Senator Fraser Anning responds to mental illness incident in New Zealand


Several crazy people have been detained in relation to a shocking mass murder at multiple mosques in New Zealand today, Friday 15 March, 2019. One of the alleged killers is an Australian, and a graphic video is circulating on the internet of the massacre, which would appear to demonstrate special-ops level precision.

The official death toll currently stands at 49.

The XYZ condemns any act of violence, and we condemn the actions of the person or people who have committed this massacre.

Below is a press release, in full, by Senator Fraser Anning on the matter:

Speaking following reports of multiple shootings at two Mosques in New Zealand earlier today, Senator Fraser Anning has responded with strong condemnation.

“I am utterly opposed to any form of violence within our community, and I totally condemn the actions of the gunman,” he said.

“However, whilst this kind of violent vigilantism can never be justified, what it highlights is the growing fear within our community, both in Australia and New Zealand, of the increasing Muslim presence.”

“As always, left-wing politicians and the media will rush to claim that the causes of today’s shootings lie with gun laws or those who hold nationalist views but this is all clichéd nonsense.”

“The real cause of bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration program which allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place.”

“Let us be clear, while Muslims may have been the victims today, usually they are the perpetrators. World-wide, Muslims are killing people in the name of their faith on an industrial scale.”

“The entire religion of Islam is simply the violent ideology of a sixth century despot masquerading as a religious leader, which justifies endless war against anyone who opposes it and calls for the murder of unbelievers and apostates.”

“The truth is that Islam is not like any other faith. It is the religious equivalent of fascism. And just because the followers of this savage belief were not the killers in this instance, does not make them blameless.”

“As we read in Matthew 26:52, ‘all they that take the sword, shall perish by the sword’ and those who follow a violent religion that calls on them to murder us, cannot be too surprised when someone takes them at their word and responds in kind,” Senator Anning concluded.

Update: Senator Fraser Anning has since received a temporary ban on Twitter:

  • Repeal fake marriage

    Hey Islam, this is all part and parcel of living in a big city. What? You don’t like diversity incidents when you are on the receiving end?

  • Fraser Anning absolutely nails it, this attack is stupid and should be condemned entirely but this is exactly what we can expect if we continue to let Muslims into our countries.

    Islam has no place here and those who live by the sword die by it.

    The Left will now use this act to attack Nationalists because they are disgusting cowards and hypocrites which will only guarantee another attack like this will happen somewhere.

    What we need is a long honest conversation about immigration, race and religion that respects facts and arguments and leaves anyone who cries “muh racist” or “muh white supremacist” or “muh [insert insult here] at the door, outside where they belong.

    Yet just watch as the rulers respond in a way that can only escalate the problem.

    • Bumpstock reloaded

      That’s not going to happen. This incident will be forever used to shut down any and every debate on Islam and immigration, is if they didn’t have that power already.

      • The Left will try but they can’t stop us talking yet.

      • Doc79

        What’s that I hear? Islamic holocaust?- 6 gorillian. Be sorry white privilege.

  • Myriam Amri

    WHat a piece of rubbish! How can people be so silly to write this kind of rubbish. Spreading anger again and again. A person who kill people is a terrorist, he is not a muslim, not a extreme right wing, he is just a terrorist … you deserve nothing but insults for spreading this kind of speech. Shame on you

    • Repeal fake marriage

      I am so ashamed…

      No, wait. I’m not!!!

    • Bucky Redux

      Quelle ordure! Comment peux-tu être si bête d’écrire ce genre de bêtises? Répandre la colère encore et encore. Une personne qui écrit la pornographie anti-blanc est un terroriste de langue, il n’est pas un singe, pas un Attrapeur de cul extrême, il est juste un terroriste de la langue… vous ne méritez que des insultes pour répandre ce genre de discours. Honte à toi, canard anus!

      • Repeal fake marriage

        What he said!

  • Ryan
    • Bucky Redux

      Based irony !

      • Ryan

        Too bloody right brother Bucky!

  • Bucky Redux

    False flag.
    The Cabal narrative is full of holes and “coincidences”.
    Just watch NZ, aided by the MSM, go full retard on gun control now, which of course was the entire point of the anti-diversity incident.
    This is New Zealands Port Arthur…. the outcome is entirely predictable…and planned.

