Real Climate Change: The Imminent Global Ice Age


There’s some very strange global warming going on these days. We’ve been told for decades that global warming would be making summers hotter and longer by now, that the Arctic would be ice-free and the polar bears would all starve, that global warming would make us fatter and that hundreds of thousands of species would be extinct by now. Al Gore even told us that Mount Kilimanjaro would be snow-free by 2016 and that it would be ‘the point of no return’.

Like the poor Mayans, none of Al’s prophecies came true. Indeed, none of the claims that the establishment media have been bombarding us with for twenty years with regard to anthropogenic (man-made) climate change have come true. Not one.

What is occurring, though, is the number of extreme cold weather events is rising sharply around the world.

In January 2016 we saw snowfall in Laos and Vietnam for the first time in living memory.

In November 2016 there was summer snowfall at Perisher resort in the Australian Snowy Mountains.

Last week the Tahoe ski resorts in the western United States had to close because of too much snow.

In the same week, a never-before-seen weather system hit Saskatoon in Canada, leading to -47C wind chill. Similar temperatures in Ontario caused ice crystals to freeze in the air, creating an extremely rare phenomenon known as ‘light pillars’.

Also in the same week, heavy snowfall in Pakistan caused food shortages and migrations, while the Black Sea froze over in Bulgaria for the first time in 60 years.

While at the same time, extremely heavy snowfall buried entire communities in Turkey.

These are just some of the extreme cold weather events which have been hitting with greater ferocity each winter every year around the world. How can these extreme cold weather events be happening globally if man-made climate change is making the planet hotter?

As well as extreme cold weather events, anomalous weather is occurring more and more often. In 2016, for example, Western Australia received five times its usual annual rainfall, while Egypt had a record drought. Ayers Rock in central Australia received a full year’s worth of rain in a single day, causing desert blooms not seen for well over a century in the Simpson Desert.

None of these types of anomalous weather events were predicted by the much-vaunted warmist climate models put out by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). They were, however, predicted by a different set of climate models that have nothing to do with man-made climate change.

The cult of anthropogenic climate change has become part of the leftist establishment’s Sacred Ideas That Must Not Be Questioned. Careers are made by championing this myth in the priesthood that runs globalist institutions like the UN. Like the positive effects of the welfare state, the equality of the races and genders, the enriching delights of multiculturalism and the economic benefits of central banking, belief in climate change has become necessary for a person today to be considered socially acceptable by mainstream society. Start questioning whether carbon output through the burning of fossil fuels is really changing the climate and you might be eating your morning tea alone at the office. Or worse.

What is becoming increasingly awkward, though, for the global warmist bureaucracy and their shills in academe, media and Hollywood, is that there has been no warming at all for the past 20 years. They keep bamboozling the public with jargon and fake stats, but the facts remain. The establishment media is now telling those gullible enough to still believe them that the recent sharp drops in global temperatures are a harbinger of global warming. The narrative keeps shifting all the time. Perhaps there is there another, more plausible explanation for the global cooling we are experiencing?

Sun spot photo
Photo by NASA Goddard Photo and Video

According to many astronomers, space scientists and citizen amateurs who have been investigating this issue for years now, there is. We are heading into an ice age which is being caused by a cyclical downturn in the energy output of the sun. It has happened before and will affect societies profoundly around the world. It could also have been predicted so that preparations could have been made to offset its worst effects.

According to this heliogenic model of global climate, the sun is the main driver of Earth’s climate shifts. It is well-known that the sun has an 11-year activity cycle, and that these minor cycles also comprise larger cyclical fluctuations called grand solar minima and maxima. These grand solar cycles have a duration of approximately 300 years. During a grand solar maximum, the sun is peppered with sunspots, solar flares erupt and the sun hurls out billion-ton clouds of electrified gas into space. It’s awake, and very busy. Historically, these grand solar maxima correspond to peaks in civilisation. During a grand solar minimum, sunspots and solar flares almost disappear.

