Ryan Fletcher’s audiobook – Read by Christopher Cantwell


Back in May of this year I published an essay booklet called Trading HEMP for Hitler which was reviewed by XYZ editor David Hiscox shortly thereafter, and has since been sneered at by ANTIFA blogger “Andy Fleming” (aka Slackbastard, aka “a closet homosexual failed librarian who can’t spell and goes by the name of Peter”).

While a dozen or so hardcopies have been sold, I’ve been getting YUGE support from XYZ readers e-mailing me for the free PDF eBook. For all those who’ve taken the time to read it and provide me feedback, I sincerely thank you.

As a Christmas gift for readers I’ve acquired the supremely based services of Radical Agenda host and political pundit Christopher Cantwell to produce it as an audiobook.

Due to the file size constraints I’ve uploaded the audiobook onto YouTube:

…and in case YouTube shuts it down (like they’ve done to me previously) here’s the BitChute video link:


Thank-you to everyone who has been battling back against the Marxist degeneracy this year, and may you all have a safe and merry Christmas with your family and friends.

Trading HEMP for Hitler is a booklet about a former functionally physiocratic agent of the British Empire and dedicated Shabbos Goy with an honorary Doctorate of Philosophy from Sequoia University turned pan-Aryan zealot, praising kek five times per day while studying for his Doctorate in Zionology at /pol/ University. To redeem your FREE e-booklet copy email a request to A481Designs_Publications@outlook.com.

  • Mattys Modern Life

    You should get back into YouTube dude, just don’t mention (((them))), or incite violence and all that rubbish, and you should be fine.

  • Bucky Redux

    Thanks Ryan for all the articles in 2018.
    Keep up the good fight.
    Merry Christmas to you !

    • Ryan

      Thanks for your sterling support this year Bucky. Bring on the battle for 2019. Hope you have a Merry Christmas mate!

  • Noachideous

    Listened to your Book Ryan. Laughed …..and liked what was heard… Also saw something on your Gab page that made a curmudgeon smile ……… Bravo ! Tackers makes it all worthwhile.

    • Ryan

      Cheers mate, glad you enjoyed it.

  • Ryan

    If you XYZers get a chance give Christopher Cantwell a YUGE thanks for this shout-out…