Why saying “It’s a private company” to justify Social Media Censorship is wrong


When Leftists justify social media censorship they often use the argument “it’s a private company, they can do what they want.”

This argument is both wrong and hypocritical when it comes from the mouth of a Leftist; they wouldn’t extend this right to a Christian bakery, after-all.

Matty’s video starts with one of his usual silly cartoons to paint a picture, then the argument is made, saying “they are a private company” is completely wrong.

You can visit MattysModernLife at Minds and Gab.

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    XYZ is privately run – do they own the disqus comments, does disqus or does the commenter? I support the work done here, but at the back of my mind I know there are certain things that they do not allow to be posted in a comment.

    • W. Hunter

      I have never run across a website yet that truly allows unfettered “free speech”.
      Same as we label Australia a Democracy, but really it isn’t.

      Disqus tracks you and records all sorts of info on your web browsing and monetises it as well as making money from creepy web ads.


      • belt fed 7.62mm

        Explains all those BS ads on this site about the fat single mom who is a Bitcoin millionaire.

        • W. Hunter

          I use an adblocker, so I don’t see all the trashy XYZ ads.

          • belt fed 7.62mm

            Same. I turn off Java script on my phone as well.

  • Noachideous

    The Frenzied …… Dr Hombre Ebola of the OHPI 48 …..has something to say about that and related concepts. There are some things he won’t say much about though… More on that …. Later…

    • Noachideous

      When the dirty Tim Schlapper of the AHRC stands in the public square with Dr Hombre Ebola of the OHPI and Bubbles Dvir of the ADC and is able to acknowledge that the evidence appears to suggest that YT Australian’s amongst others, fought two World Wars for the benefit of that which was made undead in 1948, then we might begin to think he speaks with a modicum of sincerity.

      Until then, none of these 3 sanctimonious Prigs has any place lecturing down to YT Australians on the matter of the racicisms.
      And until that Time O’ Tim of Tiny Sincerity …… why not just …… Shut yr fkn Shit Hole ….. Simplz really …. isn’t it.