Slackbastard confirm their definition of “neo-nazi”


It’s official.

According to the far-Left, a “neo-Nazi” is anyone they really don’t like a lot. Not that we didn’t already know this, but now they aren’t even hiding their bigotry.

Due to boredom, and the need to antagonise the enemies of liberty and the West, I recently decided to troll Slackbastard. “Andy” wrote a long smear piece on all those the far-Left deem “wrongthinkers” (read: anyone capable of thinking for themselves). It’s exactly what you’d expect from the far-Left.

Long-winded, poorly written, no real arguments, just “these are people we don’t like and you shouldn’t like them either because [racist/sexist/homophobic/you name it].”

This is not news in and of itself, as we already know the Left are bigoted, racist and hate the West; most of all they hate White people. The admission came when I asked politely for a definition of the term “neo-Nazi.”

You can read the entire article and thread if you want to (it’s entertaining watching Slackbastard zig and zag around his own lack of an argument while desperately scrambling for an intellectual high ground he will never obtain) but the admission is the real news:

I think it likely that the author/s assumed that most people are familiar with the term ‘Nazi’, and that those who aren’t have ready access to a dictionary, encyclopedia and/or library. You don’t, for some reason, but one standard definition reads:

• a member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party;
• a person with extreme racist or authoritarian views.


The Nazi Party was formed in Munich after the First World War. It advocated right-wing authoritarian nationalist government, and developed a racist ideology based on anti-Semitism and a belief in the superiority of ‘Aryan’ Germans. Its leader, Adolf Hitler, who was elected Chancellor in 1933, established a totalitarian dictatorship and precipitated the Second World War. The Nazi Party collapsed at the end of the War and was outlawed.

As for ‘neo-Nazi’:

• a member of an organization similar to the German Nazi Party;
• a person of extreme racist or nationalist views.

Again, it’s not rocket science.”

No, it’s not “rocket science.”

Indeed, I already knew this was their definition I just wanted him to admit it. A “neo-Nazi” isn’t anything real, it’s just someone who is “racist” or has “extreme nationalist views”, and to these fools “racist” just means “anyone I don’t like.”

If you are not a globalist then you are a “neo-Nazi” in the eyes of the bigoted and racist Left.

The funniest thing is “Andy” says I should look up the “dictionary definition” of a neo-Nazi. I agree, let’s do that:

Collins – “Neo-Nazis are people who admire Adolf Hitler and the beliefs of the right-wing party which he led in Germany from 1933 to 1945.”

Merriam-Webster – “a member of a group espousing the programs and policies of Hitler’s Nazis.” – “a person who belongs to a political organization whose beliefs are inspired by or reminiscent of Nazism.” – “Person who believes in a (post-WWII) version of Nazi ideology.”

The definition is the most interesting as point two absolutely nails it:

“An insult used against a person with strongly right-wing views, whether or not they hold Nazi-like politics.”

That’s exactly what “neo-Nazi” means; it’s a far-Left insult towards those they disagree with. That includes all conservatives, nationalists, libertarians and patriots. In fact, the only dictionary that agrees with Slackbastard’s definition is the Oxford dictionary, and as we know Oxford is well known for it’s “tolerance” of opposing world views.

Vox Day’s says the first sign of a charlatan is changing commonly understood definitions to suit their own arguments. It is hard to fault this logic and Slackbastard are most definitely a charlatan website pushing lies, defamation and warped definitions.

The term “Nazi” is propaganda that only means a member of the National Socialist German Workers Party. “Neo-Nazi” only means someone post-WWII who supports the views of the same National Socialist German Workers party.

That means a “neo-Nazi” is a socialist and a nationalist. The idea that all nationalists are “neo-Nazi” is ignorant at best and outright defamation at worst.

I’ve made several videos discussing national socialism on my channel. It is a very specific ideology with specific views towards race and economics. It’s true that they see Jews as the main problem facing society (which may or may not be the case) but they actually see Jews as the main impediment to setting up a truly classless society.