Even the mainstream media now is acknowledging that over the next five years, the sun will be entering another grand solar minimum. Evidence of this has been appearing frequently, with sunspots becoming extremely rare over the last few months. This has corresponded with the recent extreme cold weather events.

What heliogenic global cooling advocates are arguing is that this reduced solar activity will have devastating impacts upon the Earth’s climate. Not only will temperatures plummet around the world, but extreme weather events and unusual patterns will make agriculture less productive. This will have implications for the stability of societies everywhere.

The last time the sun entered a grand solar minimum was during the 1600s. This is known as the Maunder Minimum, after the two solar astronomers who identified the phenomenon. During this time, solar activity stayed low for about 70 years. It was also a time of great political, social and economic upheaval around the world.

Among many indications that a period of heliogenic global cooling is upon us, recent snowfall in the US matches areas of snowfall during the Maunder Minimum. This mini ice age 300 years ago caused wars, catastrophes and political revolution around the world. Temperatures dropped so low during winter that the Thames River in London froze over. Like the grand solar minimum and resultant mini ice age of the 14th century before it, the Maunder Minimum changed the socio-political paradigm around the world and ushered in the modern era.

We are seeing the same solar patterns today that preceded that last cooling period.
The datasets which are used by solar scientists to determine when the next ice age will begin on Earth are the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO), the Atlantic Multi Decadal Oscillation (AMO), the Southern Oscillation Index (SOI), levels of volcanic activity and solar cycles. Unfortunately for us, all of these indicators are pointing to Earth’s climate starting to cool significantly this year. Temperatures will drop sharply into 2025, recover somewhat into 2035 and then drop precipitously afterward. The debate among the heliogenic global cooling community is whether this ice age we entered at the end of 2016 is a mini ice age similar to the Maunder Minimum period, or if we have entered a prolonged ice age. Such periods last for up to 100,000 years and cover much of the northern hemisphere in ice sheets more than two kilometres high.

Should this be the case, there will be no agriculture or indeed human settlements beyond 45 degrees latitude in both hemispheres. Without adequate preparation beforehand, there may be no civilisation left on Earth at all. Although this possibility may seem preposterous to many people today, it is worth remembering that for the majority of its history Earth has been in an ice age and the current interglacial warm period is quite long in the tooth.

Most researchers instead believe this current cooling period is a mini ice age similar to the Maunder Minimum. Should that be the case, it would be another few centuries before the next full ice age begins. Either way, the next few decades are going to be much, much colder.

Citizens in Western countries may well wish we had built a lot more coal-fired power stations to keep us warm while resources were still abundant.

Even the establishment media has been forced to admit that solar output is declining in the same way it did during the Maunder Minimum. Establishment scientists, however, generously take time out from their busy schedule of taxpayer-funded junkets they call international conferences to reassure us ig’nant plebs that a grand solar minimum will be offset by anthropogenic global warming. We should be grateful to these oracles of omniscient wisdom.

The reality is, however, that the correlation between cyclical solar activity and temperatures on Earth is absolutely clear. The Maunder Minimum of the 17th century was just the most recent of a regular pattern of diminished solar activity and simultaneous global cooling patterns. These events occur approximately every 300 years and last for about 70 years. They cause widespread crop losses, migrations, political turmoil and enormous social change. The cooling period of the 14th century caused the Black Death which wiped out one third of Europe’s population. This made labour scarce, raised wages, ended serfdom and kick-started capitalism in Europe again after it had disappeared for a millennium.

Indeed, what is most interesting for those of us who want to know what is ahead is what a global cooling phase does to societies. In short, it’s not good for political elites and terrible for agriculture but quite good for volcanic eruptions as well as the bugs that kill people. It’s also not good for witches. The Maunder Minimum coincided with the collapse of public confidence in monarchies across the northern hemisphere and a century of general turmoil and upheaval. The Roman and Minoan cooling events, which were much harsher, coincided with mass migrations in search of resources. Sound familiar? The first also ended the Graeco-Roman classical period and the second ended the Bronze Age civilisations. Both led to dark ages which lasted for centuries.

