SHY Triggered by It’s Okay To Be White

Courtesy of Islamodacity.

SHY being a complete flog and taking offense for the sake of offense. What a waste of flesh and bones:

This sign was posted outside my office in Adelaide this morning. What a disgrace. The person who put these signs up should be ashamed of themselves.

This is a known alt-right slogan and it is not welcome in Adelaide and has no place in 2018.

If you look up the origins of this saying you will know why and who it has been deliberately used by to intentionally divide people. That is not something I support. It is okay to be you – no matter the colour of your skin. We need inclusivity.

I’m sure she would support BLM signs or some stupid rights thing, but an innocuous It’s Okay to be White is rage inducing.

Also, look at her edit history.  She wasted three hours on this.  Seriously, get a life:

It doesn’t say white is better – although history does show that it is – it is just making a statement encouraging those of us who feel downtrodden by the 24 hour lefty news cycle. It reminds us that we are fine as we are and shouldn’t feel guilty for made up injustices.

I’d like to call our SA readers to go and visit SHY’s office and chuck their own It’s Okay to be White signs up on her office.

Every day.

Then grab the popcorn as we see her explode in a storm of rage and hurt feelings. I’m sure Leyonhjelm would enjoy this too!  And Blair.

  • Daniel Watts

    Her ears are love handles…ahh the serenity.

    • Bikinis not Burkas

      Your sick!

    • belt

      Does SHY swallow?

      • Jai_Normosone

        Who knows? All we do know for certain is that she expects everyone else to swallow… her bullshit.

    • Jai_Normosone

      Q. How does a French girl hold her liquor?
      A. By the ears.
      (better as an audible joke rather than written 🙂 )

      When I think of SHY involved in sexual trysts, I think of Sam Kinison being the one to put her in her place. Also Andrew Dice Clay.

      She is not worthy of respect because she simply has not earned it. Being in the World’s Second Oldest Profession (and seemingly practising the First) does her no favours.

  • clemilf

    Has bitten a row of mortar from the wall, the unyielding bulwark of negative NPC SMV run date_as_argument.exe >> inclusivity.exe >> BBC.exe

  • fimbulwinter

    Hey XYZ, you should do a live stream with SHY just for a laugh. We could post live comments saying it’s ok to be white and watch her spazz out.

    • Mattys Modern Life

      She’s always welcome to join us and it would be great content.

      We could have a polite discussion about communism and other fun things.

  • Bucky Redux

    Meh, the stupid fat bovine, she probably put the poster there herself, or one of her minions.
    Maybe someone can put up some posters of Pepe, the Nazi white supremacist frog.

  • MatrixTransform

    what happens SHY, when this stupid white toxic male is asked to make a choice.
    Should I protect somebody that wont protect me?

    Carjacking on Hallowe’en in the suburb I buy souvlaki every Friday nite.
    Didnt see you there SHY

    Hope yr fine at home with yr politic

    I’ll be hiding under the rock you mentioned with the souvo

  • If SHY has any brains, she should give them back to the person she stole them from. They’re obviously defective.

  • Mattys Modern Life

    A grand idea but don’t limit it to just the Greens, do it to Labor and the Libs as well.

    Ask them live questions too it would be hilarious.

  • fimbulwinter

    Run C:/SHY.EXE
    $ Enter if it is ok to be white? [Y / N ] _ y
    System error (Abort/Retry/Ignore)

  • Bikinis not Burkas

    The Federal senate by voting that it is “not OK to be white” have insulted 1.6 billion Muslims!

    Muhammad was WHITE!

  • Bikinis not Burkas

    What colour were the people on Sea Patrol?

  • Repeal fake marriage

    Mustang review please Mr Grumpy.

    • Bucky Redux
      • Jai_Normosone

        “A car said to be made in America and, seemingly, not assembled in Mexico as much as they used to because the panels actually kind-of match up now….”

        • fimbulwinter

          Apparently the Toyota Camry (sold in the US) has the most American made parts.

    • fimbulwinter

      They’re too under powered. You’re better off importing something American with a Chrysler HEMI v8.

      • Jai_Normosone

        Nothing beats a Hemi!
        If turbo 4-bangers and rotaries are so good – how come the fastest land machines in the world don’t run them (ie: nitro-methane powered ones, that is!)
        Of course, you cannot put a new 6.2 litre “Hemi” into the same class as the beast that is the 427.

        • fimbulwinter

          Turbo 4-cyls are total garbage. The best 3 engines (in order) are:
          1. 7L chevy
          2. Coyote (special mention for the Aussie Boss 335)

          3. Hemi

          That said, wouldn’t mind a ride like what that Charlottesville kid had. 🙂

          • Repeal fake marriage

            302 Windsor; all day, everyday. Fitted with:
            Holley 650 double pumper
            Torker semi-high rise manifold.
            Phase 1 GTHO camshaft

            pushing a C4 automatic and 4.11: 1 diff gears.

            I am a likes very much.

          • fimbulwinter

            that does sound tempting!

          • Jai_Normosone

            Over-carbed but great for straight-line work 😀

          • Jai_Normosone

            Your order is backwards 🙂
            (but I won’t say you’re wrong because the Chevy 427 is also a bloody good motor as well).

            DAMMIT! I just realised that I said the big block Hemi was a 427… it, of course, was a 426.

            Interesting fact… Ford’s 427 side oiler is actually a 426 but they called it a little higher to make it look more powerful than the Hemi and to put it on level ground with the GM 427. Their 428 was actually a 427 but they renamed that higher on the basis that they already had one called a 427.

            No wonder that Ford is running itself into the ground with management decisions like that.

          • fimbulwinter

            I ‘spose the order is subjective. GM has definitely had their fair share management screw ups too (bail outs and moving the commodore to Germany.

            We can agree on one thing though, we need more V8 driving patriots!

  • thegentlemantroll

    Adelaide has no place in 2018

  • Harry Stottle

    I just can’t stay mad at someone so beautiful.

  • RobynTodhunter

    I am a white female. I wonder if there would be outrage if I wore a ‘it’s okay to be a white man’ tee-shirt? The SJWs would be in a real quandary because if they challenge me I could accuse them of offence to a gender-confused pensioner. I might just give it a shot.

    • Jai_Normosone

      Too funny 🙂

  • Bumpstock