‘Reclaim Australia’ rally 18 July



Photo report: ‘Reclaim Australia’ Rally, 18 July 2015


Hundreds of police are out in force, and have set up lines to separate ‘Reclaim’ and counter-protesters.





Danny Nalliah from ‘Rise UP Australia’, and of ‘Catch the Fire Ministries’ fame said:
“we are not white Australia, we are Australia.”


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Blair Cottrell, one of the leaders of UPF delivers an animated speech.


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“Stop Islam-Fascism”


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The UPF crowd outside Parliament House

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Some ordinary Australians expressing their views on radical Islam and Sharia law.

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Masked counter-protesters.

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The counter protest.


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A scuffle erupts between UPF members an the ‘neo-nazi’ who famously emblazoned the front pages of newspapers following the previous rally.

The police eject him from the area.

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  • Aussie Mum

    To stand up and want to protect our country our values makes us proud Australians we come from all different backgrounds and countries ,India ,Indonesia, Shi Lanka,Britain ,Italy, Fiji, Australia America ,Tibet, Pakistan,China ,Japan,Scotland Ireland we all call this country home ,and some of those people that have come here have experience first hand what Islam does to countries the destruction and mayhem they cause the over building of Mosque for those who have read the Koran know what we face what further Generations will face if we allow this Medievil political Ideology to fester and grow ,this is only the start because people in this country have found a purpose to join together and be proud protect the country we all love and as more people wake up more will come and be responsible for the future of this country NO More like Martian Place will happen ever again

  • There were people from many different backgrounds at the rally today.

    Aussie Mum, did you go along to it?