Quote of the Day: Radical Feminists on Marriage and Heterosexuality


What’s this? Another radical feminism who hates marriage:

“The first condition for escaping from forced motherhood and sexual slavery is escape from the patriarchal institution of marriage.”

And why the link to heterosexuals?

— Alison M. Jaggar, Feminist Politics and Human Nature (1988)

“The view that heterosexuality is a key site of male power is widely accepted within feminism. Within most feminist accounts, heterosexuality is seen not as an individual preference, something we are born like or gradually develop into, but as a socially constructed institution which structures and maintains male domination, in particular through the way it channels women into marriage and motherhood.”

— Diane Richardson, “Theorizing Heterosexuality,” in Rethinking Sexuality (2000)

So, radical feminists hate marriage and want to destroy it. And they hate heterosexuals and see heterosexuality as a key to the power structure that marriage is a part of. I wonder what strategy they might use to subvert marriage and heterosexuality…

It’s your XYZ.

  • Karen Dwyer

    Mr Yiannopoulos uses the metaphor of a terminal disease. I imagine something rather more grotesque, widespread, and observed but not causing sufficient concern: mites on bees.

    Another analogy: wasps who lay their eggs in or on a host. When the young hatch they eat the host alive.

    Just a thought…