Serial pest’s courtroom showdown with Sonia Kruger will further fuel white resentment


In order to not get put in prison for thought crime, citizens of the West are required to publicly hold to the following contradictory statements:

  • White people invented the concept of race as a justification to exploit and enslave the marginalised people of the world.
  • There is only one race, the human race.
  • Islam is a race, and if you are not ethnically Islamic and you criticise Islam, you will be arrested and if you get killed in jail it’s your own fault.

And we wonder why men are climbing over themselves to cut their dicks off..

This is why we can’t have nice things. Like our penises. Photo by Web Summit

As for Sonia Kruger, the only way I can see her getting out of this one is to go full Rachel Dolezal:

“High-profile TV star Sonia Kruger will face a directions hearing next month after failing to have a racial vilification complaint made against her dismissed.

“On July 18, 2016, an emotional Kruger, 52, kicked off a social media storm by telling Nine’s Today show viewers that Australia’s borders should be closed to Muslims…

“A complaint against her July 18 comments was made by Sam Ekermawi, a Muslim living in Australia who claimed the Nine Network vilified “ethnic Muslim Australians”.

“Late on Tuesday, the Civil and Administrative Tribunal refused Nine’s application to have the complaint dismissed without a hearing.

“Mr Ekermawi has been involved in 32 hearings before courts and tribunals, 22 of them related to vilification complaints, according to evidence heard by the tribunal.”

There are two massive red flags in this – Islam is not a race, and this guy Ekermawi is clearly a serial pest – but none of that matters to Australia’s activist judiciary. The left will love this. Sonia Kruger represents everything they hate – a successful blonde woman saying what is on the minds of normal, indigenous white Australians. The Marxists would love nothing better than a ritual humiliation. My only suggestion to Kruger is to turn up the volume and attack at all costs.

As for Ekermawi and his ilk, he is playing a very dangerous game.

There is a common refrain amongst those of us with our eyes open, the idea that surely the latest Islamic terrorist attack, the latest mass Islamic rape scandal, the latest speech suppression outrage against someone who has spoken out against Islam, will wake everybody up and the tide will turn. Kruger’s case may not be a turning point, nor may Tommy Robinson’s in Britain, every time something like this happens, the pressure builds.

And inexorably, white people get more pissed.

I started this article off with three contradictory and false statements. I will conclude with three true and complementary statements:

  • Those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it.
  • White people are the most tolerant people on the planet, until we’re not.
  • When white people get angry, we drop hundreds of thousands of bombs. When white people get really angry, we drop two bombs.

  • entropy

    It’s pointless trying to talk sense into the left when it goes full retard. The trick is to expose its arguments by taking them to their logical conclusions.

    For example, if Islam is a race then so is Christianity and anyone who criticises Christianity is a racist.

    Apply this at your convenience. When accused of having white privilege, say you’re not white, you’re Scientologist.

    Play this out a little to allow time for maximum triggering, then invoke the relevant precedent and drive the point home.

    • Jai_Normosone

      I thought you ran off the rails when you mentioned the use of logic with the left but your point became clear further on. I like it 🙂

  • Mattys Modern Life

    Sonia needs to go on full attack mode then simply not turn up. The best thing to do is to reject their authority completely and hold them in contempt.

  • 9x19parabellum

    Its time to press the big red nuke button. On behalf of all leftards in Melbourne, Melbourne volunteers to be the first to be flattened.

  • switch1

    Whether you agree with Miss Kruger’s views or not. After the continued terrorism around the world, child abuse in the UK (estimated in the thousands if not hundreds of thousands) and the massive welfare cost to Australia’s and all other western countries, due to immigration policies. It is surely reasonable for any person to be allowed to discuss such issues in a civilised manner and voice their opinion as long as it is not threatening.
    That such a person like Miss Kruger now has to appear before some tribunal, no doubt payed for by Australian citizens taxes. Really to me say’s more about those we elect and who they are wiling to fund with tax payers money, than the topic of immigration.

  • There needs to be some digging into this fellow , his organisation, its patrons funders and lawyers.

    • John Talbot

      I believe Avi Yemini is taking up the challenge. He was assaulted outside the hearing into Sonia by the serial pest in question. Avi challenged him with questions that this pest took as offensive and took a swing at Avi. Typical response by this group.

  • Logic Police

    1 – “Islam is a race, and if you are not ethnically Islamic and you criticise Islam, you will be arrested and if you get killed in jail it’s your own fault.” Whether Islam is a race isn’t the point ( you are right – It is not one). The point is discrimination against a group based on the actions of a few. And hating all Muslims because of a few nut-job ciminal dickheads, is like hating all christians because of a few pedo priest. It’s a logical fallacy.

    2 – There is zero logical connection whatsoever between Kruger’s comments and “men cutting off their dicks”. Besides, it’s terrifically hypocritical for you – someone worried about “thought crime” – to then attack someone for making a free choice about their own body. Your description says “XYZ is dedicated to free speech and Western restoration.” Well, a pillar of the West is freedom. It it affects no one else, it’s none of your business. So you can’t attack someone for exercising their free right to do whatever to their own body, while also lamenting the loss of free speech. You either believe in individual freedom or not…

    3 – “Those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it.” True. But you seem to gloss over the lesson from “white” Germany not to persecute a whole religion…

    4 – “When white people get angry, we drop hundreds of thousands of bombs. When white people get really angry, we drop two bombs.” Umm, for someone who “has studied history and political science at Melbourne University”, you sure show a ruinously wretched understanding of it. That was America, not “white people”. The other axis countries, Germany & Italy, are also “white” – so your whole point about WWII makes no sense. Clearly you’ve never been to and don’t understand the citizenship laws of America, because “Non-whites” can be Americans (Obama to name 1)…

    It just beggars belief how someone can see the world in such blatant black and white terms. So this will blow your binary mind… I am not a “liberal snowflake”. I am right wing. Your views are not conservative. Conservatives beleive in freedom. Freedom over your own body. Freedom of religion. Both of which you seem to attack. How can you not see the hypocrisy?