Sky Cucks On Blair Cottrell


The left has a knack for picking their future opponents. They are better at it than most conservatives. Like sheep catching the scent of a wolf, they can spot a man on the right who will give them no quarter and won’t even think of trying to signal their way. The tactic is always to discredit their future opponent well in advance, hence Tony Abbott was dubbed the “mad monk”, Peter Dutton is currently being compared to a potato, and Donald Trump was, and still is being subjected to the most extraordinary disinformation campaign of all time.

In Blair Cottrell the Australian left sense not simply a man who will present them with a formidable opponent, but a man who could fundamentally transform Australia and reverse the regressive leftist policies inflicted on our people for decades.

Who can blame them?

Courtesy of Make Australia Grouse Again.

Hence they have dispensed with the preliminaries and gone straight to calling him a “nazi”:

Tim Wilms at the Unshackled has provided an excellent summary of the contents of Blair Cottrell’s appearance on Sky News last night, and how it caused a complete meltdown by Australia’s far-left elite:

“Adam Giles asked Blair Cottrell about his activism and views. Cottrell stated he was a person who simply stated what people are thinking but are made to feel afraid to say and that Australians as a whole are a proud people. He set forth his views on immigration that we should only accept skilled migrants and who are culturally similar to Australia such as white South African farmers. He gave a scathing critique of the current political class on the issues that matter. He also promoted the Lads Society and the services it aimed to offer the community.

“Cottrell has had a chequered history due to criminal convictions for arson and stalking and statements attributed to him supporting Adolf Hitler. Despite his past, he has still risen to become the main face of patriotism in Australia. His relaunched Facebook page has over 18k likes and has 24k Twitter followers.

“Almost immediately after the segment aired on Sky News, the leftist social media went into meltdown with the hashtag #Nazis trending on twitter. Leftist media personalities and politicians led the triggered bridge and expressing outrage that Sky News could give a platform to a neo-Nazi.”

Soon after, Sky folded:

As Matty’s Modern Life has demonstrated, Blair Cottrell is not a national socialist:

He is however kryptonite to the left, as demonstrated by his media performances:

Just for good measure, here he is protecting children from degenerate street “art” in Melbourne:

Thus why the Australian left has determined to no-platform and unperson him:

“Blair holds views that are not presently allowed and importantly are dangerous to the status quo, because he is able to remind the wider population that we didn’t always have to step between “diversity bollards” whilst shopping, and we as a people didn’t always have to advocate for non-citizens at the expense of ourselves.”

Stan even made an entire television series from scratch in order to seed fear in the minds of the general population about Blair. Like I said, they pick their opponents, often years in advance:

Lucas Rosas has done a tremendous job for The XYZ and the Unshackled highlighting the double standard exhibited by the media regarding political extremism. Some so-called journalists such as Jason Wilson have links to violent anarchists, if not being anarchists themselves. Time, after time, after time, far left journalists will refer to the terrorists who brutalise conservatives who dare to speak publicly simply as “protestors”, even though they know full well the terrorists’ links to communist and anarchist organisations who hate everything about Australia and want to destroy it.

And then there’s Pigentine Pig:

David Hilton has even pointed out that a network of communist journalists and academics work together as the terrorist entity Slackbastard, which openly incites violence against its political opponents.

The Culture War is an Information War, and Australia’s mainstream media is actively engaged in fighting on the side of Cultural Marxism against the interests of everyday Australians. Blair Cottrell is one of the most effective weapons against the Cultural Marxists, thus why these very same Cultural Marxist “journalists” are actively attempting to deny him access to a mass audience. There is only so long the left can hold out against him, and against our broader assault of facts, reason and evidence against their emotive and manipulative cries of “social justice”, and the stirring of Australia’s spirit which men like Blair can evoke.

On that note, if things go according to plan we are hoping to have Blair on The XYZ Livestream tomorrow night at 9:15 AEST. You will find us at Matty Rose Live.

  • Ralphy

    Sky clearly gets a lot of their market base from conservatives, so the really quick rollover is very disappointing! The very worst thing they did was oust Latham from Outsiders over a similarly minor kerfuffle. The show is still great, but not a patch on what it could have been. I agree with a lot of the opinions on your site regarding doubling down, never taking a backward step. Opinions vary in unpalatability but this is a clear victory for the left and shame on Sky for being round 1 canvasbacks.