German national socialism is a direct ideological descendent of Karl Marx and George Hegel.
The National Socialist German Workers Party centralised the economy, implemented price controls, set production targets and created a huge welfare state. It was one of, if not the, biggest welfare states in history, funded by massive deficits and public debt.

Indeed, if it wasn’t for their nationalism the far-Left would love them, which is entirely the point.

The Left hate nationalism and love globalism, this is the new divide and it’s the divide we need to embrace because it gives us the high moral ground forever.

The Left want to destroy the nation-state and implement world communism. This requires the eradication of Western Culture: Importantly, “Western Culture” is White People. The enemy are genocidal and they aren’t even hiding it any more. They hate Whites, they hate nationalism and they especially they hate the nation-state.

If you’re a nationalist or support the right of Whites to our own laws, cultures and territories they hate you, regardless of your race. Oh and by the way, once they solve the “White Question” they will move on to Asians, Latinos, and every other race until we all disappear, literally.

With that in mind, I’d like to propose a new term for our far-Left enemy, the “NPC-Pedo.” This might seem harsh but we already know that globalists have a strange fondness for children. Indeed, paedophilia seems to be the done thing for our ruling elite. Slackbastard are nothing but shills for the globalist elite so given the actual definition of a Neo-Nazi it’s not an illogical step to take.

Obviously we have no evidence that Slackbastard share the elites’ taste for pre-teens (who knows though) but that’s why we use the prefix “NPC.”

Then again Aids Sheeran does have that “look” if you ask for my honestly held opinion.

If they can call any nationalist a “neo-Nazi” then we can call any globalist shill an “NPC-Pedo”.

It’s time to out these NPC-Pedos and call them what they are; Charlatans shilling for a global paedophile elite who want to destroy all that is good in the world while slandering anyone who defends it.

All is fair is love and war and this is indeed a war. The future will be one of either misery and suffering ruled by the paedophile elite or it will be one of patriotism and nationalism. Will Lucifer rule or will God?

Keep fighting and remember, when an NPC-Pedo calls you a “neo-Nazi” all it means is “you have views I don’t like but are unable to counter with reason and evidence.”

In other words, you win the argument.

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  • Bumpstock

    Slackbastard? Just name the two headed abomination. Dr Jeff Sparrow of Monash Uni and Rob Sparrow of Marxist internet gloryhole The Guardian.

    • Ryan

      Bumpstock I’ve noticed we’ve rustled the jimmies of some Slackbastard groupies, they’ve been kvetching a lot of late in the XYZ comments section.

  • Ryan

    Love this write-up Matty, although I disagree with the assessment on National Socialism, namely that the economy was organised in such a way that it promoted eugenic trends as opposed to dysgenic trends as observed under Communism (hence why Western governments encouraged my grandfather and millions of White men to ally with the USSR). Also I love how the Slackbastard Sparrow brothers are wanting us to apply some word clearing to the buzzword “Neo-Nazi”. Semantics are fun when we’re living in 1984 KEK

    • Thanks mate!

      I understand the goals of the National Socialists in terms of eugenics and things, but their methods were ultimately just another form of (((Marxist))) socialism though (check out my vid on this). Not to mention media censorship and other violations of the inalienable rights of their own people.

      We could set up a free-market economy, with free speech and Western liberties, and still ensure a white ethnostate run for the benefit of our people.

      Communists violate the NAP so they are a legitimate target for state violence and (((globalists))) first and foremost use central-banking as their weapon against us.

      • Ryan

        I vehemently disagree with the suggestion that National Socialism was (((Marxist))), one only has to pick up a copy of Mein Kampf and contrast it to the Communist Manifesto to see this.

        Remember Hitler had exorcised the parasitic fractional reserve banking from Germany (hence why the Wall Street globalists turned on him).

        In saying that, if I were given the power of the State I would mercilessly be violating the rights of (((Marxists))), perverts and general subversives who seek the destruction of the occident.

        • All you need to do to prove National socialism is Marxist is look at their 25-point plan and what they did while in power and it’s obviously a Marxist ideology.

          Nationalised education, healthcare, demands that the state take care of everyone, abolish income from rents etc etc…


          When in power they centralised the economy, ran up huge debt and deficits, and even set up one of the biggest welfare states ever seen (as I mention in the article).

