A Ryan Rant – Episode 53 (Thanks #ANTIFA, keep Fashing the kids!)


Lately I’ve learned to love this self-fulfilling prophecy of those marching under the banner of anti-racism and anti-fascism, who have done everything humanly possible to make White consciousness go viral.

Consider how these trust fund Trotskyites, routinely spend their days getting workers fired from their jobs for opposing White Genocide, while invoking the worker as their compatriot.

Consider how kosher media monopolies, have ostensibly given these black bloc stalkers free reign to threaten whoever they like on social media, while shutting down the equal and opposite reactions that ensue.

Consider how this Orwellian censorship of speech has fortified our views, while providing us the necessary pretext for invigorated action against their multicultural Marxist societies.

Consider how their promotion of targeted murder against White children, are turning the kids on to Red Pilled perceptions of reality.

Let’s hope self-described “anti-racists” and “anti-fascists” continue to help transmogrify fashy frogs into righteous vessels for the wrath of God.