    • Doug

      We will probably never know for sure if it is a false flag, although it reeks of it. But whether it is or not, you can guarantee the left will use it for maximum political advantage. It will be used not just to enhance gun laws, but to justify increased persecution of anyone who leans to the right.

    • Not a false flag.

      As for gun control, New Zealand is already pretty strict as is Australia. His goal was to get the US government to push for gun control and accelerate conflict.

      He’s a zealot, manifesto is nuts.

      • Stiffbastard

        He lost me when he started ranting on about green enviro shit. Clearly he’s one of the lower ranks. His intellectual capacity is just like those kiddies matching for climate change today… stunted and closed.

      • Bumpstock reloaded

        If NZ guns laws are much the same as Oz, where did he get all the military assault weapons?

        BTW, where can you download the “manifesto?”

        • Stiffbastard

          Heh. It’s pretty lame as far as manifestos go.

          There’s no point in it being censored…

          I do wonder how the video will be dealt with and how it was live streamed. Not much info forthcoming as yet.

          • Minging

            Already been dumped that link as has their impressum been updated I noted.

        • Hmm, looks like it’s not quite the same as here.

          • Bumpstock reloaded

            Playing Devils Advocate here, but anyone else grateful that because of the 1996 gun laws, Muslims cannot obtain semi-automatic weapons legally? I think some of our more minor attacks may have dwarfed Port Arthur if Muslims were able to obtain semiautos?

          • Monty

            If you know the right channels, most weapons are available in Aus. We are blessed with excellent policing, ASIO and yes, help from the Muslim community. They know that terrorism is counter productive. The smart ones fly under the radar. They will achieve their aims by stealth, not violence. Once they are running the country, all hell will break loose. I won’t be here to see that day. I have kids and grandchildren. They may find out what Islam is really like.

          • thegentlemantroll

            The Red-state Americans have it right with their concealed-carry culture and the emphasis on the right to self-defence. If these were wiser times we would be talking about encouraging normal peaceful citizens to carry their own pistols. But we don’t live in those times. We actually live in a time of civilisational war.

      • Taipan

        All of it?

    • Manny

      False flag? Planned? The slain bodies are still warm are you already “know” this isn’t the handiwork of violent racists. You are an even bigger dickhead than I imagined. I agree this was planned. By the right-wing terrorists, you delusional cunt.

      • Bumpstock reloaded

        “Right wing”. Evidence please?

      • Stiffbastard

        He alluded to himself an eco terrorist. That makes him a greenie. That places him on the left.

        He called himself a fascist. That makes him a leftist.

        • Bumpstock reloaded

          “He called himself a fascist. That makes him a leftist”

          Come, now you’re just embarrassing yourself.

      • Bucky Redux
      • Repeal fake marriage

        There’s that R word again. That’s right, RETARD for those who use the word ‘racist’.

        • Peter Harris

          Clearly, you’re both, racist and a retard.

    • Bumpstock reloaded

      Were weapons like these not banned in NZ? If so, where are they likely to have come from?

    • Justin

      The only thing that is not sitting well for me, is the fact that there was not, if all any, blood on the victims bodies. I have used automatic weapons and semi autos, and believe me, there should have been more blood at that scene, something doesn’t smell right and I don’t just mean the musrats either.

      • Bucky Redux

        Some comments I have read noted that the spent cartridges on the floor were blanks.
        Apparently you can tell by the way the cartridges are crimped or something.
        Yes, not much blood was evident.
        Many of the “dead” had a comfortably reposed position, notably lying face down, hiding their faces, or slumped comfortably against a wall. No agonisingly contorted corpses, as one might expect from sudden death by gunshots.
        I smell a rat, or several.

      • Minging

        You must have missed the face of that last woman being splattered on the pavement in the live stream as he finished her off with a shot to the back of the head.

        • Justin

          Then I suggest you look again and look more closely, check after that shot, if you have ever held an automatic firearm, you would know that there would have been more blood and more damage to the victim.

        • Bumpstock reloaded

          Yes, Jesus. He shot her at long range as he was with others walking down the street hundreds of metres away. Did he just assume everyone in the vicinity was Muslim? Was he on meth?

    • Minging

      There will be far more dire consequences though.

  • Doug

    Funny how every time a Moslem visits the Aloha Snackbar and kills a bunch of innocent westerners, the left are quick to blame it on western involvement in the Middle East. Apparently blame shifting in that manner is acceptable.