          He did get rid of central-banking which is commendable but he replaced it with central-planning anyway, that’s one step forward and two steps back.

          Communism is to Marx what National socialism is to his good friend Hegel, hence it’s just another version of Marxism.

          He was certainly not a free-market capitalist, he hated capitalism and the free market.

          This isn’t my opinion, these are recorded historical facts; he was a socialist in every way possible and socialism is for soyboys.

          • Ryan

            Mein Kampf focuses more on the dynamics of race, culture, society, spirituality and politics, hence why George Lincoln Rockwell was able to revive the ideology under the banner of World Union of Free Enterprise National Socialists (WUFENS).

            But as we’ve seen socialism and capitalism are just different sides of the same shekel goy.

            Also Rooselvelt was ostensibly a Socialist as well economically speaking (as were other world leaders of the day). Economics isn’t irrelevant but it is not the defining vision of an ideology… accept maybe unless someone makes shekels the defining point of their existence.

          • Yes I understand that Mein Kampf is about more than economics but that doesn’t change the fact that socialism is a shitty economic system that always fails and National Socialists are Socialists; both racial and economic.

            “Berating people over economics is for Jews”

            Goodness, not everything is a Jewish conspiracy and just because Misus and Friedman were Jews doesn’t mean they were wrong. Economics is at the forefront of the debate because humans are resource gatherers for the purposes of breeding (obv more than that but it’s in our DNA). It’s not the defining feature of an ideology but pretending it’s irrellevant and not extremely important cuz “muh Jews” is just dumb.

            Berating people as “Shabbos goys” because they don’t want their nation to turn into a socialist paradise is counter productive and not an argument.

            Socialism fails, it’s a shitty system that will never not fail. This is a fact, focus on the racial aspects sure but economic socialism sucks donkey balls.

            Do you want a wealthy White nation of strong men or one of dependent white serfs?

          • Ryan

            I’m not even arguing for socialism, I’m saying that the argument of “we fought duh evil nazies cuz socialism is bad n sheeeeeeit” is functionally retarded. Our country sided with the Soviet Union for fuck sake.

            Yes Mises, Friedman and Rosenbaum (aka Ayn Rand) were all Jews, and that doesn’t make them infallibly right either.

            I’d sooner trust Hans Hermann Hoppe in securing a “wealthy White nation of strong men” than the previous mentioned.

          • In that case I agree regarding WWII, it was one big clusterfuck of whites killing Whites at the behest of communist ideologies.

            Misus, Friedman and Ayn Rand were all right in their economic assessment, not because they were Jews but because they were right and I agree regarding Hermann Hoppe.

            His assessment of Democracy is correct we need a better system, Democracy creates socialism.

            I support Timocracy, aka Starship Troopers. Only those who serve their nation (aka people) should be afforded the privilege of the vote.

          • Bumpstock

            Matt, I disagree too and I am so sick of the Cuckservative “Hitler was a socialist/left wing thing.”

            In simple terms, National Socialism was specifically for the German people. Nationalist-Socialism. Get it? Socialism for the one and rightful ethnic group.

            (((Marxism/communism/internationalist socialism))) is the hard won wealth and resources of the ethno-nationalist group that earned it through hard work and ingenuity (usually white Euro countries) for THE ENTIRE WORLD that had no part in establishing or maintaining said culture. That’s why (((International Socialists))) want open borders for Europe and the rest of the Anglo-sphere.

            Arguably, post WW2, once Stalin purged the Jews from positions of power, abandoned internationalism and The Internationale, you may as well have called the USSR National Socialism once they rediscovered the power of Nationalism in the Great Patriotic War.

            Who fucking cares if its a regulated economy, so long as it is for the right people, not insiders who don’t contribute to it our outsiders that don’t have any right to it??

            Global capitalism is just as bad as internationalist socialism. Hence why why Antifa and the left no longer protest globalism. Remember pre-2010 they used to rail against “globalism”, now they’re all waving EU flags, and opposing things such as Brexit.

