The REAL Problem with Guns in Australia


In 1996 after a tragedy at Port Arthur, the Australian government passed some of the strictest gun control laws in the world.

The goal was to make Australians safer.

But did it actually work? Did gun-control actually make us safer?

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  • Justin

    And anyone believes that Martin Bryant was the shooter at Port Arthur, must be on some damn good drugs.
    This was all a setup to take our guns, and even if the buyback didn’t go ahead, John Howard was going to use the Commonwealth to get around it.
    Now we have no guns, only the criminals do, and now look at the globalist plan coming to fruition.
    White Australians are under attack from musrats and chimps and our commy government just sit in parliament debating on which 3rd world scumbag country gets millions of our tax payers money.

    • Stiffbastard

      Nonsense. Anyone who thinks he wasn’t the shooter is delusional.

      • Justin

        You are entitled to your point of view, but would you mind giving evidence on how he was the shooter?
        I ask this as there is no picture of him committing the act.
        The news report said he fired from his right hip, when Martin is left handed.
        He has a better shoot to kill ratio than a SAS sniperman.
        He was sentenced to prison, without a trial, which is illegal.
        A multi-bed morgue truck was purchased 2 months before the shooting.
        After no vehicle was allowed in the area of the shooting, there was a van that was not supposed to be there.
        As you can see, if anyone can show me hard evidence that he was the shooter, I would be happy to see it.

        • Stiffbastard

          I was in the region at the time and I personally know people who were chronically impacted. This isn’t some sort of psychological shock on my part, it’s pure bloody observation of what went down on those dreadful days.

          FWIW, I strongly believe that it’s my God given right to bear arms as described in the US constition.

          • Justin

            I mean nothing personal Stiffy, I condone any shooting of innocent people, I too wish we had the right to bear arms, unfortunately that was taken away by force and a false flag operation.
            Sadly we do not have a Bill of Rights, and that there lies a massive problem for Australians.
            But as the situation shows, Martin was a patsy for JH’s gun agenda, and the fact that miserable human gets literally away with murder, makes me angry as hell. Not only he got away with it, but these scumbags are above the law.

          • Bucky Redux

            Little Johnny H. the gun grabber, is the “best friend of Israel” and has been a fervent supporter of Israel for his entire adult life.
            He even has a forest in Israel named after him.
            Make of it what you will.

          • Stiffbastard

            I’m sure it’s nothing personal. It’s just disturbing that people still run with those conspiracies.

            Whats most likely is that JWH showed emotion over the event and some of his advisors managed to exploit this for gain.

        • Bucky Redux

          Thanks for the link, I’ll give it a read.

      • Bucky Redux

        Stiffy, you need to research Port Arthur a bit more.
        The truth of it will become abundantly clear if you doggedly chase it down.
        Bryant was the patsy. Typical false flag mass shooting.

    • Bucky Redux

      There are actually more licenced guns in circulation now, than before the Port Arthur gun grab.
      The (((gun-grabber lobby))) are getting noisy in the MSM again, they want to further limit gun ownership.

      • Now that it’s a special thing it’s particularly worrying.

        I’ve met someone who had a license to carry a handgun and they didn’t really ….errrr…..have it all together.

        If normal people could do so, no one would worry. Now only the dedicated and the weirdos are armed, together with ZOGs gay friendly police force.

        • Bucky Redux

          The gay friendly police regularly “lose” their guns.
          Only 1 in a hundred shipping containers are checked by Customs entering Australia. Gun smuggling is probably rampant.
          As you state, if normal people could carry, no one would worry.
          However, the powers that be don’t want us to have an ability to defend ourselves.

  • Stiffbastard

    Just drop facts from the ABS at them. Domestic violence has gone up since the buy back. There are no guns in the home, which, created lines of violent behaviour that people didn’t want to cross. Now that there are no guns, people are willing to push the boundary of physical violence without fear of retribution from firearms.

    This makes their heads explode.

    • I would put that more down to JH miracle rise in house prices meaning the skyrocketing of debt that ordinary Australians were meant to take on in order to own a simple home.

      Homes that used to be available for $70,000 would now cost $450,000, or more if they were in the right place. The interest payable on a $450,000 loan is a hell of a lot higher than a $70,000 loan and unless hubby is earning 6 figures it places incredible pressure on families.

      • Stiffbastard

        Lies. It was gun control.

        Explain the mortgage theory to the welfare suburbs.

        • Well, many of those welfare suburbs in 1996 are now homeowner suburbs. What used to be working class is now stuffed with (depending on the distance from the CBD) either public servants or Yuppies. Yuppies buy closer so they can jog or cycle to work every second day. Public servants (who, tbth will fry an egg on a lightbulb to save money) will take the bus because they leave the office at 4.45pm anyway. Real people (who have no job security and get no leave loading or extra super contributions from their employers) will fill in the rest of those suburbs.

          • Stiffbastard

            In your small word, maybe.

  • Doc79

    Nothing worries those implementing a subversive agenda more than a common sense armed revolt.

  • Panadechi Santiago
  • Bucky Redux

    The dindu diversity nig nog Sudanese choc-top “youths” in Melbourne prefer machetes over guns.
    With a machete, you can open some refreshing coconuts and chop down some tasty bananas from the Melbourne Botanical Gardens after your latest St. Kilda rampage.

    ( sorry, I meant to say “diversity incident”)

  • James

    The howard gun laws became a virtue signalling thing. They were arguably the beginning of the current virtue signalling fad.
    It was a very rushed exercise. Discussions had been going on for a while about uniform gun laws and a list of ideas existed. In the heat of the moment wanting to capitalize on public sentiment it was decided to implement the whole list without regard to the fact some only made sense if implemented in lieu of the others. For example a cooling off period only makes sense where there’s no licensing system. The result was a very clunky set of provisions that constantly gall those who have to work within them. Particularly galling because they have no real impact on the criminally inclined.
    If the howard gun laws worked the rest of the world would be emulating them. It isn’t and more often than not they’re being held up as an example of what not to do.

  • Stiffbastard

    How’s that gun control working in NZ?

    • Justin

      49 musrats down, I say that it is going well.
      But something about the incident doesn’t sit right, mostly the fact that there wasn’t much blood, and with that type of firearm there would be a lot of blood present.