A Ryan Rant – Episode 60 (Fiddle me this, Goy)


Before anymore Jews or Shabbos Goyim characterise this synagogue ban in Bondi as being “anudda Kristallnacht”, let’s just recap some of the delicious irony that’s taken place.

For a while now, lunatic liberals and Talmudic tapeworms like (((Rabbi Herschel Lieberman))), have declared their solidarity with Muslims in destroying White Western civilisation.

In fact many Jews have overwhelmingly supported the Refugees Welcome movement, so much so that they ship their Muslim refos to our shores whom are deemed to be a security threat to their own ethno-state of Israel.

This is why many folk like myself feel nothing but utter apathy for those playing the violin of victimhood, what with the world rapidly erupting in total chaos yet again.

  • Karen Dwyer

    Perhaps this is what you are trying to convey, Ryan?


    Nationalism can also be used to create totalitarian, liberal (but not freedom minded) Communist entities like the SNP (Scotland) who are desperate to get Scotland into the EU.

    But the above link is a lucid, reasoned argument from “Sovereign Wales” regarding the EU. Clearly nationalist without being mad as hatters (insofar as the linked article, anyway).

    Mr Lieberman’s own Twitter account exposes him as a Hatter. Ditto the “lunatic liberals” inconsistent narratives.

    • Ryan Fletcher

      (((Rabbi Lieberman))) is only expressing what most ardent Jews believe…. that goys should live in a borderless world filled with low IQ mixed-race brown people that (((they))) can rule over from Israel.

        • Shoshanna Silcove

          You just hate your life and hate yourself because you bend your knees and worship a Jew and in your heart you know you are a worm

          • Now, Shoshanna, speaking of “Worms”.
            The Crusaders had the right idea when they dropped in on Worms during the 11th and 12th Centuries.
            The Jews of Worms: interesting bit of history.

          • Shoshanna Silcove

            You just do not get it do you? The Crusades were a good idea? Really? You idiot, the Crusades failed in its objective because we are still here and thriving! The nation of Israel lives forever and ever, so eat your little black evil lying Nazi heart out. You are a parody, a cartoon of a moron goosestepping in your mum’s basement

          • Oh, Shoshanna, sorry to hear you don’t love me.
            You seem to be getting a bit excited, a bit flushed ?
            Feeling fragile ?
            Best calm down now and take your meds before you have an attack of the vapours. Enjoy the song:

          • Shoshanna Silcove

            not at all I am calm because I know I am believer in G-d and He has a master plan, and soon there will be a culmination of that plan, and idiots like you will not be signing, oh no, you will be eating the sucking the feces of the animals while you crawl in the mud of this earth

          • You are a believer in G-d ?
            Oh, you mean Global Domination ?
            Well, ahem, Shoshanna, we do already know that goal is the , as YOU say, “master plan” of false Israel.
            Nice and succinct. Well put, Shoshanna.

            PS: Regarding your last sentence about faeces, I am not into “scat”.
            Thanks anyway, maybe another time ?

          • Shoshanna Silcove

            You are so jealous. Green with envy. You really ought to get rid of that little green monster inside your gut, it’s not healthy, and it’s the cause of your deep unhappiness and rage. But I guess when you feel inferior you need something to project all that pain on. I understand. It kills you when you bend to your Jewish god that the nation of Israel lives and thrives all around this great global civilisation, and all the Crusades and Nazis etc. can never change that. Frustrated much, eh?

          • OMG ! You’ve outed me. You discovered my deep Green secret !
            Pepe the Frog says hello.
            I like Pepe and he likes me.
            Shoshanna, if you are nice, Pepe might like you too.

          • Shoshanna Silcove

            you outed yourself. Nazis do that

          • Oh, you mentioned Nazi’s and I immediately pictured this man in my mind.

          • Shoshanna Silcove

            The nation of Israel lives! O,5 percent of the world’s population, thousands of years of oppression and genocide, and the nation of Israel lives! I am so proud to be a Jew! Thank G-d I pray to the true G-d and I bend my knee to no person! Thanks G-d I was born a Jew! Every generation they tried to destroy us, yet, the nation of Israel lives on forever!

          • Deplorable Steve

            What is G-d?

          • Shoshanna is referring to her G-spot.

          • Deplorable Steve

            The crusades did not fail. They beat the stuffing out of Mohammed and held Jerusalem for a very long time. Not bad for a disorganised rabble fighting Islamic aggression far away from home.

          • Thus your nature is revealed so quickly.

      • Shoshanna Silcove

        Again, you assert what most ardent Jews believe, this is a complete and utter falsehood. There is no way you could know what most ardent Jews believe as there is no way of knowing as there are as many differing opinions as there are Jews, you idiot, but keep it up, your stupidity becomes more and more apparent

    • The current Pope is a Communist.
      Not only is Pope Francis a Christian fraud as Vladimir Putin and other astute commentators have observed, but in secular matters he is a neo-Marxist in economic thought, a One-World Government advocate, and an enthusiast of open borders and mass migration.

      • Karen Dwyer

        Yes, I am aware of that. That is why I linked the particular article that I did.

        Don’t bother replying to me again. I am blocking you.

        • Very Christian of you, Mrs Snootynoseshitdontstink.
          Shouldn’t you turn the other cheek ? Back to your safe space.
          And…. I blocked you too, so there !

  • White Christian Goy girls need to be enriched by Akhmad, courtesy of Shlomo.

  • Deplorable Steve

    I still don’t get the anti Jewish thing.

    • Shoshanna Silcove

      Don’t you? It’s call antiSemitism

    • It’s more a “seeking of truth” than being anti Jewish.
      The “anti Semitic” comeback from Jews is just a Saul Alinski tactic.


    • entropy

      I get that you don’t get it, Steve. But do you get why the slightest criticism of any Jew, let alone Israel, provokes autistic bleating about ‘anti-Semitism’? Or why we tolerate it?

      Look no further than the usual lurkers who seem to have nothing to say about anything when they’re not threatening to have XYZ shut down because of thought crimes.

      Interestingly, they’re not Muslims and they’re not gays.

  • Shoshanna Silcove

    Not all Jews think the same way. It is patently stupid to assert as such. Many Jews are not for illegal immigration. Many Jews are totally against bringing in more refugees, so what you are saying is total rubbish, as usual.

    • The source of all modern evil and hundreds of millions dead since the early 19th century? Jews. A blood cult to rival the Aztecs.

  • Shoshanna Silcove