Rules for Freedom Radicals


Magnus O’Mallon

If this new resistance to Marxist rule that has emerged over the last few years is going to have any lasting effect, we need to learn from the left. We need to understand how they became so devastatingly effective in changing our society and how they managed to gain so much power. Here are my rules for freedom radicals, which I offer up in opposition to Saul Alinsky’s.

Rule 1: Culture, culture, culture

Antonio Gramsci pointed out that the true source of power is not money or guns, but culture. The ruling elite can only be kept in power by the sense among us deplorables that their rule is legitimate. Don’t just leave your activism to the voting booth. Go out there and change the streets. Transform the debate. Pull back the Overton Window by saying the unacceptable.

Rule 2: Ostracise

You cannot deal with conformists by reason. After all, conformists don’t believe what they say because of logic, they believe it to fit in with the crowd. Withholding friendship from conformists is thus the best way to deal with the hysterical sheep of the left. Unfortunately, conservatives and libertarians have prided themselves on the fact that they can be anyone’s friend, regardless of how much they disagree with them. This will do nothing but keep the conformist leftists feeling acceptable. Be friends with those who disagree with you, by all means. But only if they are open to conversation. The ones who just want to scream with the crowd must be dumped.

Rule 3: Tear the wound

Take hold of both sides of a wound and tear it apart. By this, I mean find a tension spot in the left, and tear both sides away from one another. This is classic divide and conquer technique. The left did this with immense success, pitting black against white, women against men and so on. We must find those tension spots in the left and focus on them. For example, there is the tension between the leftists who are nervous of Islam (Bill Maher for example) and the leftists who want Islam to be as English as tea and biscuits. We should focus on championing the notion that if you really want to defend women’s rights and homosexual rights, you should oppose Islam. Smash the ideological unity of the left and render them unable to act as a unified force.

Rule 4: Words matter

A lot goes into a word. Connotations can be fed in, truth can be disguised. It’s time to dump the propaganda words from your vocabulary. “Racist”, “far-right”, “Islamophobe”, “bigot”, “fascist”, “extremist” are certainly never to be used oneself without a crystal clear understanding of what they mean, if they mean anything at all (words like “extremist” don’t). They should also never be allowed to remain unchecked in debate without questioning. Moreover, let’s dump the fluffy, fun words we use to describe the left: “politically correct”, “nanny-state”, “social justice warriors”, “progressives”. These titles simply say that we are on the side of the incorrect, unjust and regressive or stagnant, fighting against merely busy-bodying nannies. For “political correctness” use “Cultural Marxism” or “cultural-authoritarianism”, for “social justice warriors” use “Marxist authoritarians”, for “nanny-state” use “totalitarianism” and for “progressives” use … something offensive, perhaps. Take the wool off the damn wolf.

Rule 5: Listen to Beethoven, and write some too

Even the strongest occasionally need a top-up of moral strength. The leftist swamp of nihilism has poisoned the arts of today, however. Don’t go to them for inspiration. Go to the works of our past. They embody the values of the yesterday we are trying to revive. Moreover, we should develop our own alternative art based upon these great works of pre-degenerate postmodernism. We need to beautify and glorify the West, rather than defecate upon it like our arts today. Whilst this rule might be seen as part of the first rule, I think it is important enough to be mentioned separately.

You can find Magnus O’Mallon at Freedom Of Speech Movement Australia.

  • Repeal fake marriage

    Great rules Magnus. I just don’t know which I hate more, Islam or faggotry so I won’t be protecting one at the expense of the other. Both will be targeted by me in equal measure along with all the other shit Marxists profess to hold so dear.

    • Jai_Normosone

      Islam is far more of a threat to your existence and well-being and should be considered the far greater threat. If you want to take it further, one could suggest that people from the other “camp” you dislike are generally not able to breed.
      I might add that Islam incorporates a significant element of buggery as well with the average intellectual properties of a follower of the Cult of the Paedophile being less than that of a rock – and they will root anything with a hole regardless of being male, female or beast.
      Think back to recent events…
      Benghazi: where the Ambassador and the remaining staff were found to have been raped both before and after death.
      Libya: When they dragged Gadaffi out of that sewer drain where he was hiding, they shoved all sorts of things from the barrel of an AK47 to fingers to their cocks up his exit-hole.
      The jokes about Arabs only wanting to fuck the “hot” camels is a little too close to the truth sometimes….

