Quote of the Day: Triple J goes Full Retard

Triple J’s logo.

Our Quote of the Day comes courtesy of Keating, who has something to say regarding Triple J’s decision to change the date of its Hottest 100 countdown from Australia Day to January 27-28:

“Triple J just went full retard. They blatantly pursue a politicised, elitist progressive agenda, the whole time funded under a charter mandating impartiality. This move erodes a beloved Australian cultural institution and will hasten the end of the ’90s generation’s ties to Triple J. The ABC and Triple J may just as well have joined the socialist alliance. We will remember them fondly for our shared youth, but cross the street when we encounter their likes in the future.”

It’s your XYZ.

  • Robbie Jones

    This a good thing. As Kids of the 90s, we adored the ABC for it’s children’s programming, RAGE and Triple J. But we were also duped into Marxist ideology since kindy and their (the Marxist’s) ABC were doing all they could to peddling that snake oil to us at home in our unawares.

    If they want to break the bond of fond memories and expose their unwashed Karl Marx beard, then we have common ground to go to our peers and pose them questions like ‘ABC sure have gone off the rails with this latest stunt – why do you think that is?’ Then we can follow it up with clear reasons that the average Aussie detects but may not be able to put to words.

    We’ll look back and say their downfall began with them taking away the music…

  • Earl Conner

    What a bunch of morons – not just for changing the date, but for their thinly veiled attempt to hide the ideology behind it. This will stuff up the Australia Day traditions for many, many people who usually couldn’t give a rats about Triple J’s politics.

  • Addelad

    There is a lot of talk at XYZ about how the AltRight is pushing back against the prevailing hurricane of Marxist ideology that is battering our failing gates. I don’t see much evidence of said fightback and this latest coup by the inner Sydney staff collective once known as the ABC tells me that the Marxist ideologues are well in the ascendant.

    • entropy

      You seem angry at XYZ. We should have overturned the social order by now, you say? That seems… unreasonable.

      Maybe if more of the master race congregated here, we’d have the power. But unfortunately XYZ is populated by dirty anti-Semites who’ll never have the shekels to achieve anything.

      That’s what you’re really mad about, isn’t it.

  • John Sheppard

    Looking forward to another radio station picking up the void left by the hottest 100. Why wouldn’t they take advantage of the ABC stupidity? Might even have better music too 🙂