A Ryan Rant – Episode 25


Fascist fatwa-peddling femocrats are openly calling for the extermination of White Western Conservative Constitutionalist Christians.

Like the 1838 Mormon Extermination order issued by Democrat Missouri Governor Lilburn Boggs, or more recently the Branch Davidian extermination overseen by Democrat President Bill Clinton, Democrats hate Christianity!

Their broad sweeping agenda for wholesale assassination and abortion of life, while embracing the anti-Judeo-Christian-Humanist practice of Sharia Law is the present proof of this fact.

What we are witnessing is the satanic subversion of Islamofascism once again meeting up with deranged Western-dwelling totalitarians who want to wipe out democracy and freedom.

We must not allow these heinous whores of hate to overcome the Western virtues of greatness that is Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.