Scott Morrison SELLS OUT Australia to the Global Warming Religion


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison was supposed to be a conservative change for the Liberal National Coalition, but he’s just turned into more of the same.

Recently he announced massive spending plans – to the tune of $2 billion – on “global warming” aka “climate change”, signalling a betrayal of his base.

It’s disappointing, but it is what it is.

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  • Stiffbastard

    The global warming thing is starting to wear thin. They’ve been pushing this false narrative of the world ending in ten years time for over thirty years now.

  • Bucky Redux

    I’d like to give the tofu eating Global Warmists a sharp, red hot poker shoved deep up their Greeny arseholes, which would cauterize their anus and greatly reduce their methane fart output, which is desirable, is it not ?
    Those billions of taxpayer dollars that Morrison is giving away will end up in the bank accounts of mountebanks and carpetbaggers, as usual.
    This country is going to hell in a hand-basket.

  • thegentlemantroll

    Is anyone honestly surprised. It’s amazing we even get people rocking up still telling us to vote liberal. There’s literally no point. They are labour now.

    • Justin

      And that’s why you take a pen to the polling booths and cross out every member, then write ‘no suitable candidate to follow my will’.
      If every Aussie who is fed up with our corrupt government does this, watch the commies start to panic.

  • James

    It’s what the Liberal party is today. They’re socialists. Just a different kind to the Labor party.

    We all see the Labor party are just like a bunch of students having a party. They want to jump in and do whatever the latest cool sounding idea is. And they’ll leave a mess every time.

    The Liberals have been telling us all along that they’re the “Better Economic Managers”. Consider that for a second and it becomes clear you’d have to be a meddling socialist to think that way. That’s what the Liberals are. Hands on socialists who believe they can make the right adjustments to the dials. That’s why every time with them it’ll be a heavy handed big gov’ “solution” to every perceived problem.

    For Morrison to be supported in a socialist party I’d imagine he couldn’t display any sign of independent thought or creativity. Morrison’s just part of the party youth of the howard era. Back then journalists wrote about the PM having his hands firmly on the levers and it was true. The country was being very deliberately steered in a different direction. We were told the future was mining and the existing economy was to fall away. The COAG process was used to coerce all the states to fall into line on every issue. Really it was national socialism. You’d have to believe that’s the way to go to remain in the Liberal party today.

    How Morrison’s turned out’s no surprise to me. We should expect the next one’ll be no different