    • Minging

      Sky is definitely the most balanced common-sense political channel that has yet to go the same route to the left as it has in NZ and the UK. Mark still gets plenty of air-time on the other shows.

      • Ralphy

        He does but Mark brought a great political mastery and detail to Ross’s sometimes tangential ramblings and procedural expertise to Rowan’s layperson but very insightful comment. I despised Mark for his socialism topped of when he manhandled Howard years back but he is talented, highly astute and with a great mind. Rough edges for sure but the closest thing to Trump we’ve got. Wisdom with age I guess?

        • Minging


  • Dan Flynn

    ‘Blair Cottrell… a man who could fundamentally transform Australia and reverse the regressive leftist policies’

    I see one main problem David – Blair Cottrell is a complete wanker and there is no way he will ever get enough support to cause any real change. If the Right could find someone who is actually likable, or has some charisma, then perhaps.

    • John Sheppard

      Won’t just take your word for it Dan. So I will ask, what makes you say he is a wanker? If it is just because you don’t agree with his point of view, then stick your head back in the sand.

      • Dan Flynn

        ‘Don’t tell me to be careful about what I say. If I am ever in the appropriate position of power I will deport the enemies of my country and execute those who refuse to go. Laugh if you want but when the time comes I will campaign with that as my slogan, and I will win.’

        Blair Cottrell via Twitter, March 20 2018.

    • entropy

      Pure ad hominem.

      When the left comes up with better options than Shorten, SHY, Stan Grant and Waleed Aly, it can start to give advice.

      • Dan Flynn

        I’m simply stating what I perceive to be a fact. Blair Cottrell will only appeal to certain men and will never get widespread support. He’s just not palatable. He’s clearly an aggressive boofhead with a proven criminal history. People like this are simply not leadership material (for groups who have a serious chance at making societal change).
        He’ll flourish on the fringe however.

        • entropy

          If he’s not a threat, why does he need to be silenced?

          By contrast, the right understands that letting leftist whack jobs have a platform only helps their cause.

          • Dan Flynn

            Well he’s where we might agree. I think the left are far too trigger happy with banning things and trying to silence people, which actually makes the situation much worse. See Tommy Robinson.
            I think we should leave Blair alone and allow him to make his own mistakes as quietly as possible. Banning him just feeds left wing media lust for ‘calling out racism’ while doing precisely fuck all about it.

          • entropy
    • Mattys Modern Life

      You have clearly never met him.

      • Dan Flynn

        There are a lot of people who I think are wankers that I haven’t met. I’m sure you could say the same Matty.

        My comment about him being a wanker was pointless opinion, granted, although my larger point that he will never hold power beyond the lunatic fringe is cogent:

        ‘Don’t tell me to be careful about what I say. If I am ever in the appropriate position of power I will deport the enemies of my country and execute those who refuse to go. Laugh if you want but when the time comes I will campaign with that as my slogan, and I will win.’

        Blair Cottrell via Twitter, March 20, 2018.

        • Correct, it was just your opinion and the thing about opinions is when they are based on ignorance, as yours are, they are utterly worthless.

          Your prediction is equally as worthless the big reason being Blair’s views are shared by a large number of people it’s just that many are afraid to speak out and/or haven’t had the chance to listen to him yet.

          He will most likely continue to grow in influence and there is no reason this isn’t the case given the current trends (this is why the Left are so desperate to censor him)

          Plus it’s not just Blair speaking out, more people are standing up every single day.

          You should prepare to be bitterly disappointed.

          • Dan Flynn

            ‘Blair’s views are shared by a large number of people’

            Although this is an extremely vague statement that I could easily file under ‘utterly worthless’ opinion, I am intrigued by just how many people in Australia think like you Matty. It’s why I frequent this site.

            There are a few surveys around that talk about people’s attitude to population growth and immigration but there is no clear data to show that you are correct.

            Even if a majority of Australians were against immigration/multiculturalism, this does not mean they would align themselves with a known criminal.

            Time will reveal all I guess. We should probably both prepare.

      • Jai_Normosone

        It’s funny how a great number of people in this country are prepared to say that someone is a “wanker” without having met them.

