Rulers go NUCLEAR on Yellow Vests protests


It is come. The establishment have thrown the nuclear option at the Yellow-Vest protests, and no I’m not talking about the usual biased fake news media reporting. I’m not even talking about the brutally violent tactics of the French Authorities.

I am of course talking about the ultimate weapon in the establishment guilt machine, the big daddy of all put downs, the final “shut up or else!” The ruling class are now obnoxiously crying “muh anti-semitism.”

Excuse me while I get the tissues ready.

From the Australian:

Alain Finkielkraut was taking his mother-in-law home after lunch on the Left Bank last Saturday when they saw a band of yellow-vest protesters.

“I didn’t know the demo was passing by the Boulevard Montparnasse,” he told The Times. “I crossed the road to my house but I was recognised in a few seconds and I was violently set upon.”

Mr Finkielkraut, 69, a prominent philosopher who took part in the 1968 student revolt, was hustled to safety by police. The abuse hurled at him – “dirty Zionist shit” and “you will die” – was captured on video.

Interesting that he says he was “violently set upon” – I wonder what definition of violence he’s using because in the video I saw there doesn’t seem to be much violence at all.

Plenty of yelling and mean words but no violence, I guess they punched him right in the feels.

Mr Finkielkraut initially approved of the revolt. He is horrified, though, by the way the chaotic, leaderless movement has morphed into a vehicle for targeting Jews. “There seems to have been a coagulation of all the hatreds,” he said. “The neo-Nazis are waking up. They desecrate cemeteries. They paint swastikas on the portraits of Simone Veil. But my main attacker was an Islamist. There is a sort of alliance among them, a cross-contamination.”

The French ultra-right was blamed for swastikas daubed this week on about 80 Jewish graves in Alsace. More visible has been the hatred born of radical Islam that has spread in the immigrant banlieues and led to the murder of a dozen Jews since 2012. Then there is the anti-Zionism of left-wing politics, which sympathises with Muslims as an oppressed people.

Like all cries of “muh anti-Semite”, this lacks any self-reflection whatsoever, as it would not take much to ask the simple question “why are people upset with Jews?” Yet Finkielkraut makes the automatic and clichéd assumption of “Jews good, anyone not praising Jews bad.”

It’s tiresome and I am over it. Sure, National Socialism was a mistake because socialism sucks and forcing people into concentration camps is evil, sure ordinary Jews are just as much a victim of the Archon (Satan) worshipping ruling class as we all are, sure it’s not ordinary Jews who commit the crimes attributed to them, it’s Rothschild Zionists, but come on.

Stop the whining and honestly ask the question; why is “muh anti-semitism” rising? Why are people suddenly showing open hostility to what they at least perceive to be Jewish actions?

Is it getting anti-Zionist speakers banned from once free Western nations?

Maybe it’s writing slanderous rubbish about Nationalist groups?

Maybe it’s because the people now see that all the most evil globalists are essentially puppets of the Rothschild family, and so-called “Jews” are well over-represented in their ranks?

Who know what the reason is? The issue is that they aren’t even asking the question; instead they point the finger and play the victim. Well, that won’t work anymore, victim politics is finished because people are sick and tired of it.

France is enduring the globalist onslaught against all Western peoples more than most other nations; her people are suffering at the hands of the anti-White establishment. Yet the establishment says nothing about this blatant anti-Whitism because Whites are not the ones in charge. Obviously some other group controls the West. A group that clearly does not have the interest of White people at heart.

No idea who that might be.

Excuse me if I don’t care about the Yellow Vests saying a few mean words after they’ve been brutally assaulted and slandered by the establishment. The same establishment destroying every Western nation with anti-White globalist aggression. When Jews admit to the deliberate replacement of Whites in our own countries, and that this is pure evil, then start fighting with us to stop it happening, I may start to care.

Until then I’ll see cries of “muh anti-semitism” for exactly what they are: Anti-White bigotry.

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  • Panadechi Santiago

    The hypocrisy unmasked .. Wake up goyim ..

    • Maryanne

      Such hypocrisy is mind-blowingly evil.

    • The Unburdened

      The idea that hypocrisy is wrong, stupid or evil is a Christian superstition. Hypocrisy is an assertion and demonstration of power; he who complains about the hypocrisy of another is really just signalling his own weakness and inefficacy.

  • Bucky Redux
    • Stiffbastard

      That’s it Bucky. Spot on. Bullseye. Although, they are the ones planting swastikas everywhere, not (((them))).

      This modus operandi is a common action at university unions throughout Australia, and I suspect most lefty universities worldwide. They “create the issue to solve the issue” and hence demonstrate their virtue and righteousness. Everyone knows that nazis are bad, so, if they associate the yellow vests with nazis it gives them every virtuous right to shut down the yellow vests… Instead of wearing black, a small number of antifa soy slurpers have donned yellow yests and are acting in accordance with their narrative of what a nazi is.

      Taken to the extreme, these actions can even facilitate the genocide of an entire race or civilisation. Most notable at falling victim of this at present would be Western civilisation.

      The string pullers of these yellow vest antifa fuckers should be identified and neutralised.

