Shadow boxing on fake border protection: Bill Shorten baulks


A perennial fake battle rages in Canberra over Australia’s border security. Anti-Australian activists on the far left regularly conspire to pressure the Labor Party to weaken border protection on the grounds of being nice to foreign people. Labor considers a new proposal, but eventually retreats when it becomes clear that said proposal will lead to the arrival of a fresh wave of illegal immigrants in Australia’s north, drowned or otherwise, and that they will cop the blame.

Thus the Liberal Party is allowed to appear tough on border protection, while the Labor party is left with no option but to toe the national security line.

As I pointed out last week, John Howard’s famous line “We will decide who comes to this country and by what means” was an enormous con. The left have demonised it as the epitome of Australia’s racist approach to fake “refugees”, while the fake right have lionised it. But the fact is that since the turn of the century, millions of immigrants, most of them non-European, have swamped Australia. The Liberal Party openly boasts that it was able to use its strong reputation on border security to leverage support for an increase in “legal” immigration.

Courtesy of Make Australia Grouse Again 3.

Thus while the Howard Doctrine has been elevated as the keystone of Australia’s border security, the Liberal Party is as guilty as the Greens in betraying the Australian people.

For now, this theatre is still playing out.

From the Australian:

Bill Shorten has secured support from the Labor caucus for a retreat on the refugee medivac bill, amid ­concerns the draft laws championed by Kerryn Phelps could lead to the dismantling of offshore processing and allow Scott Morrison to fight the next election on national security.

After backing the laws through the ­Senate last year, the Labor caucus last night endorsed key amendments, aimed at strengthening ministerial oversight of doctor-ordered refugee medical transfers.

But the Prime Minister moved to set up a parliamentary ­showdown for today, ruling out government support for the medivac legislation backed by independents and the Greens “in any form”, making clear he would not be concerned by a historic defeat on the floor of the House of Representatives.

He warned the bill would compromise government control over who entered Australia, take the nation “backwards” and risk thousands of lives at sea.

“It’s not who wins or loses a vote,” Mr Morrison said.

“The only test is: will Bill Shorten cave in and undermine our border protection by passing this bill in any form?”

Sucks to be you, Bill.

You know you will always look the beta on border protection, but you won’t even be able to take credit for demographically replacing indigenous white Australians because the far left will always paint you as a sell-out.

This phoney war period will not last forever. The far left might be crazy but it is not entirely stupid. Communists are acutely sensitive to subtle changes in the tone and direction of the immigration debate on the right.

From the Guardian:

“The former prime minister’s intervention cuts sharply across the tone of the current political debate in Australia, with the Morrison government telegraphing a reduction in immigration, and policies encouraging migrants to settle outside Sydney and Melbourne.”

The Guardian article details a long-winded rant by Kevin Rudd in which he calls for the further white genocide of real Australians to keep the zombie economy running for a few more years, and he even insists that the ABC should be even more openly far left, despite the fact that it receives public funds and has a charter which is supposed to prevent this.

But as noted in the bold highlighted section, the left know what is coming. The fake right do too. Currently, people of diverse background are used as cover in order to mainstream genuine right wing ideas. Milo Yiannopoulos is a gay Jew. Emma Eros is “moderate” Muslim tradTHOT. They clashed a little while ago over Islam, but even that appears to have been mere shadow boxing, with Milo now endorsing Emma’ s run as a One Nation Candidate.

From the Daily Mail:

When Emma Eros first met Milo Yiannopoulos, she recoiled in anger as he told her she should be ‘expelled from the west’ over her religious beliefs.

But on Sunday, all seemed to be forgiven as the right-wing provocateur sent a supportive message to Ms Eros, the first Muslim candidate to stand for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party.

Speaking from Miami, the political commentator sent his best wishes to the mother-of-two as she sat down for a Facebook Live interview with Ms Hanson.