The Black Death across Europe and Asia coincided with the Wolf Minimum in the early 1300’s. Everything is interconnected. The understanding that solar cycles drive historical change supports the anacyclotic, or cyclical, theory of history that has been understood in the East for millennia. Only in the modern West have we viewed history as a straight line; this type of simplistic model is evident in the mindset of those who believe in the establishment’s version of anthropogenic global warming. Reality is far more complicated and dynamic than such two-dimensional models of climate and weather.

The warmist cult which has overtaken the climate sciences, government, the media and the rest of the establishment has shut down the possibility of even investigating whether, in fact, the sun drives climate. Valuable time has been lost and resources have been squandered in the West chasing after so-called ‘green’ energy while we could have been preparing for what is really ahead. How many elderly, sick and poor people have died already due to rising energy prices caused by the anti-carbon policies of Western governments? How many more millions might die around the world because of the warmist propaganda pumped out relentlessly by an elite who don’t seem to care whether their beliefs are true or not?

Is the global elite really so stupid as to be so completely and utterly wrong, or is something else at play? Why else would a globalist elite who seek depopulation and centralised control allow the world’s peoples to get it so wrong? Is it that the elites don’t want to lose control as the population realises there is nothing their political masters can do to stave off such calamitous change?

One thing is for certain: Either the global elite are entirely incompetent or they are entirely evil.

The peoples of the world should have been preparing for the cooling period ahead rather than having their taxes used for bureaucrats to line their own pockets. Should the theory of heliogenic global cooling be correct, people are going to die due to elite incompetence and dishonesty. As a country, we should be investigating if this is true and coming up with strategies to mitigate the effects. To do anything else is utter madness.

Instead of using myths about carbon and white guilt to force European nations to destroy their energy infrastructure and hand the baton of civilisation to Asia, we should have had a Manhattan Project for how to cope with these adverse changes coming down the pipe. Western civilisation has the means and the abilities to perhaps be the first ever societies to prepare for an ice age well enough that we could weather the storm and thrive despite it. Already there are inventors coming up with ways to grow food without sunlight, water or soil. All we need is the collective will and we can overcome any challenge.

What is preventing us from doing so is a corrupt, immoral and self-obsessed global ruling class. The sooner we get rid of these career liars and find leaders who put their people’s interests first, the sooner we can begin to fight real problems – like a possible ice age bearing down us in the next few years. We should at least be talking about it.

Moses Apostaticus writes regularly and brilliantly at

  • Guess where those Northern hordes will head for ?

    Australia !
    We will be swamped by reffos from the Northern hemisphere.
    Better bone up on your Chinese and Russian.
    We can re instate the Brisbane Line !
    The Libs will turn back the boats !

    Meh, civilisation as we know it is overdue for a total reset.
    Look at the mad mad mad world we inhabit.
    Bring on the New Ice Age !

    Cockroaches, your time to rule the world is nigh !

  • BJ

    Great article Moses; scary, but great.


  • Gravedigger

    More truth in the above article than anything 97% of climate scientists have spewed forth yet.

  • entropy

    Anthropogenic warming has never been in question, it’s the alarmist doomsday cultists that people have been sensibly dismissing.

    Green energy is huge business and shysters have been flocking to the industry in droves. The science itself has become tainted due to the overreach of hysterical activists.

    Just another field filled with virtue-signaling authoritarians who don’t understand the value of credibility.

    • Reasonable Leftist

      I created a temporary account so I could apologize for yesterday Entropy. My behavior yesterday was not cool, I did not join this community to burn bridges and judge people. I’m taking your advice, I’m only posting views with links to creditable evidence. Also don’t worry I won’t be spamming you with any more comments, unless you engage with me. I will be going back to my Dan Flynn account. Cheers

      • entropy

        I appreciate that, Dan, and I’ve unblocked you on this platform. For the record, I don’t care about opinions or name-calling, I generally only block people if I feel they aren’t making an attempt to understand or respond to my comments, because I see that as a waste of my time. I’ve been getting a lot of that lately, so my tolerance has worn thin and I may have been a little trigger happy with you. Anyway, let’s move on. Cheers.

        • Dan Flynn

          Much appreciated 🙂

  • Olaf Koenders

    One thing is for certain: Either the global elite are entirely incompetent or they are entirely evil.

    They’re entirely evil Moses. The Climate Change©®™ brigade of dishonest scientologists are being handsomely paid to back the assertions of grabbermints on the way to the NWO via Agenda 21 and the Warmist hysteria through the complicit MSM is all part of that. Had Hillary won we’d be well on the way, but those plans were scuppered thank feck.

    All the elite want is to stay cozy in their ivory towers and screw us plebs. Plain and simple. It’s all about control of the masses.

    BTW, Moses, you forgot to mention Milankovitch Cycles which are part of the natural climate cycle, but you’re forgiven thanks to such an excellent article.. 🙂

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  • Trog

    A very welcome piece Moses. Especially coming on the heels of the MSM proclaiming “It’s official, the hottest year EVER in history!” Of course the simple question to ask…where… isn’t?

    For the amount of money the RET costs we desperately need a balanced inquiry to determine whether these self imposed burdens are of any effect, and what scientifically measurable support is there to show they actually work? Two unanswered questions it seems whilst we spend gazillions. Now that’s an ABC programme I would be glued too.

    Sadly, back to reality, I see on Aunty’s news app the scorchingly (pun intended) more scintillating headline piece,

    “Is Obama the coolest President in U.S. history?”

    At least temperature related I guess?

    • Olaf Koenders

      On a scale of 1 to 10 regarding having done anything useful for his country he’s around a -2.. Cold as ice.

      All he’s got is charisma, the rest is pure evil.

      • Trog

        This is a piece from Professor David Flint best known perhaps for his Anti- Republic stance but exceedingly well credentialed and a law professor. An arch Conservative but his pieces are always stuffed full of facts that speak for themselves. Interested to know what you think as they are diametrically opposed to the MSM hoopla abounding. The ABC headline made me want to puke. This sort of puerile rubbish surely isn’t “news” or any sort of “human interest” story?

        • Olaf Koenders

          I think the article’s a fair summary. I mean, It’s what I’ve been keeping track of over his entire presidency. But someone’s gotta ask why he’s like that..

          I think that answers the question. There must have been some powerful friends in the Dummocrats to install the loony in office. But why would anyone want a Muslim running America?

          Very soon after 9/11, the Patriot Act was passed, giving greater powers to kick the huddled masses’ doors in looking for alleged terrorists. Terrorism (even fake) creates an atmosphere of fear, where those same huddled masses beg to grabbermint for more protection. Several rather blatant false flag operations later, it’s no wonder the masses have seen through this veil.

          I was rather suspicious about people bleating that the Boston marathon bombings were a false flag operation, until I saw the very strange goings-on surrounding the ordeal. Some people call everything a false flag, which gets me yawning. But in this case, the evidence is palpable.

          Notably, the Dummocrats have been trying desperately to erase their own sordid history. One example being that they now say they’ve always been against slavery, which is patently false.

          The Left wanted their New World Order and global grabbermint to protect (enslave) the masses, but they were stymied this time. The lengths they went to are incredibly obvious and on record, but not much seems to be happening about that as yet.

          One of their pet projects, the Climate Change©®™ machine is still fumbling along on its last legs. The Montreal Protocol in ’92 (banning CFC’s to “protect” the Ozone layer) was a forerunner and an experiment to see how far the masses can be duped and made to feel responsible, so grabbermint could assume power via their pleadings, irrespective that Ozone is both created and destroyed by sunlight and that the “hole” (ozone thinning) has always been there in some form or another even before Man was invented.

          It’s all run by the Vatican, which created the Bar Guild (which is where the term “guilty” comes from) and it’s all part of the corporate “legal” society grabbermint uses to enrich itself by passing mere Statutes (policy – not “law”) that have no control over the living,unless the living consent. But we do it every day because we know no better.

          Legal and lawful are two entirely different systems running alongside each other, however the legal society pays no attention to any part of common law.

