ScoMo and Based Migrants to Stop Fake Refugees


Last week Bill Shorten proved an XYZ prediction wrong and torpedoed his chances of winning the next federal election.

Yours truly may have got this one wrong, but the analysis of the game at play remains solid. The passing of the Medivac Bill, against the wishes of the Liberal government, could become a case of overreach by the Labor opposition. Scott Morrison has rightly reopened the Christmas Island detention facility to prepare for an influx of fake refugees who want to try their hand at coming to Australia by boat, and a new poll suggests that Labor’s lead is tightening.

You mess with any pillar of Australia’s border protection program, you get punished electorally.

Here is where it gets interesting.

From the Australian:

Scott Morrison is targeting ­migrant communities critical to his re-election in a bid to seize on Bill Shorten’s shift to fast-track refugee medical transfers to Australia, as the government ramps up pressure on Labor in a move drawing comparisons to John Howard’s Tampa moment.

As a new opinion poll last night showed the Opposition Leader has been badly punished after backing independent Kerryn Phelps’s medivac bill, the Prime Minister tapped into voters’ concerns, releasing an opinion piece published in three languages, Mandarin, ­Arabic and Korean, for community newspapers.

“Our plan is straightforward,” Mr Morrison wrote in his article entitled “Our Plan for Keeping Australians Safe and Secure”. “Keep our economy strong to provide the surest foundation for our security. Defend Australia with a record investment of over $200 billion in our nation’s defence capability over the next decade. Continue to protect our borders with proven policies that work, and not changing them.”

Since the Tampa crisis of 2001, a huge demographic shift has occurred in Australia, with the great Australian immigration betrayal leading to our becoming the most successful multicultural nation in the world – ie, the Western nation closest to committing national suicide. As The XYZ has pointed out, this has been the fault of the Liberal Party as much as the Labor Party, as the Libs have used their strong border protection credentials as cover to enact this immigration betrayal and allow hundreds of thousands of legal migrants into Australia every year.

Labor may have calculated that this demographic shift would mean that another ‘Tampa Moment’ would not work in the Coalition’s favour. Immigrants tend to vote Labor, therefore immigrants tend to be more compassionate or something. Except, this:

Popular Mandarin-language outlets such as Sydney Today and WeChat accounts such as “Australian Red Scarf” and “Melbourne WeLife” have published articles critical of Labor’s medivac policy.

Melbourne WeLife carried a photo of Mr Shorten with a made-up quote plastered on top saying “green cards for all refugees”. There is no suggestion the articles are linked to the Liberal Party, and Sydney Today has often editorially favoured Labor.

The dynamic revealed during the gay marriage plebiscite, where certain invader communities were revealed to be more conservative than big chunks of Australia’s brainwashed white left, could well work against Shorten and for Morrison.

Based migrants don’t want queue jumpers to jeopardise Australia’s current trajectory, in which white Australia is handing over the legacy of our forefathers. Rather than giving Australia away to high IQ and hard working migrants, we might end up giving Australia away to anybody with a good enough sob story.

The irony.

Border protection is now white genocide.

We cannot redpill white men on race fast enough.

  • Taipan

    They stopped the boats but the planes kept landing:

    • Bucky Redux

      Stop the Boats Planes !!
      Those bloody airport queue jumpers.

  • Mattys Modern Life

    Here’s hoping for the optimum result at the coming election:

    – Hung parliament in the lower house.
    – Nationalists control the balance of power in the upper house.

    • Jai_Normosone

      I’m all for a hung parliament.
      I’d like to start with every sitting member of The Greens, The ALP, and the gutless independents who support the ALP (aka: Hinch).
      12 twists to the right and a strong branch.

  • thegentlemantroll

    The fight for second-last on the ballot paper is well and truly heating up!

  • fimbulwinter

    But $(favorite.newsProvider) said Shorten is leading the opinion polls, therefore I have to vote for him. Also $(favorite.lecturer) said racist liberals are cutting $1gazillion funding from university diplomas.

    • Bucky Redux

      People feel sorry for Bill because of his chronic man-boob problems.
      And yes, by all means we must follow the advice of the always truthful MSM.
      They know what is best for us, as do all those Academics in Chinese Australian controlled Universities.
      We must obey our Overlords, they know best.

    • I follow $(favorite.lecturer) on $(Social Media App of Choice).

      They’re very $(appropriate word for fashionable and wise).

  • entropy

    If there’s one thing migrants hate more than the white man, it’s other migrant groups.

    • Bucky Redux

      Very true. Even within their own ethnic groupings.
      For example, the cat eating Hong Kong Chinese think their shit doesn’t stink, whereas mainland dumpling eating Chinese hate their sparrow eating Cantonese cousins with a passion.

      Mainlander Shanghainese think they are superior to Beijing folk and vice-versa.

      If you come from a Chinese province, all metropolitan Chinese regard you as dumb low life scum sucking bumpkin peasants.
      That’s a dark side of Australian multikulti that is never broached: how the migrants bring their ethnic hatreds with them to their new home, Australiastan.

      • fimbulwinter

        But how good is all the chinese food and GDP growth!

        • Bucky Redux

          Yeah, Yum Cha is good……

      • John Sheppard

        There is also the technology they bring, with back door access for the CCP to get any information they wish. Buy Huawei!!

  • Anyone who has ever had anything to do with immigration in this country knows that it is entirely corrupt and run by idiots and cowards.

    Morrison will posture before the election in the hope of being re-elected and if (God forbid) he is, he will double the “skilled” intake in order to reduce the percentage that the likely illegal boat arrivals will make up. Because once they arrive, they can’t ever go back.

    Anyone who has ever had anything to do with immigration in this country knows that the skilled intake are not skilled, and will be competing with working class Australians for the meanest of jobs.

    Anything to keep the wages down and property prices high.