        This really bugs the shit out of me as I was often told in my younger days that if I don’t know about a topic, then I shouldn’t comment – and this happens a lot as a part of Australian culture. I mean, people being put in their place for talking shit.
        Yes we still have a HUGE number of fuckwits who are prepared to comment on the abilities of Donald Trump while completely ignoring the known history of his opponent in the last US elections. One of side is a typically-brash, outspoken and fucking annoying New Yorker who knows about the politics of business and getting things done and, on the other side, was a woman who knew that her husband IS a rapist, IS corrupt, IS an adulterer, and chooses to stay with him because of the power that she can get for herself. She has a proven history of not giving a shit about people if those people don’t make things better for her as well as criminal tendencies and a belief that the law doesn’t apply to her.

        These are observations of my own and are not based on the snippets of (always-fake) opinions that is presented as “news” in this country. I have not met Hillary or Bill and never want to. I would certainly like to meet Donald Trump but he would be too guarded to even consider having a real conversation.

        Warren Mundine was the President of the ALP and he has said that “… anyone who doesn’t like Tony Abbott has never met him. Anyone who does like Kevin Rudd has also never met him.”

        Thanks to Donald Trump, there is something happening in the Left that is causing me great delight – but I will not say what it is because you can fix a problem if you know about it. I prefer to watch and wait – and enjoy.

  • Mattys Modern Life

    Someone needs to get a copy of this interview and put it up on DTube/BitChute so it will never be taken down.

    • Gary Slenders

      Hi Matty. Apparently AupolNews AupolNews is trying to get a copy loaded.

  • 9x19parabellum

    How many conservatives have mad such an uproar and demanded an apology when the ABC interviews known communist extremists? Zero.

    • thegentlemantroll

      I would demand an apology but we know where my complaint would end up

      • 9x19parabellum

        That’s the point. We don’t have a tv network and billions to lobby the state into forcing an apology out of anyone

    • Manny

      What “known communist extremists”? And so what? If it’s any consolation, Cottrell was invited on ABC Triple J.

      • 9x19parabellum

        The greens. The issue is not who was interviewed but that they were forced to apologise for choosing to interview someone the left didn’t agree with.

  • James Sibelius

    Formidable opponent? Physically maybe. Intellectually there are 2x4s he uses in his occupation that have more brains than Blair. His entire views boil down to school apparently hating him and therefore school and society are anti him. Therefore they’re all part of a communist conspiracy. Like most people like him his views are based on a personal vendetta rather than any rational educated point of view. He’s a fucking dropkick. Not sure why Sky dumped him, Andrew Bolt says EXACTLY the same things as Blair. Andrew’s not a anti semite Nazi lover. He’s not far off though. The very fact you think Sky were wrong to remove someone who someone who supports Adolf Hitler and Nazi says a lot about you people. You’re an extreme fringe who will NEVER garner support with mainstream Australians in the same way Tommy Robinson and Lauren Southern will fail to garner real support in their own countries with the mainstream.

    FYI Shorten is a neoliberal Third Way sellout. He’s not a communist or a socialist. He’s a slimey champagne central lefty. He will never ever represent the left I stand for. The Greens aren’t that different either. I will never vote for either.

    • Addelad

      The Left you stand for – would that be characterized by Stalin, Chavez, Pol Pot, Antifa or just plain old Alinsky and Marx? Does the weight of 100m corpses ever intrude onto your daily musing?

      • James Sibelius

        Yeah I stand for brutal oppressive dictatorships. I am not even a Marxist pal. If anything I support Trotsky who was assassinated by Stalin’s agents for his beliefs and views. Know before you have go.

      • James Sibelius

        Oh and I was being sarcastic when I said I stand for brutal dictatorships. I wonder how many the USA killed. You just think on that.

    • Minging

      You wouldn’t know a Nazi if they were leading you to the gas-chambers you ignoramus. But keep bandying the term around, you and your ilk have rendered it powerless.

    • Jai_Normosone

      I up-voted this because this is someone from the left who can only add to the discussion and maybe give everyone on both sides a little more to think about.

      We’re all aware of history and how many were killed by whom and that the darling of the left, Islam, is responsible for more deaths per year than in the entirety of the 350 years of the various Inquisitions or that the crusades lasted for just 80 years in the middle of centuries of calculated murder, slavery & rape that continues to this day.

      This is not the fault of J.S. and I say that while he comes here to put a point across that may be different from the rest of us, we should show the maturity that many of the left lack and allow him to speak without the name-calling.

      As for being called a “Nazi”: I’m not German nor a member of their National Socialist party from which the slang term was created.