          I’ll leave it at that but for further info, look up Bill Turner on Youtube.

          • Trog

            Tks Olaf. Will do re site and will digest this over the next few days. Off on long driving trip getting kids into University.

          • Trog

            Wow Olaf!!!! I don’t know how you amalgamated all those u tube snippets into one link. Hats off to you for techy savvy.

            I agree and think he will be judged very poorly in history as time goes on. His abject reluctance to support trusted allies and instead side with Islamists is of very deep concern. Much will depend on the Trumpster’s ability to smash through and demonstrate clearly the right direction to take. The UN is just an irrelevant Dinosaur bloated with excess and sanctimony. So over it.

            I don’t think it’s too much to say that the Trumpster may be the beachhead for a New World Order pressaging the breakup of Europe, a universally strong attitude to border protection, the removal of the chains imposed by climate nutters and a realistic approach to the very real evils of Islam. Fingers crossed big time!

          • trevormarr

            Trump is in this for REALITY!!! He is in this for the People!!! We is the REAL DEAL! Canada needs Trump!

            If anyone thinks the World needs less Trump, then I KNOW that the World needs LESS of them!!!

  • Dan Flynn

    So it’s either global warming or global cooling. Flip a coin anyone?

    ‘What is preventing us from doing so is a corrupt, immoral and self-obsessed global ruling class. The sooner we get rid of these career liars and find leaders who put their people’s interests first, the sooner we can begin to fight real problems’.

    I like this paragraph and I couldn’t agree more about the lying global elite on may issues. The thing is environmental conservation and early climate change research was very much a hippie, grass roots kind of thing in the 50, 60s and 70s. It was not invented by the global elite. By the way I agree that Al Gore has made a good career and lots of dough out of Climate change, but I don’t think that should distract us from the fact that it was not oil and mining companies, bankers, actors or politicians who raised the alarm bells about climate change. It was scientists.

    I think you global cooling theory is very interesting by the way, and has real scientific merit. It’s just that there is plenty of other scientific evidence pointing to the opposite.

    • I took a strong position both because I’m personally convinced and also because we should be having a discussion based on real evidence, not appeals to authority and ad hominems like the establishment use against ‘deniers’. Your reasoned position is more of what we need in discussions about the topic. It’s become a religious issue for some people.

      • Dan Flynn

        Hi Moses, glad to have discussions with you. I think we need to be vigilant against governments, global elites and corporations. They are, in my view, the very opposite of community and they will try to distract us from the truth, that we can sort things about between us. We don’t need them. Personally, I’m inclined to believe in man made climate change, there just seems to be too many apolitical scientists and community based organizations that support it, and have so for decades. Global elites are definitely hijacking it though. Cheers Dan

        • Dammit Dan, I didn’t want to encounter a reasonable leftist on Inauguration Day. You’re stealing my sense of righteous triumph.

          • Dan Flynn

            Ha! Sorry mate, didn’t mean to ruin it for you. Happy Inauguration day 🙂

          • Darryl

            Don’t worry Moses. It’s just bad luck. Like encountering a Tasmanian Tiger. About the same odds as winning Lotto.

          • Dan Flynn

            Hahaha 🙂

          • Darryl

            And a sense of humour too! Dan, surely you must be on the road to Damascus.

