: the narrative we have been sold in the last century demands very close scrutiny and a very sceptical disposition.

            Kudos to XYZ and brethren sites like Tradnash and their committed writers in their ongoing efforts to expose the swamp creatures and their agenda.

            Cheers to all fellow readers. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/59c7cdb386ca3a06ad5d19abd69c3410b2533e29039b229180ba7791d0a3fc4d.jpg

          • SamSammy

            I too was deep in the Leftie/Normie consensus trance until quite recently, and even after I took the Red Pill and got on the Trump Train I still held out on confronting The Jewish Question. But paradoxically enough, it was my very reluctance to confront The Jewish Question which eventually made me wake up to it; I realised that I had internalized Voltaire’s maxim about finding out who you can’t criticise, and had consequently been turning a blind eye to all the evidence – even when (((they themselves))) openly provided it. This is not to say that all Jews are in on it, nor that all the Elite are Jews, but they ones that are in on it clearly are heavily influenced by their Jewish beliefs and they do indeed make up a disproportionately high proportion of the Elite.

          • It all rings true.
            I pretty much followed the same path to come to the same conclusions.
            The evidence is in plain sight, and thus (((they))) mock us.

          • SamSammy

            I’m happy to say that our own experiences are part of a mass awakening of the goyim. Check out the comments to this video:

          • The comments were golden.

            “Virtue signaling sjw nonsense garbage. Why do they keep trying to ram this nonsense down our throats.”

            “Steaming hot fecal garbage. When are libtards going to learn virtue signaling is sickening to normal humans? Go get therapy”

            “Cringiest dog vomit I’ve ever seen…”

          • SamSammy

            My favourites: “OPEN BORDERS FOR ISRAEL NOW” and the one about how we’re going to win the war because we have a billion bullets while they can’t even decide which bathroom to use.

          • Karen Dwyer

            On the plus side, I’m now able to add “prolix” to my vocabulary 🙂 Previously I just indulged in it without knowing what it was called.

            Oh I’ve had a few little churlish rants of my own, and “time off” to restore my sanity. My time is too precious to engage with people unless they are debating in good faith. Now i just block people who are trying to set me up or set someone else up via me.

            I don’t actually think you’ve been churlish. I do appreciate your re-emergence. 🙂