Say it with a Picture – WaleedTV

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher (concept credited to Sam Oldfield)
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher (concept credited to Sam Oldfield)

Let it be noted that I have been criticised by Green Left crusaders at late for my remarks regarding this year’s Gold Logie winner for the Best Personality on Australian TV. Apparently calling BS on Waleed Aly (aka “Little Wally the Pinko”) is tantamount to PC heresy.

Which brings us to today’s picture.

Regressive Leftists have traditionally railed against the “big business media” as being “the tabloid tongue for the bourgeoisie”. But as the “big business media” has largely been taken hostage by the PC cultural Marxist narrative, it is harder to keep a straight face when these rejects cry wolf about an establishment media bias which they claim is against them.

Hence I think awarding the walking punch-line of Australian media as the gold standard is in itself comedic (as Waleed’s “progressive” presence in the media mirrors the tongue-in-cheek quality of John Oliver’s commentary).

While John Oliver “looks like a near-sighted Parrot who works in a bankm” (Oliver’s own characterisation of himself), Waleed looks like a fill-in for ‘Legally Brown’ star Nazeem Hussain.