    • Darryl

      Good post Dan. Conspiracy theories abound, but conspiracy is seldom needed to explain the bahaviour of people in the circumstances of each of them. The terms climate change and global warming are distinctly unhelpful and even misleading. Significant climate variability occurs naturally. I grew up with regular features in the newspaper with dire warnings about the next Ice Age, which gave way later to dire warnings about catastrophic cooling. It was, indeed, scientists who raised the alarm about rising global temperatures. Scientists do this, of course. When physical observation records show rising temperatures they of course seek explanations. They come up with such explanations in the form of a hypothesis which can never be absolutely proved but can of course be disproved, modified etc through experiments, further observations and research etc. The hypothesis which garnered early support was that such warming was caused by the activities of man and that the driving element in the warming is co2. Unfortunately as various non-scientific elements became involved the process took on a life of its own and became more political than scientific. The idea which gained currency was that the projected level of warming was not only dangerous but disastrous and that urgent and drastic action was required to cut co2 emissions. The theory of Dangerous Anthropomorphic Global Warming (AGW) gained currency. The extreme left saw an opportunity for wealth redistribution. The extreme environmentalists (which overlap significantlhy with the extreme left) saw it as an opportunity to drastically cut pollution in a relatively short time and with a disregard for the cost that would previously have been unthinkable. As the money began to flow, some of the scientists involved became celebrities. More and more money was plowed into the area. More and more people jumped onto the bandwagon as it gathered speed downhill and developed significant momentum. The IPCC was formed. Science was abandoned for consensus and political advantage. And, for those involved, their interests and incentives lay in finding evidence to support the hypothesis and not to disprove or modify it. The left applied its usual impressive manipultion of language to push what had become one of its pet causes. So the lines were blurred as “climate change” and “global warming” were used interchangably with AGW. As climate of course is a complex chaotic system it is of course always changing, and that the world has been warming is a fact, though lately there has of course been a pause. AGW, being coupled in peoples minds and used interchangably with these other two indisputably true concepts gave it a legitimacy it had not and has not earned. This confusion continues today.

      The IPCC reports do not deal adequately with uncertainty, ascribing inappropriately high degrees of confidence in various warming scenarios. Climate models predict warming twice that of observations. Climate sensitivity to co2 in these models seems to be far too high.

      The Climategate emails show a worrying siege mentality amongst the scientists concerned, and worrying conduct including the hijacking of peer reviewed journals, the smearing and shunning of scientists with contrary views, withholding of information, unjustified adjustments to computer programs to change the results of calculations,etc. Who can forget “Mike’s nature trick” to “hide the decline”, or the infamous and misleading “Hockey Stick” graph so beloved of Al Gore. One of the most memorable emals for me was one from a particular scientist calling it a travesty that the facts did not support his hypothesis, reachng the conclusion that the facts must be wrong! What struck me was his failure to even consider that what was wrong was his hypothesis. So much for the scientific method.

      AGW may be real and it may be dangerous, even catastrophic, though I believe the “Minnesotans for Global Warming” are quite looking forward to it. The fact is that the models on which the alarm is based simply do not work. There is significant uncertainty.

      For an unbiased view there are many great articles at Judith Curry’s blog. I will refer you to one such article which is a discussion of climate models written for lawyers.

      Also, I can’t resist this post on the IPCC. I love the title of the book referred to.

      Her posts at the beginning of her blog are also most interesting. Much like yourself wanting to engage with those on this site, she wanted to engage with climate skeptics on certain skeptical blogs. She came to realise that the skeptical blogs did make some very good points, and to question aspects of the scientific “consensus”. I find her to be a moderate and rational voice in an area in which it is badly needed.

      • Dan Flynn

        Hi Darryl, thanks for your post. It’ll take me while to get through that Judith Curry article but I certainly will when I get time.

        I hear you, the waters are certainly muddy and I cannot tell you that you are wrong. I don’t really know.
        Although I guess I just come back to some basic environmental and general life principles. Have you ever heard of the Story of Stuff?
        It’s basically trying to educate us about using less, buying less, being more efficient, less wasteful. It focusses on the massive over consumption in this world (fuelled by corporations and mass media) and endeavors to inspire us to live more sustainably. Whether or not we trust the government, the UN or climate change models, I believe it makes a lot of sense to reduce pollution, become less reliant on oil and gas and use energy from the sun instead.
        I choose not to get caught up in apocalyptic scenarios but I do think we need to look after ourselves.

        • Darryl

          I haven’t read the book but am familiar with the ideas, which have appeared in many places. But they have little relevance to AGW. These ideas should stand or fall on their own merits, not be foisted on all of us at enormous cost by a scare campaign hiding the real agenda.

        • Olaf Koenders

          Very good point Dan. Having a German background leans me toward efficiency wherever I can find it. The endless and pointless packaging one needs to wade through after shopping is evidence enough of the waste.