      As for being a “Racist”: Racism is the result of a system-wide method to relegate different people to a position of lower class. If anything, Islam is far more guilty of being racist than being a victim of it.

      As for being a “Fascist”, well, that is impossible since fascism is a product of the left and the person given credit for being the founder of it was most-definitely of the Left but this fact has been filtered out by the media and those who seek to bring the youngsters over to their cause.

      Say your piece, J.S., as XYZ is said to be a place of free speech.

      “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”
      Evelyn Beatrice Hall

    • Jonathan

      Back to the SAlt sewer with you James. Bolt is right 90% of the time, but almost an “anti-Semite?” Don’t flatter him. Despite mostly Jewish groups helping him get dragged before the 18C HREOC commissars for telling the truth on aboriginal issues, he’s still a pants down, bent over shill for Zionism and Israel, not to mention a hater of Putin and Russia. Bolt peddles a lot of truth but he still is controlled/permitted opposition who fails to see the cause and attacks only the symptoms.

    • thegentlemantroll

      Wrong, you are exactly what the left is. The only difference between you and the mainstream left is how far you feel you can practically go to achieve your aims. But at the end of the day you all become the same monster.

      All socialist monsters start out fuzzy, likeable, well-meaning, courting celebrities. We’ve seen this movie before. Stop trying to pretend you’re something your not.

      Words you’ll never hear from a leftist: we’ve one too far

    • Manny

      I couldn’t put it better. If Cottrell were able to eschew the Hitler shit (too late for that) he would be indistinguishable from most of the Right.

  • thegentlemantroll

    Soupy is the real criminal. His abuse of power and harrassment campaign caused the untimely demise of Bill Leak.

    • Jonathan

      Actually, he was doing his job, run the right into the grave. Any successor will be as bad. That whole commission has to go. Why the hell is not Hanson working on it?

      • thegentlemantroll

        The sad answer to that is because One Nation isn’t very well run. Pauline is a good lightning rod for outrage but not so good at making a coherent policy platform that outlines how we build a better country. The massive ON support now comes in spite of this. I reckon it could easily double if they had their s#!% together

  • Jonathan

    Hello Blair? You reading this? Of course you are. Anyway, you have SFA chance of getting elected to the House of Representatives, but like Hanson, the Federal Senate is your only real chance, and a very real chance, give you only need 5% or so of the vote? Go for it champ, could be your only chance. Election in a year, you have all this free publicity, go for it.

    • Minging

      Yes the UPF is now defunct since their FB page was banned. Unfortunately that all ended with a whimper considering they have over 220k followers online. And no with a criminal record nobody can run for any seat.

      • Jai_Normosone

        That is a bloody shame that he cannot run for a seat when so many criminals are already in the house.
        Perfect example is Susan Lamb (ALP) who recently got back in after jumping ship as fallout of Section-44. She had to knowingly sign a false declaration to get into office in the first place and those in political power just fob it off as an “innocent mistake” and put her up again.
        If anyone in the public make an “innocent mistake” based on some far-more-obscure law, they are taken to the cleaners.

      • Jonathan

        Wrong. You can run with a criminal record. Dr Jim Saleam has one and has run for a few lower house seats, most recently for Longman in Queensland.

        I could be wrong, but please quote the legislation where someone with a record cannot run?

        • Minging

          I was quoting Blair directly from the failed Fortitude political party bid. They cited that as the reason Sewell and Shortis would be running. I had forgotten about old Jimmy…

          • Jonathan

            Then Blair, you should run champ, if the law says you can. Jesus, it would be worth just watching the left prolapse over it. The chimpout would eclipse all Planet of the Apes episodes…..and more unknowns have become senators. May not end up with much actual legislative power, but like Hanson, you’re there keeping the issues in the public eye. Then its something a real nationalist party could grow on.

  • Jonathan

    BTW, can anyone answer me this –
    – why do the media refer to him as “former” UPF leader? Did he resign, of is UPF now defunct or what?
    – Is he now with TBC?

    UPF was mighty, sad to see it gone.

  • Jamie Blank

    David Hiscox.

    The intention may never have been to interview Blair for his opinion. The intention may very well have been to collect super high quality video of Blair. By using super high definition video, it is very easy to create and incredibly difficult to detect deepfake video. Now that sky has high quality video of Blair, they can create a video of him saying anything.

    Sky didn’t cuck, they fucked Blair and he didn’t even know.