Quote of the Day: Sure there might be a bad Newspoll on Monday…


Pressure is mounting on Malcolm Turnbull, with the impending 30th losing Newspoll in a row. Tony Abbott has become more vocal about the leadership spill which deposed him:

He also said this:

“As for that particular metric, that was not my metric and it is for others to explain the rhyme or the reason in it,” Mr Abbott told the Sunday Telegraph.”

Good signalling, Tony.

The XYZ Viewer Poll on the matter has receieved over 40,000 responses, with the affirmative being clearly ahead:

Should Malcolm Turnbull be sacked as Prime Minister?

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Meanwhile, Malcolm “Judas” Turnbull is trying to pretend that 30 losing Newspolls in a row means nothing:

“Everyone complains that politicians are focused on polls — well I think the media is very focused on polls and various others are focused on polls, my job has got to be focused on delivering good policy, stronger economic growth, greater opportunities and so forth,”

Perhaps he needs reminding:

“The one thing that is clear about our current situation is the trajectory. We have lost 30 Newspolls in a row. It is clear that the people have made up their mind about Mr Abbott’s leadership.”

But Quote of the Day goes to Christopher “I totes got hacked” Pyne:

“It’s just an irrelevance. Sure there might be a bad Newspoll on Monday — nobody cares.”

He later claimed tat the Sun revolves around te Earth.

It’s your XYZ.

  • killer3000ad

    And he’s lost the 30th poll.

  • Ralphy

    Oh dear MT has given himself another self-inflicted paper cut and is in dire need of a bandaid….but what is it they say about blood in the water?
    I feel a delicious feeding frenzy coming on and it’s going to be bloody with Pyne, Bishop, Birmingham and Morrison served up nicely as petit fours!

    • Ron Mortimer

      What’s the bet that the Stick Insect comes out on top thereby destroying the Liberal Party and thus assisting our decay as a country?

      • Ralphy

        Argh no, a thousand times no please!
        The one who really scares me and for mine would make even Gillard look good, is Plibersek. If she ever became leader, it would be Gillard Mark 2 on steroids with the MSM in full lickspittle mode!

        Bill is shallow, even comedic, see-through, but Tanya is a hard-core, hard-wired socialist comrade.

        Maybe a term of electoral disaster with Bill resulting in a restored and re-invigorated Conservative base is our best option? The present mess is clearly untenable and so, so disappointing.

    • W. Hunter
  • W. Hunter

    Malcolm is a pretend PM, just like Justin Trudeau.

    God help us if we ever have a true crisis in Australia.

    This dandified, pathetic deflated Rothschild sock puppet, Turnbull, will just flop back into the slimy political ooze like the jellyfish he is.

    • Ralphy

      And that’s praising him!

  • switch1

    Australia and the entire western world seems to be heavily influenced by those of the left in positions of power and in the MSM. Then you have the globalist trade open borders jockeys working jointly with their left wing mates. What’s good for business is good for the share holders and who really cares if a thousand women get assaulted in Germany in one night! After all trade and political correctness is far more important!
    Thank fully for the above, the average voter doesn’t know anything over and above his or her Facebook and snap chat profile. It’s a race to the bottom, but their is hope as Brexit and Trump have shown. It’s just a question of whether enough will wake up in time, or we all end up like South Africa.