          • Ryan

            Well said Bumpstock! Any economic practice that builds up the ethnic in-group of a nation and repels the out-group seeking to destroy it warrants consideration.

            I voted Democratic Labour Party (DLP) this election and their platform supports Distributism as the economic ideology of choice, which supports things like social credit (as supported by ALOR) and anti-usury laws.

            Distributism is hostile to both socialism and capitalism, go figure.

        • Jamie Blank

          Matt speaks wisely here. Listen and learn.

          • Ryan

            Jamie the Jew I don’t take advice from you, particularly when you routinely parrot Slackbastard talking points on this site you sack of shit.

          • Jamie Blank

            If only you knew, keep reading, keep listening, keep an open mind… and ffs stop assisting them lefties by playing to their narrative to help shift the overton window in their direction.

          • Ryan

            Jamie be specific. What talking point of mine shifts the overton window in their direction exactly. I want a word for word example of what you call “Leftist trolling”

          • Jamie Blank

            You’re playing to their narrative.

            Consider that they create the honey pot and you’re the drone. They tolerate you because they can use you to forward their narrative. Either that, or your a conscious leftist instigating the honey pot. I care not for which you are as both are the same, it’s just easier to red pill and wake the drone.

          • Ryan

            So once again your Slackfaggot ass can’t cite any of this “Leftist trolling” you regularly accuse folks here of. PATHETIC!

          • Jamie Blank

            Further to this: a concrete example will only push you into NPC territory. You must be able to think for yourself.

            Without taking it as gospel, go and watch a swag of recent unedited Steve Bannon lectures and interviews.

          • Ryan

            Steve Bannon is an anti-White shabbos goy and not apart of the nationalist Right. You’re literally spewing NPC talking points now (((Jamie)))…

          • Jamie Blank

            Further to this: a concrete example will only push you into NPC territory. You must be able to think for yourself.

            Without taking it as gospel, go and watch a swag of recent unedited Steve Bannon lectures and interviews.

        • Bucky Redux

          Ryan, I will loan you my cadre of merciless patriots, along with a squadron of helicopters to do some well deserved violating and free helicopter rides will be available.

        • Jai_Normosone

          I recall discovering many years ago that Hitler had a sister that was borderline psychotic and was a big fan of Nietzsche and she taught him many things in his younger years that were corruptions of his teachings.

          It seems that many things that are learnt while young are the hardest to get rid of when you get older….

          • Ryan

            Jai please give me a source for where you “discovered” that.

          • Jai_Normosone

            Unfortunately, I cannot provide a source.
            It was one of those documentaries on TV (you know… On TV – in colour – must be true….) that I think was a series on Philosophers rather than Hitler.

            I should have qualified my comment with that. Apologies.

            I don’t recall much about what Nietzsche had to say. I was more interested in Michel de Montaigne.

          • Bumpstock

            FFS, Hitler was what he was but cut it with the bullshit. My self confessed Marxist history teacher in year 12 tried to tell us each SS solider was given an Alsatian pup upon entering SS boot camp. At the end of training, once they had bonded with the dog, they were ordered to murder it with their own bayonet to demonstrate loyalty to Hitler. Absolute bullshit. Never been able to find so much as a left wing reference to this anywhere in 30 years. Just fucking lies upon lies upon lies.

          • Ryan

            You’re preaching to the choir mate

          • Warren Raymond

            Hitler had no sister. Nietsche had a sister who corrupted & misinterpreted his writing.

          • Jai_Normosone

            Good thing that I didn’t get into internet-argument mode and vehemently defend the facts that I didn’t have 🙂

      • Bucky Redux

        You will need to completely excise the cancer before you setup your new society.

        • Mattys Modern Life

          Most certainly agree.

    • Jai_Normosone

      Interesting that you mention eugenics. That is something that you don’t see mentioned very often.

      • Ryan

        It’s pretty much the main argument used when contrasting National Socialism with (((International Socialism))) aka (((Communism))) aka (((Marxism))) which are dysgenic.

  • Jai_Normosone

    There is nothing in that article that I can argue against and everything that I can applaud.
    Well done, mate!

    Luuurve the Mr Mackey meme, too 😀