    But when Fraser Anning links this attack to the fact that Moslems have a history of violence and therefore aren’t compatible with civilised nations, he is condemned.

    Once again, the left demonstrate that the only standards they have are double standards.

    • Matt Palmer

      I’m pretty sure the Muslims peacefully worshipping at a Mosque in Christchurch weren’t there because of oil or politics. They were there because they are New Zealanders and that is where they live.

      • Monty

        What gets up my nose is the stinking hypocrisy. Where is the outrage from Muslims when “infidels” are murdered, imprisoned, tortured, raped and victimised just for not being Muslim? Pakistan jumped up and down. They are some of the worst offenders. The only reason for a Muslim to settle in a non-Muslim country is to try and turn that society Muslim. The UK (where I was born) will be majority Muslim just through natural birth rate. It’s not PC to say that, but it is fact. The hyper-hypocrite Sadiq Kahn tells Londoners that terrorism is now just something to get used to. Unless it’s against Muslims, natch. My parents did me the greatest favour ever when the and the family left the UK 55 years ago. I never expected to say that. Having spent a week there in 2016, my suspicions were confirmed 🙁

        • Doug

          Yes, imagine the outrage in the media if Ardern had said “These terror attacks are just part of living in a big city”.

      • Doug

        I’m pretty sure the Nigerians that were peacefully worshipping in their church last week, before being shot and hacked to death weren’t there because of oil or politics. Same goes for the Philipinos that were in their church before Islamists blew it up. Or the Egyptian Copts. Or the people celebrating Bastille day in Nice. Or the 3000 odd people who turned up to work in a couple of New York towers on 11 Sept 2001.I could go on… In February alone there were 150 Islamic attacks in 22 countries killing 883 people.

        But the fact remains, whenever Islamists pull off a reasonable successful attack in a western country, the narrative is that it is retribution for western involvement (ignoring of course that Islamists have been doing this stuff since the 600s, a millenia before the “west” was even a thing).

        Of course, a tit-for-tat attack isn’t right, and no-one said it is, least of all Fraser Anning. But it is sheer hypocrisy to suggest that Anning’s comments linking this attack to the sins of islamists, is worthy of more condemnation than the left’s continual habit of linkiing Islamist attacks to western involvement in the Midlde East.

  • Taipan
  • Bumpstock reloaded

    Well, false flag or not, it will be used as an excuse to wipe out the Nationalist movement in Australia and NZ, just as it was getting going, coincidentally, election pending.

    If this guy genuinely thought they were White Nationalists, well, he’s set the Nationalist movement back to 1945, is all I can say.

    This incident is to the Aus/NZ left what 9/11 was to the US-Zionist complex – a huge printing press to print unlimited counterfeit moral currency and justify doing anything in the time proceeding it. They have been hoping and praying for an incident like this and an alleged group of hotheads have handed it to them with silver service.

    It will be used to shut down down any and every site like this on every platform. This has only just begun.

    • Taipan

      Maybe it might work to our advantage.

    • Bucky Redux

      Your last paragraph is spot on, Bumpstock.
      The Mockingbird aussie MSM is going berserk this morning.

      • thegentlemantroll

        Dodo-bird might be a better analogy: soft, unappetizing, can’t-fly, no martial prowess, no natural defence mechanism, eats whatever’s lying around, can’t compete with new invasive species, soon to be extinct.

    • Scrambo 1

      The Saudis were responsible for 9 11 and they are trumps best mates, like this site? Is that an acknowledgment of an extremist element?

  • James

    Kinda been expecting this sort of thing to begin happening in europe.
    Bit of a surprise it happened in NZ, but then again maybe it isn’t. Leftist and globalist governments are abandoning their national populations.

  • Bucky Redux

    Don’t despair Stiffy:
    Ephesians 6:11-13 KJV

  • Taipan


  • Stiffbastard

    Just so y’all know what it is.

  • Sam Kibe

    He should show his good leadership and start leading his European immigrants colleagues back to their respective countries…Maybe the Aboriginals will find peace.

    • Repeal fake marriage

      What, they can’t find ‘peace’ after all the billions of dollars that are fed into the Aboriginal industry?

      • Bumpstock reloaded

        Almost as much as the federal defence budget, 35 billion a year. Maybe you should go back to where you came from if this is aboriginal land as well, Sam?

