Say it with a Picture: The Left are Afraid


This screenshot made me so happy:

Do unto others..

A reader passed it on to us a few days ago. Its context was the drama caused when a crazy SJW called Sarah Jeong was given a position at the New York Times, and various minions of darkness delved through her Twitter history and found this trove of virulently anti-white-male tweets:

Naturally, the NYT stood by their bigot, but as the first screenshot attests, the left are shaken. Remember that just a week before, the now former director of Guardians of the Galaxy has his disgusting Twitter history revealed:

If this isn’t evidence of a massive pedogate conspiracy which dominates Hollywood we don’t know what is.

Abhorrent images such as those above take our mind back to the Pizzagate story last year. If you really want to follow the story, check out Neon Revolt.

The point of all this is that our enemies on the globalist left are people who can’t handle the same tactics they use against us being turned on themselves. They are people who hate white men and want us eradicated. And they are dispicable perverts.

Importantly though, we must not define our enemies by the tactics they use. Being someone who gets a political opponent fired from their job does not make you a leftist, it makes you someone who wants to win. Opposition to free speech does not make you a leftist – indeed, it could be argued that free speech is yet another ideal formerly held by the left which conservatives have adopted as their own.

Personally, I want to make the globalist left pay for what they have done. I want to take away the things that make them happy, and for good measure, when we take back control of our civilisation, I want to destroy every single one of their media outlets.

It is in this context that another tweet I have seen dug up in the last couple of days makes a lot of sense:

  • Panadechi Santiago

    Power in the shadow behind cultural Marxism has as its only global objective, POWER, MONEY AND CONTROL.
    Diversity is a biological weapon. Divide and you will win.

    • Minging

      Yet the fools have no idea they are Islam’s biggest enabler in the process. Mohamed would hardly believe his eyes.

      • Paul Thompson

        Agreed. Just keep mindful that the Christian West has kept ‘the-religion-that-cannot-be-named’ in check for centuries and its spread today is due solely to the AIDS-like effect of Socialism. The spread of ‘the-religion-that-cannot-be-named’ is the symptom. Treat the disease and the symptom will go away.

  • Minging

    The time to fight ‘clean’ against the left is long gone… use their tactics but with even more zeal and nouse.

    • Mattys Modern Life

      Plus we have the truth.

  • Noachideous

    Like the English and not so much the Scots…. the Irish are beginning to exhibit symptoms of suicidal ideation.

    • David Hiscox

      Oh dear.

  • Mattys Modern Life

    If you say the worst things about White people you get a job but if you support Donald Trump you get your property stolen by big-tech thugs.

    I agree David, we need to utterly destroy these Leftist scum and make them scared to ever show their ugly Satanic faces ever again.

    Blair has the right idea, deport anyone who’s an enemy of Australia and the West (including the Left) and execute those who refuse to leave.

    The best way to treat cancer is to cut it out.

    • Repeal fake marriage

      This is also Biblical, I am certain.

      • Mattys Modern Life

        I tend to agree, the question is whether this was predicted or whether or not this situation is a common theme of human civilisation thus the bible is describing what always happens.

        I’m leaning towards the latter but happy to hear other views.

  • entropy

    Opposition to free speech doesn’t make you a leftist, it makes you a coward.

    The left is winning the war of ‘approved speech’, in a Western world where soft, pampered cucks care more about feelings and virtue signaling than principles and intellectual enquiry.

    If XYZ wants to fight on those terms, it will become the irrelevant, sheltered echo chamber that it apparently wants to be.

    • Mattys Modern Life

      I disagree that they are “winning” the war because fundamentally this war is about information.

      They are doing all they can to control the flow of ideas and information but all they are doing is spreading their opponents views further.

      They are certainly in power but that power is waning and they know it, hence the censorship and calls to violence.

      • entropy

        The left is losing ascendancy but there’s no reason to believe that isn’t simply because of the natural cycle of ideology.

        While in power, they have used their control over speech to win a number of political battles including immigration, SSM, and minority and female entitlement.

        These victories are unlikely to be repealed by conservatism.

        • Immigration is the big issue there and given the rising tide is about reversing immigration policy and shutting the borders I suspect this is an issue that can, and is likely to, be reversed.

          There is too much opposition to it and the longer politicians wait to fix the problem the angrier people are going to get.

          If we can cut the State down to size (less than 5% of gdp) those other “victories” will be largely irrrlevant.

          When we win we need to go hard and rip the heart out of the Leftist agenda, that means bringing the state back to heal and shaming commie scum whenever they open their mouths.

  • Jonathan

    Celete Liddle is a certified POS.

  • I want that man in parliament. Or at least in charge of the RWDS.