‘You’re probably quite surprised to hear from me, after we had our little run in,’ he said. ‘But I just had to take a couple of minutes out of my day to send you a message to wish you all the very best. ‘It’s 3am here in Miami, and I’m struggling through a throat infection, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me sending you a message to say: “go for it girl”

Should have see it coming. Milo and Emma have far more in common than their surface identities suggest. Both are currently able to lead a very comfortable life in the West. The civilisation built by straight white men has been temporarily opened to outsiders whom when smart, hardworking and entrepreneurial enough, can live very well.

However, Milo and Emma understand that the freedoms they enjoy are in danger, as the currently cucked white population is giving away our civilisation to the either intolerant Cultural Marxist left or intolerant Islam. They also understand that if the enemies of Western civilisation push too far, the white man will awake and potentially expel all outsiders, regardless of whether or not they support “Western values”.

Thus they are working, either consciously or unconsciously, to maintain an artificial balance. Hold back the intolerant leftist and barbarian hordes, but keep whitey just cucked enough to keep welcoming based migrants.

This situation is unsustainable, because it has only been made possible by the Cultural Marxism against which they fight. The time is fast approaching when white men want white men to be the spokesmen for the civilisation that white men created. When that happens, the fake debate over border security will recede and the focus will turn to securing the existence of our people and a future for white children.

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    • Bucky Redux

      It may take a determined 1488 attitude to get in and manipulate the political system to install a patriotic White man into power who actually desires to give his all to Australia, which was founded by White for White people.

      The weasel-worded quisling politicians we have chained to our ankles at the moment, with few exceptions, are all pandering, simpering and shadowy cardboard cut-outs of men, with no ticker and for certain they all have pathetic pea sized balls in their atrophied scrotes.

      • Jai_Normosone

        You got everything correct except the use of “men”. They are males with no honour and no principles. They are far from being “men”.

    • Adventureman2000

      Anyone seen this book?

      Mindblown – this IS the cure

      • Bucky Redux

        Thanks, anyone named Ragnar Redbeard has to have something going for him.

  • Panadechi Santiago

    Politicians are not reliable and white men have been castrated to defend their land.
    Racism word of control and intimidation Pavlovian.

  • Doc79

    And then in her weekly weekend written tripe you have The Australian’s token dumb, lefty misandrist, Nikki Gemmel, wondering out loud why country towns are more civil than the hordes in the cities.

    Gee we wonder, Nikki?

    • Bucky Redux

      She/It is dumber than a tree stump.


      It’s because most country towns still offer real life.

      • Jai_Normosone

        …and are populated by genuine people who haven’t become turds thanks to city living.

  • Bucky Redux

    Australian Labor is like the US Democrats…they want open borders, so they can flood the country with low IQ nig-nogs and sand-people, who will become obedient little Labor voters to keep receiving gibsmedat social welfare payments.
    Aided and abetted by the feel-good Watermelon traitors.

    Trump wants a wall completed to keep out the Wetback trash and Morrison wants to keep our borders strong to control who comes here. Both leaders are correct.
    The people smugglers traffickers will find every loop-hole available to get the human flotsam into Australia illegally.
    Traffickers should be shot on sight and fed to the sharks: no mercy.

  • There is no evidence that Shorten will actually ruin us any faster than whichever dumbbell the LNP have pretending to be PM from time to time.

    This isn’t a two party contest, it’s a uniparty contest against us. And we will lose if we keep playing it.

    • Jai_Normosone

      There may be no evidence but history and experience indicate that, even while it may seem impossible for Shorten to make things worse, he will certainly find a way.

  • Noachideous

    Golemic Council of Shabbos Goy Actors and ritual Theatricians.

    By ‘we’, BlowHard meant itself as a servile Noahide, the Rabbi and made undead 1948.

    The queer Perfect Ashlar seen in Little Jonny BlowHard appears to have always been a concentration camp Kapo in the incite what’s white to accept suicide project….

    His price must have been precisely, 30 micro-shekels. A man with neither shame, honor nor conscience …. a noahide.