Racist HRC are the real White-Hats


Let’s see if we have this story straight.

Three young white men complain about a racist policy in a university computer lab.  For this, they are accused of racism and sent for trial to the HRC.

In another part of the country, a white cartoonist draws attention to the plight affecting remote Aboriginal communities, a cartoon which implies that those on the left have been applying the racism of low expectations toward Aboriginals for a very long time.  Again, he is accused of racism and sent for trial to the HRC.

A judge at the Federal Circuit Court has thrown out the case against the three young white men, prompting calls for the overpaid HRC boss to resign, citing gross incompetence, given that she should have told the complainant that her case against the three men was hopeless.

Will this only intensify the wrath of the HRC against its sole remaining victim?  Or will it help the HRC finally see sense, and understand that its case against Bill Leak is equally flawed?

What we have learned from this sorry episode is that the real white-hats are those who believe that only white people can be racist.

It’s your XYZ.