Quote of the Day: Turnbull on Indonesian moderation


In the wake of the jailing of the Christian former governor of Jakarta, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, for blasphemy, as we reported earlier today, it is worth remembering these words by Australia’s treacherous Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, to Indonesian President, Joko Widodo, in September 2016:

“You are an absolute beacon in the way that you demonstrate again and again that democracy, moderation, tolerance and Islam are thoroughly compatible.”

It’s your XYZ.

Photo by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer

  • Deplorable Steve

    What else would we expect from Mohammed Turnbull???

  • Bunyip

    When is the next election so we can vote this bastard out?!

  • Addelad

    Turnbull is a symptom, not a cause of our malaise. Probably thanks to Gramsci (and Rousseau, Marx, Derrida etc) we are now a country of takers – 60% on the public teat at last count. Mindless 20,30,40,50 and 60 year-old children don’t give a damn about the demise of civilization, the rise of Islam and the ascent of barbarism – hell no, not while the cheque from Centrelink is still coming.

  • Sir Cumference

    Malcolm X purchased the Liberal Party for a mere $1.75 mil with the blessing of 54 traitors.
    A quick re-badge, a turn hard left and the mission was complete.
    Handouts anyone?

  • David Hiscox

    He is an utter traitor. He should never have been let in the Liberal Party. The Libs are gonna get decimated next election.

  • y. Iamu

    Yes it is a bit like the media making a big deal of President Trump when talking about Muslims not integrating. He said when mentioning other countries that have had terrorist attacks “and what about Sweden”. That day the media rioted saying Sweeden doesn’t have and have never had a problem with Islam the next day there were muslim riots in Sweeden. It seems everyone who steps up to protect them gets made a fool of by Islam.