          But this brings me to the point of many Green schemes. Ethanol fuels, to be specific, actually provide less energy (BTU’s) compared to regular petroleum and produce much more CO2 in their production. Not that airborne plant fertiliser such as CO2 is a problem at all, considering the levels of which were some 10x higher in Earth’s past without causing a runaway greenhouse, even during ice ages, but the main concern is the hypocrisy of many Green ideas that produce entirely negative results that continue to be swept under the carpet by bureaucracy and ignored by Greenies because it gives them a warm glow inside.

          I’m all for clean energy, but until such time as the technology becomes available (battery storage for solar at night) and far more efficient panels etc., not forgetting that all Green energy schemes are so heavily subsidised that they can’t compete in the market on their own.

          We can’t go nuclear because the Greens would be go full retard and they’re all NIMBY’s anyway.

          Until such time as clean energy is truly available we must stick with cheaper sources to ensure nobody freezes to death in the dark.

          Not that you mentioned it, but I have a problem calling anything a “fossil” fuel until it’s proven it came from ancient life, considering Saturn’s moon Titan is saturated with methane (natural gas) and, vast interstellar clouds of hydrocarbons continue to be discovered.

          • Dan Flynn

            Hi Olaf, sorry for the late reply,

            Yes I agree about Ethanol, it’s not an effective way to reduce CO2 and I also hear you that many Greens can get a bit ‘full retard’ sometimes 🙂

            However speaking of Germany:

            According to this article they are making some very good progress towards sustainability. Currently ‘roughly 27 percent of Germany’s electricity is from renewables; the goal is at least 80 percent by 2050’.

            I reckon this is hopeful and I agree that nobody should live without adequate energy, but I think we can do the transition gradually so that disruption is minimized. I think sometimes people’s dislike of the Greens seems to distract somewhat from that fact that we all want the same thing – to live peacefully on a planet that will feed us and give us breathable air.

            Much respect

    • trevormarr

      In 2017, the term AGW can now be redefined as ‘Al Gore’s Wrong’!!!

  • StupidNet

    Quite the stupid article. The author is not even aware of the mechanisms of evaporation and precipitation or how much water vapor has already increased. However, if you want some real science facts:

    This is a basic primer on what is unfolding too (video):

    For those of you who do not bother to keep up, note that non-linear climate change (warming) is already well underway and will result it catastrophic global temperature changes. The resulting storms, extreme events and impacts upon global civilization, refugees, food production and even our very ability to survive will be catastrophic.

  • En Passant

    “Is the global elite really so stupid as to be so completely and utterly wrong”. They are just amoral to whom the deaths of unseen people are just a ledger entry.


    There will be plenty of land to grow food during a minimum cooling period. Much of Australia and New Zealand plus South Africa and parts of South America will be ample. Southern Hemisphere will not suffer like the North due to differences in land ocean ratio.

    Regarding the Global Elite, they are far from incompetent, which is why they’ve been winning for 30 years.

  • Maggie EIBISCH

    More snow disproves a warming climate? I am not convinced by your simplistic thinking. More heat means energy in the system means more water vapour in the air. Yes snow is unpleasantly cold however the really coldest temperatures happen when the atmosphere is clear and dry.
    Perhaps more snow is falling further from the poles more often because of distortions in wind patterns due to mechanisms the climate scientists can explain.

    Yes there might well be a new ice age in northern Europe if the warm Atlantic conveyor current stops due to mechanisms to do with varying levels of salinity as polar ice melts. This is really concerning, though at least it might stop the melting of vast areas of permafrost and the planet might start to heal itself (getting rid of billions of humans in the process). Then you will congratulate yourself on seeming to be correct, no doubt.

    Maybe the inactive state of the sun, which you describe, or eruptions of volcanic ash will modify the effects of warming. Maybe the high level of particle pollution is already cutting the amount of warming from sunshine (oh goody, let’s burn more coal and not worry about all those premature deaths already happening in such places as China). Maybe that partlcle pollution, particularly in the northern hemisphere, is also changing weather patterns.

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