      • Repeal fake marriage

        ‘Tis not the homo I hate, although I will never knowingly be friends with one. It’s the activists who push the home agenda that need to be cleansed from decent society.

        • Jai_Normosone

          I already have friends who are that way but they don’t push their agenda on me and I don’t make sly comments against them. I don’t agree with what I imagine happens behind closed doors but I have enough trouble leading my own life without screwing up too much to tell someone else how to live theirs 🙂
          The activists who seek to gain attention and make me feel like a second class citizen because I don’t openly cheer and clap for them for the lifestyle they have chosen are the ones who make life difficult for those who just want to live their lives without harm or bother to anyone else.

  • John Sheppard

    Nice rules to live by! I like the idea of labelling them with words that truly describe what they are. Antifa for example are actually one of the most fascist groups, minus the nationalistic component of the meaning of the word.

    Another wound worth tearing apart are the feminists and transgender groups. Feminists don’t like transgender males claiming to be feminists. And then you have the BLM groups who attack their own white supports because of their magical “privilege”.

  • I was aghast that a relative didn’t know the word Kulak or what it meant. Like many a protected middle class female living in the bubble built and maintained by white men she loved dropping the word ‘racist’ and uttering nonsensical things that should be restricted to the pages of the Green Left Weakling and only taken seriously by spotty undergraduates. I told her what I thought of the bolshevik label ‘racist’ and how it was used to demonise people in preparation for killing them. She won’t utter it in my presence again.

    Be judicious in cutting people, they may come back into the fold, particularly if they have the diversity experience. Simply going incommunicado in this age of staring at screens isn’t unfriendly, it’s actually the norm and doesn’t require explanation.

    Hopefully by now people have stopped using facebook for anything that gives Mossad the personal information they need to send the ADL after them, but if you continue to maintain an account dropping the odd new item about rampaging Rocket Scientists without comment might help set a light bulb off in someone’s head.

    Disparage the modern world, widely. Every chance you get. Particularly with men.

  • entropy

    Freedom of Speech Movement Australia?

    How did that one slip through.

  • Ariane

    I often wonder why our current year Western society has no great composers, artists, writers, thinkers, etc.
    By design, or just a fluke ?
    I think, by design.
    Our institutions have been invaded by Marxists, who quickly extinguish any sparks of creativity or genius.
    Groupthink rules.
    Just as the Leftists can’t meme, they cannot conceive or birth any creative endeavour, whatsoever.
    We DO need to celebrate the accomplishments and grand history of our great Western civilisation.

    • Given who controls the visual arts (walk into any large gallery and note the donor names on the wall) this is hardly surprising.

      Abstract is (and if they have their way, will always be) all the rage. The emphasis is on denying nature and God.

      There was a Picasso mini exhibit in Brisbane earlier in the year. Just sketches. It was lewd but without any discernable beauty. The only thing I found worth looking at was the Mayo sculpture of Lucretia near the door.

      You also don’t need to wonder why talentless or mediocre hacks sell so well and push out the actual good writers. It’s not about money, after all.

  • Ron Mortimer

    Great article, Magnus.
    I do like the strategy of tearing open the wounds, this time those of the left. Gays versus islam, women versus trannies, women versus islam etc. Perhaps we can make a list between us of other specific /possible leftist fracture points?

  • Ron Mortimer

    And while we are on the subject of rhetorical self defense, one really great resource I came across was the free downloadable book ‘Hammer of the Patriot’, which gives lots of advice (with examples) for subjugating pesky leftists.

    One point the book makes is that the aim is not primarily to convert the leftist but convert the bystanders who may say nothing but will always back the stronger looking horse. They may outnumber the actual leftist x 10 or 100 to 1. They are the ones to sway.

  • Mattys Modern Life

    This was an enjoyable article, good stuff.

  • PaulMurrayCbr

    One simple point of tension is between the workers and the LGBTQWERTY crowd. Or the workers and the greenies.

    Don’t overlook class divides within the left – there’s quite the gulf between the average union member and the average union official. Eg: “Ok, so capitalism is evil, but have you ever once felt like your vote or your voice (the left loves ‘voices’, for some reason) mattered in any union mass meeting you have ever been in?”

    Back when Bono mattered, it was always worth pointing out that the man is a millionaire rockstar.