  • Bucky Redux

    Reconcile what you see in this photo of the Mosque “shootings”.

    The guy with checked shirt on the floor is “wounded” I assume, but he is taking a selfie, or just texting wifie that a white supremacist just shot him ?…..yeah/nah.

    Where is the copious blood on the floor from all the “victims” ?
    Why aren’t the “wounded” on the floor being helped ?
    See any blood on walls or bullet holes in the walls ?

    Who took this photo, a fellow crisis actor ?
    So many pesky inconvenient questions……

    • Stiffbastard

      Ok. I think I agree. It was a set-up by the state.

      The reality is that we need to burn coal to save the planet. It’s the only way to lift the third world out of poverty and the environmental degradation that comes with it.

      The kids strike for climate was on today and it was bigger than anything, yet, shutting it down wouldn’t fly. It’s hard to stop that train. A diversionary tactic was used. The rich kids who went to the strike were hoping to see themsrlves on tv at home. Instead, they see a crazed leftist shooting up a mosqe and it looks like a game of fortnight.

      Great diversion to kill the climate wankers hey!

      Yes, he is a leftist. We shall always refer to him as a crazy leftist, as this is what his manifesto indicates… He was an eco-facsist. He was a green fascist. Greens are lefties. Fascists are lefties.

      He was a god damn antifa lefty.

      Fascists are leftists.

      • Bucky Redux

        Okay, he was a fascist Pakistan loving greeny eco-proto-lefty Aussie white supremacist anti-immigrant Trump loving mass murderer…..whew.

        • Stiffbastard

          Stick to the narrative, he was a lefty.

  • TheBlackBeast

    Outstanding. The idea of a British politician having the balls to stick his head above the parapet like that is beyond imagining – after one of the attacks on Brits, let alone after a counterattack.

    For whatever it’s worth, Aus still has a glimmer of hope that was extinguished in Britain the moment Enoch Powell stepped down from the lectern.

  • Presumably the XYZ will need to tread carefully now that this exhaustively orchestrated event has occurred.

    Please remember, dear readers:

    – There were no WMD of any kind found in Iraq but The Rt. Hon. John Howard was made an O.M. for pretending there were when he sent our young men and women off to die for Israel

    – Mossad convinced white nationalists to fight Russia in the interests of the Ukraine.

    – Mossad convinced Muslims living in the West to fight for the Islamic State.

    – The supposed shooter’s manifesto didn’t seem to address triple parenthesis root causes triple parenthesis

    The powers of deception of these people surpasses that of Uri Geller or David Copperfield.

    I do not believe that this man was acting alone or with like minded “white men” for any particular purpose.

    Is it important to see through this? Yes, I believe it is, because the truth matters. And because we need to recognise evil as it actually is. This is an evil directed at us. Have no doubt about that.

  • Panadechi Santiago
    • Bumpstock reloaded

      Some naughty boy’s been to Daily Stormer 😉

  • Panadechi Santiago
    • Stiffbastard

      To many popups.

      The problem is authenticity and original.

      Even after a few hours, edited copies were distributed. Video with selected audio removed has been distributed. It’s going to be difficult to find an original unedited version. It may exist, however, good luck determining authenticity.

      • Panadechi Santiago

        It’s original, I saw it whole ..

        • Stiffbastard

          It’s been edited.

  • clemilf

    Insha Allah

  • Ray Cooke

    The Empire strikes back

  • Minging

    What… cannot be ‘mental illness’… must be ‘right wing white male’. That other term is the sole adjective for describing Muslim men butchering infidels (and their own) daily and worldwide for the last 1400 years plus!

  • Ally Giselle McPhee

  • Ally Giselle McPhee

    Intel is definitely listening 😉

  • Monty

    Telling the truth violates Twitter. Good name for it. It’s run by a bunch of twits. I don’t have Facebook or twitter or any other social media. I’m not big on giving every detail of my life to people who want to control how I think. It’s all about money and power. I won’t play the game.

    Some have no choice but to sign up. You have my sympathies.

  • Scrambo 1

    Welcome to the minority, do the types here think they are heroes or are they just weak minded and paralyzed by fear, enjoy your terrorist watch lists priviledge whingers

  • Scrambo 1

    I thought tough guys fought people who can defend themselves, cowards just like ISIS