      • Bucky Redux

        There have been many reports from France of Antifa thugs and even the Police, donning a yellow vest and then carrying out violent or seditious acts, for which the protestors get blamed.
        Tried and true tactic, aided and abetted by the globalist shill media.

        • Stiffbastard

          Yes. Correct. There are cases. To be expected.

          From afar it’s difficult to know the truth. Even if one were there, it would be difficult to know the truth. I think it’s fair to say that this tactic would be employed though.

          I can’t remember where to attribute the idiom: “the first casualty of war is the truth”.

        • Bootstrapper

          Which is why, if you’re participating in one of these protests, it’s important to be able to identify and isolate these ‘fifth columnists’. Form into small groups – five or six – and stay together within the larger crowd. Watch out for individuals attempting violent or vandalistic acts, point them out and close ranks against them. Deny them the ability to ‘melt into the crowd’.

          • Stiffbastard

            They should be easy enough to identify. Just look for the beached whale with blue hair who is wearing a yellow vest.

        • Stiffbastard

          Now they are attempting to dilute the yellow vests by associating them with perpetual wars that can not be won. They are linking them with the far left, aka the greens.

          Its amazing watching them pull all these tricks in an attempt to quell the uprising. What’s even more mind blowing is that this is not “the” uprising, it’s the embryonic prelude. The yellow vest action isn’t much more than setting up and identifying the pieces on the chess board. The main game hasn’t even begun, that’s quite a few years away yet. Like a game of chess, it’ll involve opening moves, a middle game and an end game. All to be completed over two/three generations.

  • Taipan
  • Taipan
    • Yes, because socialism is shit as mentioned.

      You could have all those things without socialism.

      • Taipan

        National Socialism wasn’t International Socialism. Saying that all Socialisms are the same is retarded.

        • Stiffbastard

          National/international iran/Iraq. Different shit, same smell.

          Global socialism == Nazism on a scale never seen before.

          Fuck the left.

        • Lol… it’s taking people’s resources by force and handing them out for “muh common good” they are fundamentally the same.

          It’s “retarded” to say otherwise.

          NatSoc’s less evil than communists because they want racial unity but still evil.

          • Taipan

            You do realise that you’re just spinning the Establishment/Globalist line here about da nazis.

            Are you a fan of Alex Jones?

          • No, I’m explaining recorded historical facts as objectively as possible:

            Nationalism is good, Socialism sucks whether it’s global or national.

          • Taipan

            You have to qualify your terms. Stalin was a type of Nationalist – was he good?

            The 25 points sound pretty good for a nation.

          • Nationalism:


            Nationalism is good, socialism is a failed ideology that destroys nations and won’t ever work because it fails to take into account natural law.

            And yes, National Socialism fits that definition of socialism, this is a fact.

          • Taipan

            By that definition all nations have some degree of Socialism.

            Stop shilling for the victors of WW2.

          • Correct, all nations are infected.

            Telling the truth isn’t “shilling.”

          • Taipan

            Muh Socialism.

            You’re shilling for the victors. Oh the irony.

          • Taipan
          • Bumpstock reloaded


            so you refuse out of conviction:
            – Medicare?
            – Virtually free public education?
            – PBS?
            – public transport?
            – public hospital/healthcare?

            to name a few socialistic benefits we all take for granted?

            I don’t want Australia to be anywhere near the US in terms of these things. It sounds more like Les Miserable.

          • Bumpstock reloaded

            Give the Devil his due, Taipan. After WW2, what existed in the USSR was almost National Bolshevism. Staling purged the Jews, knowing they were not for Russia and Russia became more nationalistic after the Great Patriotic War. “Patriotic” is not a word used in left wing circles at all. During WW2, the USSR learned the true value of ethno-nationalist. To be fair, there needs to be an amount of market pressure to produce things like decent cars and such. Case in point, they could not make cars for shit but made the best tanks and fighters due to the need to compete with NATO for military supremacy.

          • Bumpstock reloaded

            Why evil when a countries resources are nationalized and the wealth appropriately redistributed among the ethnically appropriate members of that ethnology-state instead of a minority of shareholders?

            Capitalism is shit. Creating wants and needs get us to buy a majority of useless shit we don’t need.

        • Ron Mortimer

          It is important to not get too hung up on labels, not all socialisms are equal as you correctly point out. Christian socialism is another example of non degenerate ie.leftist socialism.

      • Ron Mortimer

        But would you and for how long before the left did its thing?

  • Bootstrapper

    Even my Dad (a WWII veteran) once opined that, to solve Australias’ problems, we should dig up you-know-who and put him in charge. Nazism is, of course, just the extreme right of Socialism and is equally as odious as Communism – the extreme left of Socialism.
    Left-wing. Right-wing. Same bird.
    The people actually brutalised by the Nazis have all died off, along with their opressors. It makes sense to remember the atrocities as a warning to the current generation but anything beyond that is nothing more than crass attention seeking.
    Thanks to the Lefts’ weaponisation of victimhood, what sympathy I did
    have for said ‘victims’ (whoever they may be) has long since eroded.