Say it with a Picture: The White Guilt Awards


The beauty of the Say it with a Picture segment here at The XYZ, is that by definition, we don’t really need to say that much.  So with regard to today’s Academy Awards ceremony, we feel it is sufficient to include these little quotes by Ryan Fletcher, and leave the rest to your imagination:

“Where’s the award for the disabled black transgender lesbian who wants wealth redistribution and mandatory “safe spaces” from reverse rape? ‪#‎MuhDiversity‬”

Ryan would also like to make the following statement, regarding the sale of cookies for his daughter’s girl guide cookies:

“$65,243…. that’s the figure Chris Rock is putting up for the White guilt held in the ‪#‎Oscars‬ audience. Pffft these cosmopolitan w—— seeking to “change the world” into their politically correct Reich make me want to vomit.”

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher.