Quote of the Day: Star Wars needs more diversity, not less


Here is something to whet the appetite of XYZ readers in anticipation of the publication, in the next couple of days, of our FAQ podcast on the latest instalment of Soy Wars, I mean Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  The movie is an SJW-hijacked croc, featuring one dimensional charicatures carefully chosen for their diversity value, rather than actual characters, and a plot and dialogue straight out of first year gender studies.

However, just like every good communist of the 20th century who thought that if they just killed another million, they could achieve a perfect socialist utopia, there are some purple-haired land whales in the 21st who believe the solution to the dog that was the Last Jedi is:

More diversity!

“The shoehorned diversity and feminist stuff in star wars doesn’t work because its written by white dudes who don’t understand either and are just guessing, which is why it comes off as pandering. if an actual diverse staff were hired to work with the writers and directors, or even do the writing/directing themselves, it would’ve worked better and felt more natural.”

  • Deplorable!!!

    Diversity is our stench!

  • Not real diversity!

    • Micaiah

      You try doing diversity and your retarded movie flops but its ok because it wasn’t real diversity, so you try again and your retarded movie flops again, but harder, but it’s ok because . . . . .

  • Sam Vimes

    I’ve steadfastly avoided paying my well-earned dollars to watch dross at the cinemas these past 5 years, except the very occasional obligatory Disney kids holiday ‘blockbuster’, some of which are even quite tolerable. Is there a top-10 list of non-Hollywood BS movies released lately that’s actually really good and worth watching?? I’m struggling to think of one really great movie from the past 5 years that I watch more than once, but maybe I’m just a cynical ****?
    Ps where do I listen to the podcast?

    • belt fed 7.62mm

      You’re not cynical. Movies are actually shit.

      • Shimon Ben Gurion

        Spielberg, he’s a genius, he did Schindlers List.

        • belt fed 7.62mm

          Yes. But last 5 years movies suck

    • Addelad

      American Sniper, Zero Dark Thirty.

  • Micaiah

    Hey I think it’s remarkable that they are admitting that it doesn’t work in the first place!

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    When I was I school I’d look forward to the weekend to watch 80s movies on TV. Movies had the coolest cars, guns, hot women. Now they’re all about some fat oaf in a Lycra suit, some disaster caused by climate change or some generic rerun with the good stuff stripped out. I’ve stopped whatching when they got boring. Now they’ve gone diversity – not just boring but whiny lecturing SJW.

  • Shimon Ben Gurion

    My people will give you diversity.